Friday, December 17, 2010

Who Really Wants DADT Repealed?

They probably figure the enemy would die laughing.

Wonder how they'd fight, if the enemy doesn't have a sense of humor?

That is, if they don't just run away from those "mean homophobes"?

 Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.  What I want to know is why is he dressed like some of those fabulous runners?

Yeah... I know, I know... top "Human Rights" Schutzstaffelers Barbara Hall, Richard Warman and Jennifer Lynch are gonna be "offended" and will attempt to take away my right to publish tongue-in-cheek satire...

Hey.... don't get mad at me.  It's not my fault that those paraders are the ones making mainstream gayfolk look like sissyclowns.  If there's anyone to get mad at for "spreading stereotypes", it's those silly-looking-and-acting poopheads, seen above, who perpetuate the stereotypes, so get off my ass, ok!

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