Friday, February 17, 2006

Woman Sues Gov't for Murder of Husband by Paroled Murderer on Lam

Read the report.

Now, recall this (emphasis mine):

Abramenko says she was shocked to learn that Fish was a convicted killer on parole who had escaped from a John Howard Society halfway house in Vernon six weeks earlier.

That's right: the killer of her husband was a convicted murderer who escaped custody and was allowed to walk freely among us, completely unrecognized. Is this dangerous or isn't it?

"This man was on the loose, and they didn't even bother to go look for him. [They] didn't even put his picture in the paper."

She called for a public inquiry after her husband's death, but her request was turned down by the federal government. Now she has filed a lawsuit against the RCMP, Corrections Canada and the National Parole Board, as well as the non-profit John Howard Society.

Why did the Liberals turn her down? Were they too busy? Impossible, unless they were doing something secretly of which we would strenuously disapprove. I believe we're going to find out just exactly what they were doing that they thought more important than helping a Canadian citizen who had been badly hurt by someone who was the responsibility of the state and for whom the state took no such responsibility. The Liberal government is responsible for what happened! I hope Mrs. Abramenko wins her lawsuit.

"Caring, compassionate" "Liberals", my ass!

It's proof that "Liberal" justice was a complete and utter failure. The Liberals failed Mr. Abramenko and treated Mrs. Abramenko as if she was nuts. They clearly violated the rights of the Abramenkos, instead favoring a convicted murderer over them, choosing to fugeddaboutit when he went on the lam.

It's time to look forward to a radical overhaul of the Canadian justice system courtesy of those who care: the Conservative government. The overhaul cannot come too soon! Please, Mr. Harper, make haste! It's not too hard; nor should it take long to do it. But let's get to work!

Rights for victims; punishment for victimizers! That's a Canadian value!