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Jamaat ul Fuqra leader Sheik Gilani

Go to The Politics of CP for the link to the FOX article reporting on their investigation, which they reported on WHNS-TV, of another Jamaat ul Fuqra terror compound, this one in York, SC.

Sorry about the incorrect hyperlink. It should work now!

CP promises more on this later, and I will likely later have more to say as well.

The Fox affiliate now has a video as well. See it for yourself via CP & FOX.


Be certain to read CP's previous investigative reporting on this compound: here and more here. CP has done plenty of research in to this and other American locations of JuF, of which there are quite a few.

A bit too tired and short on time right now to do any real analysis, so it's your turn to do a bit of it for yourself.

However, I did happen across this article on the compound.

I noticed from the second FOX affiliate visitation of the York, SC location of JuF that the compound's authorities seemed to have set everything up just for the purpose of looking like any other Islamic community, which is no surprise, for JuF knows it's coming under increasing scrutiny and must pull the camo tarp over whatever naughty stuff lurks within (or perhaps transport anything they shouldn't have to a different location... a la Saddam). The denials of any wrongdoing; that they have no hidden agenda of terrorism, etc. and pledge allegiance to America. But from the article you might have already clicked just above this paragraph, here's a damning excerpt (emphasis mine):

"Muslims of the Americas is, in reality, only a front organization," said Susan Fenger, a former chief criminal investigator for the Colorado Department of Labor and Emplyment who led that state's investigation into the organization.

"It's just a cover for the fact that they carry out terrorist activities," she said. "I hope the country has woken up to the fact since Sept. 11 that they have these people in our own back yard."

For their part, the organization responds in the following way:

Members of Muslims of the Americas in New York and Pennsylvania admit they have been called Jamaat ul-Fuqra in the past, and acknowledge the government has
alleged terrorist ties. But they said federal reports linking either Muslims of the Americas or Fuqra to terrorism are untrue.

My question: so the proof is in the past... but does this mean they've changed their spots, as it were? We've gone through all this with Yasser Arafat, who claimed he, although being known as the "Father of Terrorism" or similar moniker, had become a man of peace. Sure, and and the Intifada was never his doing, as the absolute ruler over the 1967 war's refugees and their descendants. Yeah, right; he couldn't have used force to crack down on all the hatred and terror permeating from his PA. Sure; it's not like his administration ever had the ultimate agenda of the destruction of Israel. Yep, suuure, and another monkey just flew out of my butt.

It is insufficient to put on a show, with children in classrooms learning some Arabic characters and making the place look as innocuous as possible for MSM visitation, and to claim since all the evidence is from the past, they're not bad guys with a hidden agenda of terror anymore.

They know we're watching; therefore they put on civilian clothes, suspend all weapons training, put the round-the-clock armed sentries on holiday...

I, for one, am not convinced by their denials. Denial is, after all, automatic for terrorists in the planning and training stages, as we well know.

A closing thought: why not have non-Islamic, purely American counterrorism training camps to balance out the threat? After all, if the authorities won't shut down Islamic "communities", they cannot shut down non-Islamic ones without exposing their biases, if any. They wouldn't dare crack down on Americans while looking the other way on what they've seen to be terror training camps from all the evidence...

The presence of JuF and the perceived inaction of the authorities would justify private counterterrorism training camps in America and Canada. It's about fairness and balance as well as national security, after all.

Do not be fooled; don't be lulled blissfully into a false sense of security... smash those rose-colored glasses before the enemy does it for you.

Sheik Gilani, Jamaat ul Fuqra et al: We're watching you.

Monday, February 27, 2006

SCOC Nominee Rothstein Opposes Judicial Activism

SCOC nominee Marshall Rothstein, left, with Justice Minister Vic Toews

Story here. h/t: Nealenews.com
Supreme Court of Canada nominee Marshall Rothstein makes his judicial approach clear for Canadians:
"The important thing is that judges, when applying the Charter, have to have recognition that the statute that they're dealing with was passed by a democratically elected legislature, that it's unlikely that the legislature intended to violate the Charter . . . and therefore they have to approach the matter with some restraint.

"But the most important thing is that they apply a rigorous and thorough analysis and if they do that then I'd say that they're doing their job. If they depart from that, it might be a different matter."

Now that's the approach a judge must take for it to appear that the job is being done and nothing more, nothing less. This is important in a country founded upon the values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, with a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In the past, judges have taken the liberty of imposing whatever they saw fit and have consistently ignored the Charter or claimed it said something which it actually didn't. Most particularly, judges have exercised "activism" in multitudes of cases involving some of the most controversial social issues of all, effectively transforming much of Canada's social fabric without support from the Charter and without democratic consent either from the people themselves or their elected representatives. Judges aren't elected and are therefore unaccountable; they can act outside of the legal and constitutional boundaries of their duties and get away with it, and they have... many, many times.
This has led to the well-founded belief of many Canadians that we've effectively been living under a dictatorship of the judiciary, at least as far as social matters are concerned. This is frightening as it's necessarily understood that the judiciary has long had the de-facto, unchecked power to elevate some citizens above or lower some below others on the basis of whatsoever they alone deem. This means that judges have the de-facto power to make Canadians unequal under and before the law, notwithstanding the Charter. This growing belief has posed an increasing danger to the viability of the federation, which was originally intended and understood to be founded upon the rule of law, not on the personal beliefs of unelected officials with great powers of authority over all Canadians.
Canadians rightfully expect all judges to leave their personal beliefs completely out of consideration in formulating and rendering their judgements.
Canadians believe in the equality of all citizens under and before the law. Anyone who dares violate this value will subject oneself to the severely unfavorable judgement of history. Conversely, all who uphold equality, freedom, democracy and the rule of law with the utmost consistency and scrupulousness will be favorably spoken of in the future.
Justice Rothstein's statements today are long overdue in coming from a member of the judiciary, particularly the nation's highest court. It must be considered as sending a message to the rest of the judiciary across the federation: no longer is it acceptable or tolerable for judges to rule just however they see fit. Judges must at all times, as scrupulously as possible, adhere to both the Charter and to the democratic decisions of the elected representatives of the people.
I congratulate and welcome Justice Rothstein to the Supreme Court of Canada, which is the rightful property of all Canadians equally and shall always remain so. Let no one impose upon the exclusive jurisdiction of the people.
O Canada
We stand on guard for thee!

Do Leftists Know They're Supporting This?

Above and below: how Islamotyrants administer justice. The man above with the rifle is a Taliban. This is what Hamas wants to do with "Palestine". Why support them?
I ask the left: do they believe in this? Why let the rest of the world have a different standard of humanity than we do? Is this what they mean about "tolerance for differences"?
Not that these poor souls above are even guilty of anything... they don't have trials.
The Islamotyrannical oppressors, led by Iran's totalitarian theocrat Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, would bring this to Canada, America, Britain, France, Germany...
If we don't defend our way of life against them.

Support the war on terror.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

February 26, 1993: The Anniversary of the First WTC Bombing

For an excellent anniversary posting on the February 26, 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, be certain to visit The Politics of CP .

Above: The spirits of the World Trade Center stand on guard against the return of the enemy, having themselves been destroyed by cowardly Islamofascists on September 11, 2001, killing three thousand innocents in the name of Islam and Allah
Below: The basement of the World Trade Center following the first attempt to destroy it on February 26, 1993, by the same Islamofascist terrorist swine, led by Omar "The Blind Sheik" Abdul Rahman

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Her Majesty Remembers and is Very Ready for the Sequel

"Threaten this, you sodding dhimmi poofter bastards!"

A Non-Offensive Cartoon

Making Fun of Osama

Click on the picture to enlarge and read the story. It's worth it!

Rogers Wants To Broadcast Chinese Communist Propaganda in Canada


Story here.


Rogers Cable is sponsoring nine Chinese-language TV channels to broadcast in Canada, without warning its customers that the Chinese government will be using these channels to incite hatred and instill fanatic communist patriotism. A decision from the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) on whether the channels should be allowed to broadcast unedited is pending.

I say forget about it, Rogers!

Why should this application by Rogers be refused by the CRTC? Consider this:

The CCP is a totalitarian regime with absolute power that is accustomed to doing as it pleases. It is responsible for the estimated killings of more than 80 million of its own people during its 60-year rule. It has blocked all uncensored media from entering China. It has through its own media rallied hyper-nationalism and allegiance to the CCP. And it is under no obligation to answer for its actions. Now it is looking outward.



This is what goes on inside China. This is the kind of brutally evil totalitarian regime they are.

So why the hell should we permit Chinese totalitarian lies to be promulgated to Canadians? The Chinese state brutally suppresses freedom of expression, including requiring censorship of the internet, so who are they to expect us to pull down our pants and bend over for them?

The bastards already have a thousand spies walking among us. They've been buying up our oil companies. They take jobs away from North Americans. And they're building their military and their WMDs, including nuclear ICBMs, at a continuing breakneck clip, threatening to occupy Taiwan by force.

China must necessarily be considered part of the Axis Powers. It is nothing if not evil and malevolent. It has apparent desires for the expansion of its empire across the planet.

Rogers Cable: don't even think about it! That would be an extremely bad business decision! Can you say "boycott"? Can you say "switch to a different provider"?

And CRTC: I'm watching you too. I strongly advise you to declare to Rogers Cable: F.O.!

3870 Pounds of Propane Stolen From Truck: Northeast Intel Network... Plus Some Related Local Photoinvestigation By TCS

On the heels of this post I recently did, based also upon an Northeast Intelligence Network report, involving a plot to utilize propane to blow up oil refineries, this happens.

3870 pounds of propane were stolen from a propane truck in Maryland, from United Propane, 205 Najoles Road in Millersville, Anne Arundel County. Read the rest of it at the link.

It seems to be emerging that terrorists, likely associated with Al Qaeda, are plotting as we speak to blow up oil facilities inside America.

This is coming to light as is the AQ plans to do precisely the same in Saudi Arabia. An attempt at destroying a Saudi oil facility was recently foiled and Al Qaeda has declared they will try again and again... read about it at this
FoxNews report.

This scares the hell out of me, for I live in a city with one such facility, the Irving Oil Refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick, the security of which is, as far as I can see by driving by on a daily basis, wholly worthless should a terror attempt be made thereon:

And this photograph, which I took myself from far away a number of months ago (I'm not going to do it too close, as only the enemy would dare do that without first giving some authority a heads-up), is only a tiny fraction, at one end of the entire massive, sprawling complex. There are many mammoth storage tanks within the facility which could be easily targetted. It's entirely possible to simply walk or drive inside the complex, park one's vehicle, and plant or toss a suitcase bomb most anywhere. I hope the authorities and Irving Oil Limited, if they're aware, will get serious about this unacceptably dangerous situation. I hope they don't cheap out and gamble that the Liberals' claims of Canada not being a target, would be proven correct. We cannot afford blissful ignorance while the terrorists the world over continue to threaten, train, plot and attempt to bring their evil goals to fruition at the expense of the Free World.

Oil refinery. Unsecure. In Canada. I did not make this up.

Just doing my part to stand on guard for thee. I urge all concerned citizens everywhere to look for vulnerabilities in potential terrorist targets, like this one, which I believe the Canadian government has previously identified as such, and expose them so as to spur those responsible to action to secure the facilities. It's not hard to investigate these things for oneself. Just keep your eyes open and take nothing for granted.

Here's another photographic angle taken of the same facility:

The enemy must know that we, the people, are always watching. We know they're living among us, plotting, training and waiting for an opening, but we're going to be watching as sentinels.

We stand on guard for thee.

Don't tread on us.

Ricin Found in U of Texas Dorm, Origin a Mystery: Northeast Intel Network

h/t for photo: Daily Texan Staff, via Generation Why?

From the Northeast Intelligence Network:

25 February 2006: A University of Texas student found a substance that was ultimately identified as ricin, a potentially deadly poison, in a roll of quarters she was using to do laundry in her dormitory. The student told university police she found the clumped powder Thursday as she was doing her laundry at the Moore-Hill dormitory. According to reports, the quarters had been in the students' dorm room for several months, although the origin of the ricin is unclear.

The investigation is ongoing.


Kate at smalldeadanimals has more links to this story. Definitely follow them.

And, for bloody sure, go see what Michelle Malkin has on this.

Also much, much more, plus photographs which give a picture of just how bloody seriously the whole thing is being taken by authorities... at Generation Why? Just go right on over and see for yourself. Haven't checked the MSM yet, but if they're not doing anything about this, then what do we need the MSM for? Interesting... one of the people in one photograph bears a striking resemblance to counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer from the FOX series "24". Could this be life imitating television? That photo is the one at the top of this post.

Oh, man... I thought this story wouldn't go anywhere. But once again we citizen reporters pounce upon it so more may know of it.

This is important as ricin is, I believe, one of the chemical weapons Saddam Hussein had in his WMD program (come on... does anyone with a rational, logical mind really believe he didn't have WMDs and send them to Syria for storage?).

And this all comes on the heels of an incident in which a man was hospitalized and others were treated recently for inhalation of anthrax. Story on that at the Northeast Intelligence Network.

Excerpt (emphasis mine):

23 February 2006: A 44 year-old New York City musician has been hospitalized for “inhalation anthrax,” and at least four-(4) others are being treated for exposure. Reports indicated that the man, identified as Vado Diomande, recently returned from a trip to the west coast of Africa and became ill shortly after his return.

This begs the question: what's up with anthrax on the west coast of Africa? Are there terrorists developing the biological agent there? Are there plans in the works for a biological attack to be carried out somewhere in the world?

Friday, February 24, 2006

What Lincoln Said about Democrats Undermining War Efforts

h/t: www.strangepolitics.com

Look, Bin Laden and Ahmadinejad, You Old Fools! No Burqha!

Say hello to Deeyah, a lovely Norway-born Muslim woman now living in Britain.

Story here. H/T: NealeNews.com

She's made a video certain to enrage Islamofascists the world over. Definitely click on that link to see it for yourself! In the video, she deals with Islam's oppressive treatment of women in particular and free speech in general.

Valorous Canadian moderate Muslim Irshad Manji makes a cameo appearance, with duct tape across her mouth. Many muslims have the same thing going and then they all, one by one, defiantly remove the tape, showing the Islamotyrants of the world they will not be silenced any longer! Yes! No longer will the terrorists, their supporters and ultra-fundamentalists be able to present themselves as the only face of Islam! Take that, Bin Laden! Take that, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! Yeah!

Mmmm... I now see Muslim women differently... now that I can actually see them! And, I do love what I'm seeing. Wish I could get a date with Deeyah! I believe she can help the Free World learn more about real Muslims and come to appreciate them. This is something the Islamotyrannical oppressors and aggressors fear more than death itself. The Jihadists and their leaders like Osama Bin Laden and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad don't want the non-Muslims of the world to know Muslims as the people they really are. Because then they, the extremists hellbent on world domination and the supremacy of Islamic theocracy over all else, will have an infinitely more difficult time pursuing their evil aims.

You can visit Deeyah's website here. I got these photos there so you could see how beautiful Muslim women can be for yourself. Many thanks, Deeyah!

Deeyah, according to the article, says she cannot go anywhere without bodyguards due to the threat from Islamofascists who mean her harm. She had left her home nation of Norway for the same reason: intolerance of liberty and free speech for Muslim women.

Let's all welcome Deeyah with open arms! She's definitely one of history's most courageous, valorous, fearless warriors for freedom, democracy and equality.

Islamotyrannism has just suffered a very serious blow! Let's keep up the bombing and blitzing of the evil oppressors of humanity!

Deeyah, you totally rock!

FBI Pays Out $62 Million So Far for Info on Terrorists

Via www.cnsnews.com

The FBI has paid out $62 million US to date to people who have provided them with information which has either brought terrorists to justice or has prevented intended acts of terror.

Fascinating site. See it here: http://www.rewardsforjustice.net/

It's even possible to donate to the Rewards For Justice program!

Have you ever seen one of these wanted terrorists?

Conservatives to Rebuild Canadian Armed Forces

You heard that right. For some more information, see here.
"It's about having a three-ocean navy, a robust army and a revitalized air force. Increasing the strength of the Canadian Forces to at least 75,000 regular force personnel is a clear priority. We will also intend to increase the reserve force by 10,000."

-Defense Minister Gordon O'Connor, Brigadier General (Ret'd)

And that's just the beginning.

As for cost: I say to the whiners: which is greater, the cost of relentless defence of sovereignty, of freedom, democracy and the rule of law... or the ultimate cost if we fail to do this? People did not die so we could take these gifts for granted. These are priceless!
Is the anti-defense ultra-extreme left really so cheap as to be willing to gamble away sovereignty, freedom, democracy and the rule of law? Do we want to take such an unnecessary, dangerous gamble? It would dishonor those who gave their lives so they could give us these gifts!

My national pride is definitely growing again. It was awakened just last January 23rd, 2006, with the devastating defeat of the dangerously pacifist, appeasenik Liberals and the return of the very organization that literally invented Canada, the Conservatives.

Please enjoy the proudly patriotic images I've just posted.

I'll be back... with more on an ongoing basis.

Never forget... a sovereign nation has a powerful military. The Free World cannot afford to be without a continuously growing armed forces in today's rapidly expanding international threat environment. Terrorism, nuclear weapons acquisition by horribly evil regimes which daily make grave threats of destruction against the Free World, the historically ominous coming-together of a new Axis power group... the need to prepare for the unthinkable has never been greater. All nations on earth which believe in freedom, democracy and the rule of law absolutely must now proceed to build and modernize their defensive capabilities to meet the imminent threat of Axis attack with their own forces... to ensure that evil will not succeed in its third attempt to conquer the Earth and wipe out or enslave entire populations everywhere.
We must never disonor, never forget, those who died so we may live... in freedom, equality, democracy, prosperity and security from evil...
Those who would tell us there's no threat, no danger, to just "Don't worry, be happy; think as you're ordered, do as you're ordered" either don't understand or might actually themselves be evil or would rather appease, Chamberlain-fashion, those whose sole aim is to kill us, to enslave survivors and to transform the planet to suit their evil aims...

Just in case you missed it, I'll say it again here:

Those who selflessly, honorably gave their own lives and those who valorously risked their own in wars past did not do so for Canadians to forget. They did not defend country, freedom and democracy so Canadians could eventually succumb to the forces of evil in the world someday in the future. Honor the brave Canadian patriots, past and present.

Stand on guard for thee!

Chillingly Evil Stepfather Gets Only Nine Years For Raping Head-Wounded, Dying, 14-Year-Old Stepdaughter

Horrifying story here.

I say: send him to Ahmadinejad's Iran. Tell them what he did.

They'll administer justice. To one who, for a change, deserves it. Let them do whatever they wish to him.

Message to the left: don't bother to express phony consternation at my view on this utterly worthless speck of rodent dung.
Because it could have been your daughter.

h/t: nealenews.com

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Message From the Democrats

That pretty much sums it all up, doesn't it?
And don't forget this guy...
Nice Yasser Arafat beard, Alec!

Question for Toronto Residents

It's probably nothing now, and perhaps there wasn't ever anything to it, but I'd like to ask of Toronto residents: have you observed suspicious individuals and/or activities at or near this location? Either drop your story in the comments or send me an email at thecanadiansentinel@yahoo.ca
Just continuing to pursue leads.
H/T: CP via email

Hillary Really Blew It (Nothing To Do with Bill)

Yep... leftists are oh, soooooo tolerant, aren't they? Geez... can anyone possibly imagine Hillary Clinton as President of The United States of America? Without being totally fried on feloniously illegal psychoaffective chemical substances? Speaking of which, has Hillary been hanging around with malevolent, ultra-extreme left-wing Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez?

h/t: Catskill Chronicles

Oh, and need I remind y'all of the dude currently in charge of Hillary's "Democratic" Party?

Yep... that's Howard Dean, all right!

What has happened to the "Democrats"? Why are they suddenly so intolerant towards minorities?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Info on Terrorists. In Canada.

Yes, the investigation into terrorism inside Canada is continuing. Today fellow counterterrorism blogger CP has some more eye-opening findings for us.
Check it all on CP's site here. Be sure to read it all and follow the links! There's one bloody hell of a lot to find! Grab some coffee!

He begins thusly (emphasis mine):

I recently received an email from Canadian Conservative blogger, The Canadian Sentinel, who expressed a real interest in finding out more about Jamaat ul-Fuqra's presence in Canada. He has already jumped on the gun and has a post about a reported compound in Combermere, Ontario. (Click here). I've seen a mention of that location before, but have no further details at this point. I do believe that Muslims of the Americas has a "da'wah center" in Toronto as well.

Note that "Muslims of the Americas" is actually Jamaat ul Fuqra under a different name. I'll have to look into this "da'wah center" in Toronto thing myself. Remember, there are believed to be other terror groups and locations inside of Canada, according to none other than the CSIS itself.

I'm currently following his leads. You can do so too! Join the investigation; become part of the growing citizen counterterrorism network!

We must keep doing this; keep searching for the enemy within and exposing them to the light of day. For if we blissfully follow former Liberal PM Jean Chretien's philosopy of "Don't worry, be happy", the terrorists will interpret this as a sign of weakness and be emboldened to proceed with whatever evil plans they've been working on for Heaven knows how long.

If Canadians boldly show their true values, including relentless vigilance, to these would-be mass murderers, whoever they are, wherever they operate, that makes it infinitely more difficult for them to carry out any 9/11-scale operations.

Vigilance following 9/11 has indeed halted many attempted terrorist acts across the world. But the fact that there haven't been any successful acts of terrorism inside of Canada since 9/11 (or perhaps such acts were prevented and we weren't informed by the previous government thereof) or inside the US, doesn't mean the threat is gone. On the contrary, from what I've been seeing going on all over the world lately, we must assume the threat is greater than ever. We must stand on guard for thee, after all.
Those who would tell us there is no threat; that Canada will never be attacked haven't learned the lessons of history: Canada has indeed been attacked before. For example, Nazi U-Boats terrorized Canada during WWII, destroying countless naval, commercial and passenger ships. How many Canadians know this? Myself, I only learned of it following 9/11, on the History Channel. Never heard of it before. Was this fact deliberately covered up in some dangerous kind of leftist-pacifist conspiracy? It is dangerously irresponsible to tell Canadians that there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Ignorance may be bliss when nothing happens, but this deceptively blissful ignorance only gives terrorists a powerful advantage in that they can go about their plans and preparations freely without anyone raising an eyebrow.
And meanwhile, think about this and consider its relevancy to today's war on terrorism (in Canada, as well):

-US President Roosevelt, December 9, 1941

* * *

Those who selflessly, honorably gave their own lives and those who valorously risked their own in wars past did not do so for Canadians to forget. They did not defend country, freedom and democracy so Canadians could eventually succumb to the forces of evil in the world someday in the future. Honor the brave Canadian patriots, past and present.

Stand on guard for thee!

-The Canadian Sentinel, February 22, 2006

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hamas Threatens to Nuke Israel

From The Jerusalem Post, Via Bourque:

Hamas, the "government" of "Palestine", is threatening to destroy Israel with nukes.


On the website, a red Star of David is encased in a black rectangle which is then obliterated in a nuclear explosion.


...Every few seconds there are repeated images of a nuclear explosion destroying the Star of David.

Wonder if leftists, upon learning of this, would still think of "Palestine" as wanting peace? After all, Israel has already left Gaza and is looking at leaving the West Bank. Yet Hamas doesn't care. It's claims of "occupation", while false, are also an attempt at justification for its plans to wipe out Israel just because it isn't an Islamic state and is the only non Islamic state in the Middle East. Hamas is purely racist, period.

If Israel is forced to retake that which it had already legally won in the 1967 war, I say, good for them.

I have another question: why did the Islamic states in the Middle East refuse to accept the refugees in the territories which were legally won by Israel in the course of its self-defence from some of those very same states? The Islamic states rejected and condemned their own people in order to pursue the long-term goal of the destruction of Israel because these states were racist and intolerant and would never accept amongst themselves people who are different from them. Those who understand Middle East history understand that there has never actually been a "Palestine"; "Palestine" is merely a term used to describe an area in the Middle East, but which isn't clearly defined. It's popularly claimed that Israel is "occupying" the land upon which the refugees have been living since 1967, but there is no occupation. The truth is that Israel is a humane country and simply couldn't have eliminated or expelled those who remained on the land that now belonged to the Jewish state under international law. It's not Israel's fault that the neighboring states rejected the refugees.

The Intifada isn't Israel's fault. It's the fault of Islamofascist tyrants whose sole goal has been and is to destroy Israel, period. In fact, Iran, one of the states who rejected the refugees, is supporting Hamas and has declared its own intention to "wipe out" Israel.
Fact is: Hamas has no desire whatsoever for peace!

Jamaat ul Fuqra Terror Training Camps... An Update

CP has an update for us... right here. It's an account of what he was told by the reporter from FOX 5 NY who went to investigate the Jamaat ul Fuqra compound in the Catskills of New York, the basis of last night's FOX 5 NY expose.

Excerpts (emphasis mine):

...They talked to a couple of the neighbors who confirmed reports of strange activity. They said that the group used to march up and down the road dressed in fatigues and ammo belts and such, but that all stopped after 9/11.

The reporter mentioned an incident I'd recently heard about with a couple of phone guys that took place Jan. 16. They were working near the compound and a neighbor friendly to the Muslims, thinking the guys were FBI tipped them off, resulting in an unfortunate beating incident.

There's more, including an account of the reporter's encounter with the camp's boss himself, Hussain Abdallah, apparently a rather detestable character, virulently anti-Semitic and openly so.

Read it all.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Terror Camp in Combermere, Ontario and Other Locations in Canada

Continuing my investigation, I've come across information on a specific location inside of Canada of a Jamaat ul Fuqra (JuF) "jamaat", a rural community of Islamists appparently training in terrorism.

The jamaat in question is located in the Madawaska Valley in Combermere, Ontario.

Note that this is just outside of Ottawa!

The information comes from Defense Watch . It's an article posted on Free Republic. It's one bloody hell of a read. Go and read it!

A couple of excerpts for the bigger picture:

The upstate New York town of Hancock serves as the American headquarters for al Fuqra, with at least six major rural communities, jamaats, of two to three hundred members located in Red House, Va., Tulare County, Cal., Commerce, Ga., York, S.C., Dover, Tenn., and Combermere, Canada. Total membership in al Fuqra is believed to be between one and three thousand, with smaller jamaats being reported in over 25 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. The communities themselves are primarily walled or fenced-in gatherings of trailers or mobile homes. At least three of the compounds are known to have firing ranges, and the compound in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California has a fully functional airfield.

Additionally, Al fuqra owns two private security companies in Brooklyn, N.Y. that not only provide armed protection for the jamaats, but also compete for government and private security contracts.


Just read it!

Also confirming the location: Weekly Standard

Excerpts (emphasis mine):

Gilani launched his U.S. operations in 1980. Within ten years, Fuqra's communes were billing themselves as havens where Muslim converts--many of them inner-city blacks, sometimes recruited in prison--could build new lives. At least seven such communities are active today, in Hancock, N.Y.; Red House, Va.; Tulare County, Calif.; Commerce, Ga.; York, S.C.; Dover, Tenn.; and Combermere, Canada. While some of these enclaves contain only rudimentary buildings and trailers, the California compound has 300 residents on a 440-acre spread, according to a recent report by a local ABC station. Residents deny any involvement with terror, but Fuqra has a history of getting into trouble with the law.

Over the years, at least a dozen Fuqra members have been convicted of crimes including conspiracy to commit murder, firebombing, gun smuggling, and workers' compensation fraud in the United States or Canada. And Fuqra members are suspects in at least 10 unsolved assassinations and 17 firebombings between 1979 and 1990. Nor is Fuqra's criminal activity all in the past. In the last year alone, a resident of the California compound was charged with first degree murder in the shooting of a sheriff's deputy; another was charged with gun smuggling; the state of California launched an investigation into the fate of more than a million dollars in public funds given to a charter school run by Fuqra leaders; and two residents of the Red House community were convicted of firearms violations, while a third awaits trial.


Terror training camp to be exposed by MSM tonight at 10 pm EDT, FOX 5 NY

See also CP and The Catskill Chronicle (for liveblogging of the exposure and for screenshots of the camp itself, acquired from FOX 5 NY promos).

This Morning's Top Political Stories from NealeNews

That time again... off to work... no time to blog.

Anyway, Nealenews.com has a wealth of political news stories for y'all this morning. I'll just list the links here which I find worth looking into. Please note: the headlines below are in my own words, not in Neale's. I love making up my own headlines.

PM Stephen Harper, Tories doing very well in polling

Liberal income trust leak probe widening

Emerson to apologize for being stupid, for being Liberal, for attacking Harper, will run as Tory in next election

Venezuela's dangerously anti-American, anti-freedom leader Chavez "warns" US Sec of State Rice, calls her "girl". Racist bastard, ain't he?

US skater wears CCCP jacket, slurs own country

Feel free to write your reactions in the comments. That's why there're comments. Go ahead, discuss it while I'm earning my living... have a good one, y'all!

Muslims Bless Hitler... Shame on Them!

My, oh, my... what an optic. Talk about incitement. Here's a Muslim woman... with that horrible sign. Does she want to start WWIII with this sort of incitement?

Really; that's far, far, far worse than cartoons which simply show Mohammed. The bloodthirsty hypocrites.

It's now time for the good Muslims of the world to do whatever it takes-- including placing themselves in grave danger from their own people-- to stop this sort of hatred and incitement to war before their religion has gone too far, too late. If they don't want Islam to start WWIII, which they absolutely cannot win, and which would lead to the Free World conquering their religion and forcing Islamic nations to "rebuild" according to Western ideals just as Germany and Japan found themselves doing following their ignominious --and fully deserved-- defeat, they must act NOW.

The choice is theirs and theirs alone. The Free World has a completely clear conscience.

H/T: Nealenews.com. Read the whole story here.

Well, I'd say to that incredibly stupid woman in the picture-- GOD BLESS THE BRAVE DANES. GOD BLESS THE FREE WORLD.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Khadrs Liable for $100 Million for Attacks on US Soldiers

The Al-Qaeda-connected family the Khadrs, of whom some walk freely and openly among us --in Canada; I didn't make this up -- are now on the hook for over $100 million for an attack by Omar Khadr (now in Guantanamo Bay detention facility) on American soldiers which left one dead and the other disabled. The late patriarch of the terrorist clan, Ahmad Sa'id Khadr, is also named in the suit.

Story here, courtesy of FoxNews.

Justice is beginning to be done. But not in Canada, unfortunately. Hope that changes. Justice is, after all, a Canadian value, unless the now-deposed, hated Liberals somehow made it otherwise.

Hope this cripples the terrorists in question. Hell, they deserve worse.

Garth Turner Gets Nice Office Despite Criticism of Cabinet Appointments

This is a good sign.

Tory MP Garth Turner, who openly criticized the government's appointment of turncoat David Emerson and unelected Michael Fortier to Cabinet and was rebuked, nevertheless apparently hasn't been punished.

Yes, this is good. Mr. Harper, despite his very duly questionable first week appointments, doesn't seem to have doled out any punishment other than the voicing of disapproval of the public criticism from within by Mr. Turner. Mr. Turner gets a very nice office on the top floor rather than the "converted-crapper" one in the basement he figured he'd end up with.

I must say that this is a good sign. Dissent, while not impervious to being frowned upon, is still tolerated. Contrast this to Liberal practice in which one can be expelled from caucus for speaking out against one's own party. I remember John Nunziata and Carolyn Parrish very well.

Freedom of expression continues in the Conservative Party, it seems.

Being in government apparently means sometimes doing unpopular things. The measure of whether it is a good government is partly determined by its openness and ability to take criticism.

In the future, either in this term or in the next one if a majority is needed, I'd like to see the Tories bring in laws restricting certain types of appointments. If not banning them outright, in cases like the Emerson and Fortier appointments, there should at least be a requirement to wait first and go to a byelection before being appointed to Cabinet. Although I can understand the political strategy behind the appointments, I would like to see a law addressing this sort of thing to make appointments more democratically palatable to the people. Perhaps there could be exceptions allowed, as in, for example, national emergencies or times of war, when time isn't a luxury, for these kinds of appointments. This would be consistent with the already-existing allowance of a government to temporarily avoid an election in wartime, as an election at such a time could be considered too dangerous in too many ways.

There needs, I believe, to be a better balance between political/governmental needs and the democratic rights of Canadians.

Still, the real, big-deal work has yet to begin. The brand-new government requires a bit of time to get settled in to the everyday nuts and bolts of governing prior to the return of the House on April 3rd. Then it's going to get interesting!

Saddam To Hang in Months?

This sounds good: deposed mass-murdering Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein may be hanged within months!
This couldn't happen a moment too soon. Just hang 'im high!
And I'd recommend taking a look at the nature of the new Iraqi justice system. I like it. It does away, following a single conviction and death sentence, with unnecessary further prosecutions which simply serve to waste everyone's time and give the scumbags more chances to gloat about their evil deeds. Once one is sentenced to die, any further prosecutions and sentences are redundant... why try a dead man, only to sentence him over and over and over to death? Just get it over with. So the other scumbags can be dealt with sooner. After all, the courts have enough to deal with already.
Contrast this to Canada's system, which is horrendously inefficient and only serves, most of the time, to let scumbags off the hook or let them out early just because a bunch of leftists at a table say so. And then they often go on to reoffend.
The left should have compassion and be understanding and be as helpful as possible towards the victims, not towards the evildoers! Are you listening, all you ultra-far-left-wing "Liberals", New "Democrats" and Blocqistes?
All good human beings must send a message to all evil ones: evil will not be tolerated!
And, by the way, Saddam really deserves to have his genitals (if any) eaten by starving rats prior to his execution. And a whole lot more. He should suffer all the suffering he ordered that his own people, the people of Kuwait, the Kurds, and the innocents inside Iran would and did suffer. After all, Islamic penalties are extraordinarily severe, and if there ever was a Muslim who deserved what's prescribed by the Koran for his evil deeds, it's Saddam Hussein. Hell, the Koran is too lenient for monsters like Saddam! If Saddam wants to make a big deal out of being a Muslim, then let him be punished as one!
Next: Osama Bin Laden!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Investigation Continues: Jamaat ul Fuqra: The Founder

The investigation into terror group Jamaat ul Fuqra is continuing by The Canadian Sentinel as well as by CP and the Northeast Intelligence Network.
Today I happened to be just browsing casually amongst some links I had discovered via Google yesterday. I thought I'd share a little bit right now.
I must confess that, although a Christian (Catholic) myself, I really don't know the content of the Holy Bible as do some, like Jack Van Impe (for whom I have great respect, as he also understands the nature and magnitude of the threat to the free world posed by terrorism and isn't afraid to express his opinion thereof). I'm not exactly a "practicing" type myself, but I'm nevertheless proud of my Christian heritage, as I have great respect for the religion and can see how Christianity has greatly contributed positively to human civilization over the centuries and has even provided the basis for the Constitution of the United States, which itself is something to be admired. Christianity also is the true original foundation of modern society in terms of its fundamental values. Some will certainly disagree with this statement; let them, for freedom of expression stems from the values of Christianity itself as far as I'm concerned.
But I came upon this and then became suspicious. I'm no expert on the Bible, but the claims made by Imam Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, the founder of JuF, with respect to Christianity sounded strange and I wonder if they're false; if he is purporting, as a Muslim and not a Christian, to declare what is and isn't true about Jesus and others of the Christian history. Below, I'll excerpt examples from the document, Greeting to Our Christian Brethren, from the website, http://www.holyislamville.org (check it out; there're links all over the place which make me wonder, like the claim that a visitor to the organization was cured of cancer, but the link is "under construction"... sounds a lot like a cult to me).
Gilani refers to Jesus in the following manner:
...Jesus, son of Mary, the second Last Messenger of Islam...
This is the first thing he wrote that raised a troubling red flag for me. He seems to be implying that Jesus was a Muslim! Never have I ever heard of Jesus being a Muslim, so perhaps someone who would know the truth would kindly advise...
...so called followers of Jesus are involved in committing adultery, perversion, drinking, and gambling...
Well, I won't take issue that there are indeed many Christians who are involved in these vices, but, who is he, a Muslim, one of the folks who become (sometimes murderously) extremely angry when it is pointed out that there are a lot of Muslims everywhere who believe in and even practice terrorism? Hell, simply draw a picture or cartoon of Mohammed and some actually want to chop off your head! I would expect if giving Christians a "greeting", he wouldn't be speaking so boldly of these vices lest he upset Christians just as Muslims get upset at any kind of criticism at all, particularly the factual observation that most terrorists are Muslims; not all, but most. Perhaps it's more of a blatant offense than a greeting, which he calls it?
Today priests or devils have legalized what he forbade but they could not save mankind from the evil consequence of sins such as AIDS, mental disease, murders, earthquakes and tornados!
With the exception of his shockingly declaring mental disease a "sin", I don't argue with most of the rest of the statement. But what is completely unacceptable and offensive to all Christians is his using the words "priests or devils" in such a manner as to pejorate priests as devils. If we Christians were to say, "Imams or devils", would we get away with it? Really, semantically, it's obvious he's saying that he'll use either term to describe priests. Unacceptable. This man doesn't sound respectful at all, and this is logically a red flag. For those who disagree with this analysis, think about what would happen if a Christian conservative were to use the phrase "homosexuals or devils". You know there's always hell to pay for such phrases.
The priests of his time were not different from Gene Robinson, Jimmy Swaggart and James Baker. They invented lies and falsehood against the Almighty and Jesus son of Mary; they incorporated heathen mythology and paganism in the
Gospel and made him the “son of god” and invented the fable of dying on the cross for mankind.
I quote Thomas Paine, a great thinker and moralist who arrived at the following conclusion when he used reason to under the Bible. “The Bible and Testament are impositions upon the world… the account of Jesus Christ being the son of God and his dying to appease the wrath of God and of salvation by that strange means are all fabulous inventions dishonorable to the wisdom and power of the Almighty. That the one true religion is . . . the belief of one God.” (Age of Reason, by
Thomas Paine)
You be the judge of that. Myself, I say that this man, a Muslim, a very reasonably suspected leader of a terrorist training camp, has no business speaking to Christians this way; if a Christian spoke in such a manner to him, how the would he feel? Perhaps he'd order one of his minions to behead the individual? The sheer nerve of this pretentious criminal/terrorist organization leader! Quoting some author's opinion doesn't make it acceptable to make the slur himself! He says the crucifiction is a lie. He should stick to his own religion and shut up just as he would expect non-Muslims to shut up about his. This man certainly should be considered a dangerous threat; after all, he founded a criminal/terror organization!
It is ironic to observe that, despite the fact the Jews tried to murder Jesus son of Mary, and the so-called church, raised in his name, have no authentic evidence that (He) ever existed. Our Holy Quran is the only evidence of the existence
of Jesus, his mission and his raising up alive of the Almighty.
Notice that he accused the Jews of trying to murder Jesus? If this isn't an incitement to the Jews and Christians to become enraged from this slur on the Judeo-Christian people, then cartoons of Mohammed are, what, nothing at all? What an anti-Semite as well as an Anti-Christ! I would furthermore say to him given the chance: "Guess what? There's no authentic evidence that Mohammed ever existed". And what's up with his phrase, "so-called church"? How about we start saying "So-called Mosques"? And how about his claim that only the Quran is evidence of Jesus and what he did? I doubt this, even though I didn't read either texts. Still, he's merely preaching Islamic dogma. Did this actually come from the Quran or was it made up by dishonest Islamofascists?
Near the bottom is the line:
Contact the International Quranic Open University branch nearest you:
And three addresses, including the terror training camp in Hancock. The others might ring a bell with watchers of terrorism. If so, don't hesitate to let me know. Links are always welcome.
In closing this post, I would contend that the words he wrote in his so-called "greeting" to Christians are no less offensive than the cartoons of Mohammed which have been leveraged by Islamofascists across the planet to incite their brethren to extreme violence. The whole "greeting" is nothing but an arrogant affront to Christianity. This man is obviously one to watch closely. Talk about "hidden agendas", eh?
This is the founder of Jamaat ul Fuqra. This post was intended to expose some of his attitude towards non-Muslims. I myself find his attitude troubling, especially when combined with the facts unearthed in the investigation by CP and the NIN.

This Cartoon Says It All

Friday, February 17, 2006

Woman Sues Gov't for Murder of Husband by Paroled Murderer on Lam

Read the report.

Now, recall this (emphasis mine):

Abramenko says she was shocked to learn that Fish was a convicted killer on parole who had escaped from a John Howard Society halfway house in Vernon six weeks earlier.

That's right: the killer of her husband was a convicted murderer who escaped custody and was allowed to walk freely among us, completely unrecognized. Is this dangerous or isn't it?

"This man was on the loose, and they didn't even bother to go look for him. [They] didn't even put his picture in the paper."

She called for a public inquiry after her husband's death, but her request was turned down by the federal government. Now she has filed a lawsuit against the RCMP, Corrections Canada and the National Parole Board, as well as the non-profit John Howard Society.

Why did the Liberals turn her down? Were they too busy? Impossible, unless they were doing something secretly of which we would strenuously disapprove. I believe we're going to find out just exactly what they were doing that they thought more important than helping a Canadian citizen who had been badly hurt by someone who was the responsibility of the state and for whom the state took no such responsibility. The Liberal government is responsible for what happened! I hope Mrs. Abramenko wins her lawsuit.

"Caring, compassionate" "Liberals", my ass!

It's proof that "Liberal" justice was a complete and utter failure. The Liberals failed Mr. Abramenko and treated Mrs. Abramenko as if she was nuts. They clearly violated the rights of the Abramenkos, instead favoring a convicted murderer over them, choosing to fugeddaboutit when he went on the lam.

It's time to look forward to a radical overhaul of the Canadian justice system courtesy of those who care: the Conservative government. The overhaul cannot come too soon! Please, Mr. Harper, make haste! It's not too hard; nor should it take long to do it. But let's get to work!

Rights for victims; punishment for victimizers! That's a Canadian value!

Terror Training Camp Inside America

Interim report on Jamaat ul Fuqra: here.

Yes, you read that right. A terror training camp. In America. I did not make this up.

For the whole story, and more to come, go to The Politics of CP

That's one I'm going to have to add to my blognet links list! I'm still reading through what they have on this training camp of Jamaat ul-Fuqra and their US headquarters compound in New York.

The blog working on this investigation, The Politics of CP, is partnered with the Northeast Intelligence Network, thus expanding the investigative ability of citizen investigators to uncover terrorist activity inside America and other nations of the Free World.

Looks like The Canadian Sentinel isn't alone out there after all! Go check out the investigation and the "CP" site. CP's work to date can be studied here.

Of course, we'll have to watch for further developments in the investigation to come.

Question is: is the MSM at all interested? If this is indeed as it seems, I would hope the heavily-financed MSM monoliths would do their job and inform Americans as to the threats right within their borders.

World Net Daily has picked up on this story already as well. Other bloggers are looking into it. Googling this terrorist organization will unearth a wealth of information the MSM would obviously rather ignore.

The Canadian Sentinel will be investigating JuF's activities inside Canada. Yes. In Canada. I didn't make this up. They're here.