Saturday, December 18, 2010

Leftist Senator Blasts Maclean's, But Not CBC

The Left didn't mind the taxpayer dollars going to Maclean's when they did the cover story of Stockwell Day titled "How Scary", did they?

They didn't have a problem with the anti-Christian bigotry receiving tax dollars.

Now, of course, they get mad over a story titled "Too Asian".

Fine, get mad and expose yourselves as hypocrites.

But if you're not going to demand that the offensive-to-many-groups CBC no longer receive tax dollars, then you can't discriminate against MacLean's... unless you believe no one will see how you're being a bunch of hypocritical asshole doucheprogs.


Jen said...

You surprised me here for I have never knew that we fund Mcleans.
Why can't CBC, McCleans be privatized.

How many Americans news stations and magazines are funded by the americans?

Canadian Sentinel said...

It was news to me that Maclean's got some of our tax dollars, too.

Hey! Maybe I could get some for my blogging efforts... LOL I offend people, too, so why not?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Maclean's is also private, actually. It just gets a bit of money via some govt program. It isn't really funded like the CBC, which gets most of its budget funds from us.

We have to pay for the magazine, plus they get ad revenue, too. CBC, we get via the bunny ears...

Canadian Sentinel said...

National Public Radio is US taxpayer funded. I think the Huffington Post might've gotten some bailout cash, too, think I read something somewhere to that effect.