Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super-Efficient, Cheap LED Lightbulb Tech Near Production

Fuggeddabout the hazardous, if politically correct, compact fluorescent lightbulbs already. They'll soon be replaced.

Story here.

ht: Bourque Newswatch (which is improved, with a new layout and a lot more content! Looks a bit like Drudge Report now, in my opinion)

Now a team at Cambridge University may be close to having a winning design on their hands, perhaps for the L Prize, if they're eligible, and for the consumer market. The university has produced a new design which costs a mere $2.85 USD and despite being the size of a penny, produces similar light to a fluorescent bulb while lasting over four times as long with a lifetime of 60 years.

The new design triples fluorescent bulb efficiency and is 12 times more efficient than incandescent designs. Also, it’s capable of instantaneous illumination, so the light lag associated with fluorescent bulbs may soon be a thing of the past.

If installed across all of Britain, the researchers estimate that it could cut the country's lighting portion of the energy budget from 20 percent to 5 percent a year. The U.S. could muster a similar 10 percent drop with the design, according to recent DOE estimates. The new bulbs last 100,000 hours and unlike other "eco" bulbs, they contain no mercury, a substance that can cause brain damage in humans. They also don't flicker, while other green designs do, something that's been blamed for triggering epileptic fits.

Cool way to shave a few bucks off your electricity bill. And avoid the risk of toxic mercury contamination from broken fluorescent bulbs and so on...

I look forward to purchasing such new LED bulbs in the future when they're available.

CTV Refuses To Air Immorality-Encouraging Ad

Remember these two?
Maybe that was a major milestone in the adultery movement's militant campaign to eradicate fear and loathing of their lifestyle, intimidating "adulterophobes" and so on and so forth...

Story here.

Next thing you know, the adulterers will form some kind of "human rights" propaganda group to defend and promote their sexual orientation as adulterers, claiming that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms forbids discrimination against them on the basis of that orientation, upon which some rogue, corrupt "scientist" will claim to have done a cadaver study which proves that adulterers are born that way, causing knee-jerk-reflexive, unquestioning, massive, top-of-the-front-page, top-of-the-newscast Big Media sensationalist coverage whose effect will be to brainwash the public into thinking that adultery isn't a choice, but something you're born with, and of which you should be proud and practice proudly and openly. Oprah will do a two-hour show in which she embraces adulterers, telling them "you're ok and I want you to be happy" and so on.

One day... No longer will Billy have to push Monica out of the picture in shame!

If the Liberals were in power and they reinstituted the "Court Challenges Program" as disgraced former leader Stephane Dion had promised to do, and double the funding therefor, you could be sure that some ultra-militant, agenda-driven adulterers would take advantage of our tax dollars to hire lawyers to take the whole adultery/"human rights" thing to the Supreme Court, which would, no doubt (it's a lock- a can't-lose... bet the whole lot on it!), rule in their favor, falsely claiming that the Charter protects their sexuality from discrimination.

Hey, shut up! It's art, you stupid, hateful adulterophobic monster!

Then there'll be adultery pride parades in which flamboyant, blissfully-intoxicated-on-sinful-pride, naked adulterers flaunt their sexuality at small children and so on. There'll be movies and sitcoms nicely depicting the adultery lifestyle as normal, recommended and productive and so on and so forth. Adulterist politicians will run and be elected and carry on in power aggressively defending and promoting adultery, getting a bill passed that would make it a "hate crime" criminal offence, potentially punishable by imprisonment, to say anything non-endorsive about adulterers or adultery. The "Human Rights" Commissions will have plenty of extra work, illegally, unconstitutionally jackbooting poor, defenceless, timid white Christian males who say or do anything inconvenient to the militant adultery agenda, taking their rights and money away and ruining their lives just because they, said, pointed out facts or expressed a fair, fact-based opinion as the Charter says they absolutely can. Of course, if you insult the adulterers, all hell breaks loose!

Before you know it, the schools will be bringing in adulterers to teach the adultery lifestyle to children against the values and knowledge of their parents, who don't want them exposed to that stuff. Explicit teaching aids, like demonstrative videos, role-playing and even live demonstrations of the lifestyle, will be implemented in the shameful, immoral imposition of adulterist indoctrination on helpless kids, many of whom will grow up to be just like Bill and Monica, which is the obvious aim of the adulterers, who want there to be as many like them as possible so that they'll then feel better about themselves and their shameful, immoral lifestyle.

There goes the neighborhood. The Hard Left continues to run the show...

Of course, there's, in actual reality, currently a move afoot by polygamists to legally legitimize their lifestyle, a lifestyle that'll make the whole adultery thing moot... yes, the polygamists are playing the "human rights" game now, too... as rightly predicted by sane, moral folks not too long ago when another lifestyle was pushing for yet another timeless institution to be bestowed upon them against the very definition and function of the institution as restricted to a specific, biologically-defined function with clear benefits to society.

NDP's Layton A Fake "Progressive", A Sellout For Power: PM

Top: Jack Layton, hustler extraordinaire. He knows how to "play the game".

Middle: Pallin' around with Conservatives mocking Liberal policy

Bottom picture: Jacko really loves the spotlight. Look, he even likes to cover himself as he goes about stuff!

Story here.

ht: National Newswatch

During question period, the New Democratic Party leader said Harper's commitment to pay equity for women was a "sad contrast" to legislation just signed by U.S. President Barack Obama, which Layton said would make it easier for women to pursue pay equity and allow them to sue employers over pay discrimination.

"I'll tell you what the only sad contrast is around here these days," Harper shot back.

"It's the leader of the NDP who a month ago was prepared to support the mission in Afghanistan, prepared to support corporate tax cuts, prepared to support development in the oilsands and now wants to go back and try to pretend he's a left-wing idealogue all over again.

"It's his problem. He made his bed, he can sleep in it."


Wacko Taliban Jacko Lay-it-on was so redlining to topple the government and replace it with a shaky coalition vetoed by the separatists and was willing to sell out his Hard-Left principles (to the just-slightly-less-Hard-Left Liberals) for a chance to pull the strings of executive power to impose who-knows-what-kind of bizarre social reengineering upon Canada.

What kind of social reengineering, we wonder? Like, perhaps, ban the daily singing of the national anthem? Who knows with Leftists? One Leftist school principal actually did just that, as we've heard on the news!

It's all a game for these Leftists... lie and cheat their way to power, saying and doing whatever it takes, and then, BAM! revolutionary social transformation no one but a tiny, tiny extremist fringe element ever demanded! Just like the Liberals! No wonder they flirted with the whole "coalition" thing. Of course, the flirtation with the separatists and their agreement to give 'em a veto over everything was the disturbing part...

Jack's just upset that he didn't get his kick at the can after all, so he's taking his frustrations out on the Prime Minister, making B.S. accusations and demanding the PM effectively march in lockstep with President Obama. Sheesh! Grumpy Leftists, eh?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Coverage of New Liberal Leader's Flunky's Racial Slur Continues

Above: Liberal Party of Canada Leader (unelected, hastily appointed from the top-down) Michael "Iggy" Ignatieff. Is this a prime minister? No.

Below: Iggy again. Is this a prime minister? No.

Below, in the appropriate "Shit From Hell" ballcap, is Iggy's strategic advisor, the infamous urban Hard-Left redneck, Warren "Toilet-Stall Nazi-Hunter" Kinsella, who recently said in his blog something about eating cat meat at a Chinese restaurant, a decidedly (Warren himself would say so if a Conservative had said the exact same thing, and he knows it!) insensitive, hateful, contemptuous comment (I'm sure that the "Human Rights" Commission would agree, except in Warren Kinsella's case, as he's one of their own hypocritical Liberal Fascist comrades-in-lying), which caused hurt feelings and distress to the Chinese community and calls for his firing or resignation.

Continuing the coverage that began here...

Canadian Freedom Fighter Ezra Levant discusses
the shameful slur made by the self-aggrandized "anti-hate activist" Kinsella...

Now, most normal people would call that a slightly off-colour joke. But Kinsella isn't "most people". He's a politically correct censor, who doesn't hesitate to accuse his political rivals of racism at the drop of a hat.

Perhaps Kinsella just didn't have his human rights radar on. After all, the Liberal caucus doesn't have a single Chinese-Canadian MP in it, so maybe he just let down his guard. Maybe it was Kinsella's trademark vulgarity -- his website is littered with profanity and insults. Or maybe Kinsella thought he was "kicking ass" somehow, to borrow the title of one of his books. In the past, that ass-kicking has included attacking a Christian who believes in the Book of Genesis, and attacking a young woman who dared to enter the man's world of politics. Christians, women, Chinese -- who's next?

Realizing the staggering political stupidity of his unfunny joke, Kinsella quickly deleted it from his website, but not before plenty of people saved it. That attempt at revising history is an indicator that Kinsella knew that he had said something beyond the pale. You can see a snapshot of Kinsella's blog on the subject at Kate's website, here.

David Akin, CanWest's National Affairs correspondent, wrote that Kinsella's racist gaffe was "likely to make headlines on blogs only." Well, that was true in the English language press. But the Liberal party's slur received massive coverage in the Chinese media -- where it counts in this case.

This can only hurt Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada.

Mr. Kinsella should be fired if he refuses to resign.

Speaking of racial slurs, Mr. Ignatieff has a bit of filth on his own suit...

Liberal "Star" Candidate Ignatieff Admitted "Disdain" for Ukraininans

In his book Blood and Belonging, the author invokes Russian imperialism, writing he feels a "disdain" for the Ukrainian people. Mr. Ignatieff describes Ukrainian culture as "embroidered peasant shirts, the nasal whine of ethnic instruments, phony Cossacks in cloaks and boots."

And Warren Kinsella keeps trying to paint the Conservatives as somehow "intolerant"? Hoo-boy! Get a grip, Warren. And a psychiatric therapist! And a mirror, so you know what one of those "intolerant, scary, hateful" folks looks like, whom you keep whining about.

Listen, we must understand that the Liberal Party of Canada is full of intolerant bigots. There's, no doubt, anti-Semites, for one. Definitely also Ameriphobic and Israelophobic bigots. And folks who make insensitive, slurry fun of folks of Chinese heritage and of Ukrainian heritage.

Here we go again. Martin, Dion, Ignatieff... who in the Liberal Party of Canada will self-destruct next?

Moonbat Principal Nixes Daily 'O Canada'

Principal Erik Millett. Looks and sounds like a typical Hard-Left Liberal Fascist to me. Just get a load of that arrogant, I-know-best-and-you-don't countenance! Look at the half-closed eyes, the cocked eyebrow, the pretentious sideburns and the stupid little triangle of face fuzz on his chin, as if it's all supposed to make him look and feel "sophisticated", "urbane", "progressive"... Yep, he's got the look to go with the mentality and ideology.

UPDATE: The outrage grows, goes national The People stand up to the arrogant, Hard-Leftwing "progressive" moron.

The Hard Left is hard at work screwing things up again in Canada.

Now one New Brunswick school has axed the daily O Canada, our national anthem.

The excuses:

Erik Millett, the school's principal, said he made the decision partly to accommodate parents who didn't want their children taking part in the daily anthem. He would not say why the parents didn't want their kids taking part, citing privacy reasons.

Privacy reasons? Oh, that's just bullshit and he knows it. He doesn't have to identify the parents, if there were actually any in reality, as opposed to in his imagination, whom he claims complained and indicated that they don't like their kids singing their national anthem. Wonder who, if there are actually any, these parents are. They don't sound patriotic; they sound like more of those stupid "progressives", as does the principal.

"We try to balance the needs of every student, and we want every student to feel welcome in our school," Millett said.

Sound familiar? Next thing you know there'll be Islamic footbaths and prayer rooms. There'll be unisex bathrooms so as to accommodate "all gender perceptions", etc, etc...

"If we need to make some accommodations or exceptions, then we'll try to put those in place regardless of what the issue is."

Yeah, yeah, yeah... heard the same crap from a whole lot of other "progressives". And I emphasize the word "crap".

And here's where you have final confirmation that the principal is an idiot:

The school principal said maybe the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission or Education Minister Kelly Lamrock should speak to administrators about what is reasonable accommodation because they don't really know.

Imagine that: The Liberal Fascists of the NB "Human Rights" Commission deciding whether Canadian schoolchildren can sing their national anthem on a daily basis. Horrors! Yep. Hard-Left extremist, this principal is. He didn't have to do what he did.

But he did, and he deserves to be called an unpatriotic asshole.

True patriots should demand that the school bring back the daily rendition of the national anthem. The only true reason for nixing it is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Can't offend the imaginary parents who don't want their kids exposed to their national anthem.

I bet the principal wouldn't axe homosexual propaganda stuff even if the majority of parents complained that they didn't want their kids exposed to it. Ditto Islamic propaganda stuff.

It's not about "accommodation" or "rights" or "balance" or anything like that. It's all part of "progressive" Liberal Fascism, about the transformation of the Free World in line with the Hard-Left international socialist agenda.


Canadian Freedom Fighter Ezra Levant disses the Hard-Left principal, digging up some fascinating dirt on just how radically Hard-Left the guy is...

Here's a local story from from when Millett ran in the 2004 federal election. He describes his philosophy and role models thusly:

I am: an ally for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered persons; anti- racist; pro-feminist and a pacifist at heart. My political influences and inspiration are drawn from: Ernesto (Che) Guevera, Noam Chomsky, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Audrey Lorde, Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz), Aung San Suu Kyi and Dr. David Suzuki among others.


During one all candidates debate, he took on the local Conservative MP, Greg Thompson -- for the U.S. war on Iraq. The other candidates wore suits. Millett wore a fake biohazard suit, to "wow" the crowd. The amateur thespian lost the room, though, according to this news report: handing Mr. Thompson a list of potential jobs his kids could get in Iraq and a box of garbage bags, he said, for their body parts, the crowd turned.

See? Hard-Left wacko dude! A veritable poster boy for wacked-out Leftists!

They're talking about this dumbassed, Hard-Left, booger-gobbling poophead of a principal over at SDA...

Ah... I was right that he's a stark raving lying moonbat. Politically active, actually... he ran for the weird, bizarre, radical enviro-extremist Green Party (hence the booger-gobbling label).

See, there he is, looking like he skinned Kermit the Frog to make that stupid, ugly jacket. And what's up with his shirt? It looks like he accidentally washed it with some weed... And look, he missed that very same spot on his chin again while shaving... what's that, something that serves a certain, ah, private-interpersonal-interaction function of tickling a bodypart that touches his chin?

I understand that he's also a peacenik. Eww!

Commentor Sounder advises us of the response he received from Education Minister Kelly Lamrock:

"Thanks for sharing your views with me. As you may have heard on the news, I have clearly let schools know that I want, and expect, the anthem to be played in our schools. While we are a nation that values diversity of religious views, political views, and cultural ideals, those freedoms cannot be separated from respect for the nation and symbols that safeguard those freedoms. I have let our educators know of my desire to see children have the opportunity to know and share in the national anthem, and of my willingness to make necessary changes in policy to ensure this happens. Kelly"

Well, I must congratulate Minister Lamrock on his stance. Apparently being a Liberal doesn't necessarily preclude standing up to the Hard Left and saying, "NO!", though we don't see Liberals do it often enough, particularly at the federal level.

This unhinged moonbattery on the part of that unhinged-moonbat principal must not stand!

Yes, I insult the guy wholeheartedly, and in a politically-incorrect manner.

But my insults pale in the face of the insult he made to Canada and the Canadian People!

He's a traitor!

Push back the Hard Left! Put them in their place! Preferably the loony bin! Or perhaps Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Gaza... I'm sure they believe they'd love to live in any of those socialist-progressive utopias where there's equality for all and no hatred or tyranny at all!

O Canada! We stand on guard for thee!

FBI Finally Shuts Out CAIR

Hard to believe they ever had any relations with those Islamofascists in the first place, but better to give 'em the bum's rush out the door late than never!

Story here.

The FBI has cut off communications with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in the wake of damning court evidence that ties the group’s founders to a Hamas-support network in America, the Investigative Project on Terrorism has learned.

It is a stunning rebuke to the organization which promotes itself as “arguably the most visible and public American Muslim organization.” The decision to end contacts with CAIR was made quietly last summer as federal prosecutors prepared for a second trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), an Islamic charity convicted in November for illegally routing money to Hamas. CAIR was named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the case.

Its name appears on a roster of “Palestine Committee” members. Evidence in the case shows the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas’s parent organization, created the Palestine Committee to help Hamas politically and financially. CAIR founders Omar Ahmad and Nihad Awad, who remains the executive director, also appear on a telephone list of Palestine Committee members. The men also participated in a secret 1993 gathering of Hamas members and supporters called to discuss ways to “derail” U.S.-led peace efforts between Israelis and Palestinians.

Ah... that'll probably make President Obama mad... how dare the FBI treat his buddies like that?

I hope that the RCMP and CSIS aren't on speaking terms with the Canadian arm of the CAIR... if they are, they better stop talking to them!

Fellow State Apparatus Node Lets CHRC Off Hook

Story here.

But what about a criminal investigation?

Isn't it criminal to hack into someone else's wireless router for the purpose of disseminating "hateful" messages in an attempt to entrap people into saying "hateful" things online so as to facilitate more illegal, unconstitutional kangaroo court "trials" to keep the Liberal Fascists of the "Human Rights" Commission employed?

Why doesn't the "news" article mention criminal investigation by police into the CHRC's obvious criminal conduct? Didn't the Ottawa Citizen/Canwest News Service bother to do any investigating themselves, inquiring of police and so on?

The CHRC cannot be permitted to get away with this unconstitutional, criminal abuse of innocent private citizens for criminal, unconstitutional purposes with a view to justifying the continued existence of that now-rogue state apparatus node which has for too long now far, far outstepped its actual mandate of simply dealing with questions of employment and housing regarding alleged "discrimination" in those realms, period.

Oh, and the "Human Rights" Commissions, both federal and provincial, violate the rights of those they falsely convict of "spreading hatred and contempt", denying them a fair trial and ignoring their right to freedom of expression. And it's clear and undeniable that they pursue a Hard-Left agenda that militates against freedom, the rule of law and human rights.

ht: National Newswatch

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ignatieff, Kinsella, Sinophobic Hate

Michael "Iggy" Ignatieff, unelected Liberal Leader. Tolerant/non-hateful? It depends on whether he fires the other guy.

His full-of-crap propaganda attack dog/crackerjack war-room strategist, the infamous Warren Kinsella

Story here.

ht: SDA

Emphasis mine
Toronto – Alex Yuan, chair of the Chinese Canadian Conservative Association called on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to distance himself from the comments made by senior Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella. In a recent blog posting Kinsella likened the meat found in Chinese cuisine to cat meat.


“Our community is deeply concerned with Mr. Kinsella's comments. Kinsella repeats the most vulgar and offensive stereotypes by associating the meat served by Chinese restaurants to cat meat. He has hurt the feelings of the Chinese people and disrespected the Chinese culture," continued Yuan.

“This is not the first instance of such intolerant remarks by Mr. Kinsella therefore we call upon Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to fire Mr. Kinsella as his senior strategist and apologize to the community.”

Mr. Kinsella was forced to apologize for another intolerant blog posting in 2007. In the 2007, he wrote a post suggesting that Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod would rather bake cookies than run for office.

For shame! Shame! This is Liberal tolerance?

I slowly shake my head with a grim expression on my face as I write this post... pretty much as Kinsella does when he goes on TV and tells malicious, mean-spiritedly ass-kicky, politically-motivated lies about alleged "hatefulness" on the part of conservatives.

Time for Warren Kinsella to be hauled before the "Human Rights" Commission's liberal fascists to lose his rights and thousands of dollars, to be forever banned from saying anything remotely negative about any Chinese people, China, or anything having to do with China/Chinese people.

Shame on him... spreading hatred and contempt against the Chinese people!

Ok now, Kinsella, old boy... it's your turn!

And what kind of man is Michael Ignatieff to use a man like Warren Kinsella as a chief strategist? It doesn't make him look good, to surround himself with hateful people who would spread hatred and contempt against identifiable groups, such as Chinese people and women.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

At Least Bush Knows What A Door Looks Like

The Exalted One attempts to open a window from the outside, believing it to be a door. God help America!


What'd I tell y'all?

Look at the guy y'all put in the White House, Obama voters. Nice going. He looks stupider than Bush ever did.

What next? Well, just watch him...

Hard-Left 'Coalition' Dragon Terminated By Conservative Budget Passage

The terrifying Hard-Left monster is dead!

I see Liberal Leader-Unelected Michael "Iggy" Ignatieff is talking big and strutting around as if he's hot shee-it, thinking that acting like predecessor Stephane Dion and saying he "might topple 'em later" will make him look good. We'll see, Iggy... we'll see. Talk is just talk, no matter how big.

Now the Left is again badly fractured, despite Iggy's delusion that the 'coalition' may still be on. I understand Layton and Duceppe would probably like to strangle the man with the weird eyebrows for his betrayal of his comrades-in-stupidity.

I dismiss Iggy's posturing as mere political propaganda signifying nothing. Like hell he wants to have an election in March, or in the summer. But he's bought himself time to attempt to make his mark on the Liberal Party. The question, however, remains whether the Liberals are all onside with him.

And Iggy still hasn't been properly democratically elected as Leader, and this isn't a positive optic for him. I suggest there should still be a Liberal leadership process to verify whether the grassroots Liberals want him at all, for they didn't get to have a say after all. Pity. Liberals, eh?

AGW Fearmongerers Suffer Most Devastating Blow So Far

Climate change models deemed "useless"

Dr. James Hansen "embarrassed" NASA

-Hansen's former NASA supervisor, now a skeptic

Damning story here.

ht: SDA

Emphasis mine

For those just joining the climate discussion, Dr. James Hansen is the chief climate scientist at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) and is the man who originally raised the alarm on global warming in 1988 in an appearance before congress. He is also the keeper of the most often cited climate data.

This is so inconvenient for the Goreans.

The ranks of the skeptics continue to grow.

The climate-change fearmongerers' credibility and integrity must be questioned, even by those who were convinced by the impressiveness of the optics of a "consensus" and so on and so forth.

Like I say, it's a Big Lie.

Watch it crumble.

Watch the scam come apart at the schemes.


Don't worry. Enjoy your life. Spew as much carbon as you want; nothing to worry about!

I continue to dismiss the "Inconvenient Truth" Big Lie as a Big Lie.

The Hansen dude looks to me like a crackpot, a wild fearmongering nut.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Uh-oh... "Lesbians" Have "Shocking" Encounter With Immigrant Doctor!

Oops... a commentor pointed out to me that the article to which I linked doesn't mention the actual faith of the doctor in question. Fascinating how the mind leaps to conclusions with a few convincing logical pieces of info, absent the critical final bit of info to confirm, isn't it?

Indeed, as commentor Felis Corpulentis rightly points out, the doctor could very well be a Coptic Christian, as Egypt does have many of this faith (and they're often victims of Islamofascistic intolerance and violence, I might point out).

The question is raised: Why is the Big Media refusing to say what the faith of the doctor is? Do they not want to make the Islamic community mad, if it's a Muslim? If it's a Christian, well, they're not known to be afraid to say bad stuff about Christians, are they?

Another question: Did the complainants deliberately target this particular doctor, knowing she may very well refuse to treat them due to her devoutness, etc., so that they could haul her before the MHRC and the "gay" special-interest groups would have an opportunity to "raise awareness" and push for "sensitivity training" for immigrant doctors in particular?

Anyway, the following post would be appropriate if, indeed, the doctor is a Muslim. Let's consider it a hypothetical, and then do a thought experiment based on the doctor hypothetically being a Christian or some other faith.

Food for thought...

Anyone got any confirmation as to the actual faith of the doctor? Drop it in the comments!

It was bound to happen. Sooner or later. Been asking how come the GLBTs never complain about hateful Muslims who "hate" GLBTs because of Islam. A Muslim would offend a homosexual or homosexuals via discrimination. This is the first time I've seen a report in the Big Media of such an encounter. Aaaaaannnnddd... this is what we've been waiting for...

Drum roll, please... The Lesbians are hauling a Muslim before the "Human Rights" Commission!

Hoooooo! Now we'll perhaps see whether the HRCs are truly about "human rights"... or just about jackbooting "white" Christian males for saying politically incorrect stuff, most frequently, poignantly, mind y'all... about, yes, gays and Muslims.

If they refuse to hear the case, the homosexuals may go positively militant, much like they did in America following their crushing, unexpected loss in Proposition 8. If they do hear it, well, no telling what'll happen in that case. Damned either way, as I see it...

Andrea Markowski said she and her partner Ginette were stunned when the Winnipeg doctor told them during a "meet-and-greet" appointment she was uncomfortable accepting them as patients and had never treated "people like you" before. (...) The couple have lodged a complaint with the province's human rights commission and the Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Oh, my... now it's The Homosexuals vs. The Muslims! The Two Most-Adored-By-The-Hard-Left "minority" groups! Finally!

The Main Event!

Clash of the Titans!!!

With the Liberal Fascists being forced to be the "judges"!

This is
frickin' BIG!

Oh, dear... now the LYING has already started... (Emphasis mine)
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms ensures no one can be denied health care on the grounds of sexual orientation, Markowski pointed out. (...)
Um, no, Ms. Markowski... I'm terribly sorry, but it doesn't. In fact, I have a framed copy of the Charter, printed circa 1982, about the time it was signed, right here with me, conveniently available in case someone makes a dubious claim about what it says. Ok, I'm looking at the Charter again for the twenty-eleventh or whatever time... Nope. Sorry. "Sexual orientation" isn't mentioned. Check for yourself.

Oh, my... listen to this... imagine if a "white" Christian male said the following (hell to pay, y'know)...(emphasis mine)...
Dr. Kamelia Elias did not return phone calls seeking comment. But she told the Winnipeg Free Press that she has no experience treating gays and lesbians who have "sexual problems" and "a lot of diseases and infections."
Oooohhhh! OMG! "Sexual problems" and "lot of diseases and infections"!!! Said about homosexuals! OMG! This must be... "Hatred and contempt"!!!!! Better call Richard Warman! He'll get his good buddies at the HRC to set up the kkkangaroo-kkkourt for the Good Doctor! Who cares that she's a Muslim immigrant? Hate is hate, right? Right? Right? Right??? Oh, wait... but she's not a "white" Christian man... what will they do? This is priceless... they didn't see this coming, did they? Probably try to settle it fast before they have to persecute a female (and probably "visible minority"?) Muslim immigrant!

Ok... moving off now...

But if this case goes forward... what will happen? Will the more-fundamentalist Muslims get mad? Will cars be burning in the streets? Surely there's quite a few dangerous extremists out there who will consider what the state apparatus might do to this Muslim doctor to be an insult to Islam, requiring some kind of reaction... I mean, draw a picture of Mohammed, they kill people... what happens in THIS case?

Oh, shee-it...

There goes the neighborhood...

Unless they (whoever it is who makes big problems go away fast) make some kind of quick, shut-the-whole-thing-down-before-all-hell-breaks-loose deal...

Then again, maybe the Liberal Fascists will decide to jackboot me instead... obviously they'll consider this post to be infinitely more horrendous than anything the Good Doctor said or did... well, bring it on, and I'll haul y'all before the Supreme Court of Canada for violating my Charter rights... now, wouldn't you like that, Liberal Fascists?

Any moment now, I expect the door to be bashed down and a couple of goosestepping "progressive" "anti-hate" brownshirts grab me and take me away... instead of the "hateful" doctor...

Court Bans Islamofascists From Jewish Mall

One of the hateful Islamists banned: Syed Soharwardy

Celebrated Canadian Freedom Fighter Ezra Levant reports...

Calgary anti-Semites Nagah Hage and Syed Soharwardy have been leading the pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah hate marches in the Jewish neighbourhood of Calgary. Neither Hage nor Soharwardy live anywhere nearby, of course; they truck in their foul-mouthed supporters -- who fly the flag of the criminal organization, Hezbollah -- to chant "death to the Jews", and wave swastikas in the face of the local citizens.

They do that every week. Walking around waving symbols of hate, murder, genocide, chanting hate and incitement.

Yes... Nazistic, hatemongering anti-semites, inciting to murder and genocide, in Canada... I didn't make this up!

At the last hate march, one of Hage's followers declared -- within earshot of a policeman -- that he was ready to become a suicide "martyr" in Canada or anywhere else. Another one spat at a Jewish rabbi on the way to the next-door synagogue.

Hey, Warren Kinsella... hey, Richard Warman... did you guys hear that? There's real, Nazistic hatred going on right there, and we have a witness, a police officer! Whatcha gonna do? What, nothing? Oh right... you only go after white supremacists, real, perceived, imaginary-in-bathroom-stalls... gotcha... so fuggeddaboutit; carry on, get back to your slapp suits...

What puzzled me about the whole thing, though, was that it was all going on on private property. The mall is owned by RioCan. Like all such malls, the owner invites the public onto their property to do business. But it is not an unconditional invitation, and it is not irrevocable. 200 shoppers bused in from across town is one thing; but 200 Hamas supporters blocking tenants and screaming at Jewish customers is something else altogether.

On Friday -- finally! -- RioCan went to court. (I contend that a court appearance was never necessary; RioCan doesn't go to court when skateboarders loiter -- they just tell the trespassers to leave or they'll call the cops.) RioCan appeared before Justice C.S. Brooker of Calgary's Court of Queen's Bench. Justice Brooker granted an injunction banning Hage, Soharwardy and all of the other trespassers from the mall.

The court's order was posted at the mall, but that didn't stop the hatemongerers! They came back!

The Jew-hating Hamas supporters showed up, as per usual. But this time -- for the first time -- the Calgary Police Service didn't act as the mob's bodyguards. They pointed to the court order, and told the Hamas supporters to leave.

Finally... the state apparatus stops being submissive to the hateful, supremacistic Muslims!

For the moment, anyway. Clearly, it's only over at that particular location. They'll be back somewhere else to spread hatred and contempt and incite murder and genocide against an identifiable group. Against the law, and against the claims made by the "Human Rights" Commissions that people can't do that or else they'll be punished (oh, only if they're of a certain skin color, and aren't members of certain groups).

Ezra wants to know, however, why the police allowed this to be going on in the first place.

He points out that there's far, far, far more Muslims than Jews in the area, and that politicians (who control the police, let's be frank about it, I say) figured that they'd be better off pleasing the greater number of voters than the lesser.

He also alludes to the utter worthlessness of the so-called "Human Rights" Commissions (one of which actually tried to jackboot him for simply telling the plain truth with respect to Islam, posting some cartoons that were at the root of a controversy).

Well, read Ezra's post for yourself. I like this guy's style; he tells it like it is, and we need more of that sort of thing and more brave, selfless folks like him... to fight "hate" and fascism!

Again I ask... whither Richard Warman and Warren Kinsella, two falsely self-aggrandized "anti-hate" crusaders? What say they? What do they? Nothing, I predict! Because the horrible, Nazistic hatemongerers in this case ain't white! Hey, doesn't that make those guys racists, then? You be the judge! Screw them! They're not helping; not at all!

Gore Warming Hearing May Be Suspended For Wintery Weather: Drudge

Above: Al Gore and friend, delusional global-cooling deniers. Oh, sorry for the ugly picture of man-boobs, but Al Gore is one of the biggest man-boobs around, so it's an appropriate illustration... and, by the way, somebody should send him a CD of that Tom Jones album... I just hope Mr. Jones doesn't get mad that I borrowed his cover image to poke fun at Mr. Gore!

What with there being record cold, snowfalls, ice storms and the like all over the world, with a recent second-in-history snowfall in the United Arab Emirates, Oklahoma currently suffering from a devastating ice storm, plus for my neck of the woods, tomorrow's forecast is for up to a fecking foot of snow to top off all the ice there is all over the place from an ice storm that covered everything with a half-inch of ice, which itself followed a big snowstorm... oh, shee-it... stupid Al Gore, telling me it's warm and summery outside and that the climate's changing to a hotter one... The gosh-darned Gore, the lunatic asshole's a-pissin' on me leg and tellin' me there's a terrible drought and that it's me fault... Will somebody slap his fat-ass face and tell him what's what in the world, already? Whatever happened to all the nuthouses? The guy belongs in restraints in a fecking rubber room and needs a whole consensus of headshrinkers working around the clock, fofecksake!

Drudge Report has reason to believe that an appearance by Al Gore before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to once again try to claim that there's a global warming emergency... might be suspended/cancelled due to terrible wintry weather, including potential snow/sleet/ice...

It's said that they may not want to have the fatassed, greasy-haired, fearmongering, moneyloving Gore standing before them, being seen by the world to declare that the world is getting hotter, when, outside, it's apparent that he doesn't know what he's talking about.

I guess they'll leave the appearance open for a day, perhaps in July, when the forecast is for 120-degree sunny weather with strong winds and potential for tornadoes... gotta have the right optical backdrop for effect, after all... gotta make the lie believable...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jihad Watch's Spencer Stands Up For Geert Wilders

Dutch MP Geert Wilders: Jackbooted by liberal fascist state apparatus for telling the truth

That's right. Persecuted for telling the truth.

(Emphasis mine)
Dutch MP Geert Wilders is being prosecuted in Holland for "inciting hatred and discrimination" and for insulting Muslims by comparing Islam to Nazism. But how can Muslims be offended with such a comparison when one of the most prominent 20th century Muslim scholars made a similar comparison?In his book Islamic Law and Constitution, Sheikh Abul Ala Maududi wrote: "It [Islamic State] seeks to mould every aspect of life and activity…In such a state no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private. Considered from this aspect, the Islamic State bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states."[1] Maududi’s characterization of the Muslim State was intended to be negative and was never challenged by any Muslim scholar or institution as inaccurate or unfair.

Robert Spencer discusses...

(Emphasis mine)...

So Wilders is facing criminal prosecution for “incitement to hatred and discrimination” as well as “the insult of Islamic worshippers.” If insulting someone is a crime, there is going to be an explosion of lawsuits in the Netherlands against ex-spouses and surly waiters – not to mention the fact that Wilders himself has a good case against his detractors, for all the hateful speech they have directed at him.

The very idea of trying someone for insulting someone else is absurd, and unmasks the Dutch initiative as an attempt by the nation’s political elites to silence one of their most formidable critics. The one who judges what is an actionable insult and what isn’t is the one who has the power to control the discourse – and that’s what the prosecution of Wilders is all about.

It was not always thus. Imagine if such laws had been in place in Britain during the time of William Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898), who was Prime Minister of Great Britain four times: 1868–74, 1880–85, 1886 and 1892–94. He called the Qur’an an “accursed book” and once held it up during a session of Parliament, declaring: “So long as there is this book, there will be no peace in the world.”


Churchill also warned that “were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science,” then “the civilisation of modern Europe might fall.” And now it might indeed fall, since the guardians of Europe have turned their attention to protecting Muslims in Europe from insult rather than dealing forthrightly with the elements of Islam that led Gladstone and Churchill to their conclusions – and these elements continue to exist. The text of the Qur’an and the teachings of Islam have not changed from the late 19th century to the early 21st. What has changed is the prevailing attitude toward the book. Now it has become a manifestation of bigotry and hatred to see in the Islamic holy book anything but peace and tolerance. But the text of the book and the teachings of the religion remain the same. If the Qur’an was an impediment to peace in Gladstone’s day, it is now. If it is an uplifting exhortation to peace and tolerance now, then it was in Gladstone’s day, as well.

Help Geert Wilders fight fascism. Sign the petition. At time of posting, over 23,000 from all across the world have signed the petition to free Mr. Wilders.

It is, after all, wrong to punish people for telling the truth!

If truth is punishable, then what will happen? People will lie instead of telling the truth!

Power-Insane Layton Desperate To Overthrow Conservatives

Jack Layton of the Hard-Left, extreme social-reengineerist NDP, looking decidedly dictatorial

Story here.

ht: National Newswatch

He hasn't even seen the Budget, yet Jack Layton plans to try to topple the Conservative government anyway, believing that since "It's now or never", he better do it now or forever be shut out of executive power, as his party can never, ever win an election, and this is his only chance to dictate without being elected to do so.

Well, what do you expect from a Hard-Left extremist?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shadowy Terror Convict To Be Released

Khalid Duhham Al-Jawary (May not be his real name)

Story here.

In 1973, a young terrorist named Khalid Duhham Al-Jawary entered the United States and quickly began plotting an audacious attack in New York City.

He built three powerful bombs — bombs powerful enough to kill, maim and destroy — and put them in rental cars scattered around town, near Israeli targets.

The plot failed. The explosive devices did not detonate, and Al-Jawary fled the country, escaping prosecution for nearly two decades — until he was convicted of terrorism charges in Brooklyn and sentenced to 30 years in federal penitentiary.

But his time is up.

The guy has many aliases. His nationality is unknown. Little is actually known about him, except that he attempted to commit terrorism.

Probably join the guys who were released from Gitmo and went back to Al Qaeda... who knows? After all, "rehabilitation" is a Big Lie of the Hard Left who doesn't believe in punishment and incarceration and wants dangerous folks to run loose because Leftists really do seem to love chaos and destructive pandemonium, as they, I believe, get off on it. There is no "rehabilitation" program per se, nor do we see any evidence of any such real programs... that actually work, particularly for the most evil of all evildoers who are proud of their evilness. If there is, the Left would've proven it's real already.

But the guy served his sentence. Time to give him the bum's rush, then, and save the taxpayers some money. Guess he'll pretty much disappear now. To do what? Let's hope he thinks about spending another 30 years in the buttrapehouse if he's caught doing bad stuff like before, if he's considering blowing stuff up again. Not a pleasant way to die, having un-Islamic activities performed on him against his will for the rest of his life... Someone should advise all jihadists that they risk having someone invade their private Hershey Highway for a long, long time... so un-halal, so worse than even eating bacon!

Hard-Left Coalition Threatens To Topple Tories Over Tax Cuts

How do you like that, my fellow normal, mainstream, working, taxpaying Canadians? We're the folks who pay the bills in this country and the Left thinks we shouldn't get a break. Nice folks they are, those Leftists, who make six figures just for being MPs (and many of them have taxpayer-backed financial security of which we commoners can only dream).

The Hard-Left "Coalition" of the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc are threatening to bring down the government if it cuts your taxes in the upcoming Budget for the purpose of stimulating consumer spending.

The Leftists pretend that the empirical evidence that tax cuts are stimulatory doesn't exit, that they never heard of all those economies all over the world that saw their GDPs skyrocket when they cut taxes (even America's economy boomed following Bush's tax cuts... didya know!).

I dismiss the Leftists' claims; even so-called "economist" John McCallum (he's not an economist anymore, but a POLITICIAN, which means that he can lie all he wants and later claim that it was simply his own view, even if it was wrong). They want to do what Obama is doing, which is to crank up massive social-program spending permanently so as to foster dependence on the state (and on the Liberals, NDP and Bloc). They know that tax cuts will destroy the dependence that kept the Liberals getting elected over and over again, for fear of loss of entitlements if the scary Conservatives were elected and chopped this and chopped that, chopping which didn't happen.

I prefer tax cuts because they do stimulate the economy (the science is sound; it is proven; there's a consensus; the debate is over; shut up, you deniers!) by keeping money moving freely around in the economy, efficiently, without added-on bureaucratic costs that'd be required if the government were to instead take money and direct it here and there, through bureaucrats who cost money to employ and so on and so forth. In fact, tax cuts are cheaper than spending by government for that very reason, adding extra efficiency in stimulus and lowering the cost pressures on the Treasury.

Besides, if the Left votes against the budget because of the tax cuts, they'll also be voting against $2 billion extra for social housing and $1.5 billion extra for job retraining, plus other reasonable measures. Would they really do that? And who are they to complain? They offered no alternatives, no suggestions! Bunch of fullashit dummies who just want to steal power to impose some weird Hard-Left social-reengineering agenda without the democratic consent of the People!

ht: National Newswatch

Canadian Muslim Bigwig Imam Praises Homicide Bombing

Imam Aly Hindy, the terrorism-praising Muslim Imam. What an asshole!

This is the sort of thing
that will cause Hardcore Leftists to automatically go, "I can't see, I can't hear, nya, nya, nya, la, la, la... it's not happening, it's a lie!" in another example of classic Leftist Mental Disorder. Leftists don't want to allow their brains to process the plain truth because it would mean that their comfy radical ideology would be threatened by it, so they lapse into denial and carry on as if they never heard anything about any Muslims being hateful and harmful/murderous or inciting to cause harm and murder.

US-Intercepted Iranian Arms Transport Ship Has Sealed Secret Holds

UPDATE: To make the troll "LOL" happy, I'll point to another outlet who's reporting the same news. I don't know exactly how many outlets the troll requires to report on any given thing before he'll believe that it's not a complete fabrication, a figment of someone's imagination. Poor troll... only believing stuff if a bunch of Big Media outlets report on the same thing. Guess an exclusive report by, say, CNN or NBC wouldn't meet his requirements 'cause it's just one outlet...

here. Continuing to look at the story... this is the third post now. Wish I had approved the comment of the Leftist troll calling himself "LOL" ("laughing out loud") who summarily dismissed that there was any Iranian arms ship about to be intercepted by the US. Well, "LOL", who's LOL-ing now?
The Iranian ship boarded by a US Navy Coast Guard team on the Red Sea last week before it could smuggle arms to Hamas is now disclosed by DEBKAfile's military sources to have tried to trick the search team by enclosing its rocket cargo in secret compartments behind layers of steel. Furthermore, our sources reveal, the US has not yet found a harbor in the region for carrying out a thorough search.

The Cypriot-flagged Iranian freighter Nochegorsk was intercepted last week by the new US Combined Task Force 151 in the Bab al-Mandeb Straits. Its presence in the Red Sea was first revealed by
DEBKAfile on Jan. 20. For this article click HERE.

The Americans decided not to give the Israeli Navy a chance to seize the vessel and tow it to Eilat for fear of a Tehran ultimatum to Jerusalem, followed by Iranian attacks on Israeli naval craft patrolling the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea.
Iran maintains two warships in those waters to guard its shipping against Somali pirates as well as a military presence in the Eritrean port of Assab. The arms smuggling ship was first reported escorted out of the Suez Canal Saturday night, Jan. 23, after which Washington imposed a blackout on the incident. It is now moored at an Egyptian Red Sea port at the entrance to the Gulf of Suez.
The US, Egypt and Israel want to see what's in the secret sealed holds, but need an appropriate port to conduct such a thorough search. So now we wait and see what happens with the Iranian arms ship with the sinister, secret sealed cargo hold. Will it be cracked open to reveal a massive trove of deadly weapons originally destined for Hamas? After all, where do you think Hamas gets all those weapons, thousands of rockets and mortars?

If it were up to me, I'd take a gosh-darned can-opener to the damned thing, to hell with what Iran might or might not do. If I were the US President, I'd remind myself that all I have to do is say the word and Iran is black toast. Obama? A doublethinking grey-area Leftist. Fuggeddabout him. He won't allow the ship to be properly searched.