Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Important Info on Iran's War Intentions

Here's some recommended reading. From the Northeast Intelligence Network. Read it all to understand the context of the following excerpts.

Excerpts (all emphasis mine):

Execution of the Iranian War Plan:

Attack the US and the UK with massive waves of suicide bombers. These attacks will be followed by massive use of Iranian missile borne WMD.


It has been widely published that Hassan Abbasi is on record as saying: "There are 29 sensitive sites in the US and the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them... Iran's missiles are now ready to strike Western targets, and as soon as the instructions arrive from Ali Khamenei, we will launch our missiles at their cities and installations."These attacks will come against the US and the UK. In fact, they will target the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel because as Abbasi has said these nations "are all the children of the same mother" meaning the United Kingdom.

Notice that Canada is a target of Iranian Jihad. Involving homicide bombers. And "missile borne WMD". And the left is so vehemently opposed to ballistic missile defense? Oh, shit. Shit.

Not only that, I strongly recommend viewing this investigative report on a newly-elected Liberal MP, the one of the reported controversial Islamic supremacst statements following his nomination victory. Imagine if the Liberals had won the election. Imagine if a Jihadist had been on the inside of the Canadian government at a time when the nation is a target of a nuclear Iran with world domination ambitions in the name of religious dogma. What did the Liberals know of this?

That's scary.
Additional musings:
Thoroughly pondering the depth of the religious fanaticism and intent of the Hojjatieh sect of fundamentalist Islam, of which President Ahmadinejad is a total adherent, one can realize that in the minds of the tyrants and oppressors in Iran, the Jihad IS GOING to go ahead. At a time of their choosing.
Unless, of course, there's preemptive military action taken against Iran to seriously hamper its ability to conduct a war. The homicide bombers are a far more difficult challenge, admittedly, but the missile-borne WMDs really must be eliminated where they're being fabricated.
As far as I'm concerned, taking everything into account that I've learned about the intentions of Iran and recalling the lessons of the history of mankind and of armed conflict, this is the approach and assumption we MUST necessarily be taking. I'm quite serious about this. Not only is Iran a terrorist-supporting and -planning state, it is also a war-planning and -capable totalitarian theocracy in which religious dogma is the only consideration of the leadership. There is no reasoning with these folks. They WILL attempt to bring their beliefs to fruition via the "spread of tyranny and oppression", in their own words, describing their beliefs, as it is exactly that which will bring forth their so-called "Messiah".
They have made direct, clear threats against us on the basis of race, religion and geography. Do we want to ignore these threats or take necessary action to prevent their realization? Do we want to repeat the mistakes we made prior to the implementation of Hitler's plans for world domination via deadly destructive force?
We must exercise willing suspension of disbelief.
Can anyone prove that such will not happen again? It's insufficient to cavalierly dismiss the incipient danger, as would "liberals".