Sunday, February 19, 2006

Saddam To Hang in Months?

This sounds good: deposed mass-murdering Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein may be hanged within months!
This couldn't happen a moment too soon. Just hang 'im high!
And I'd recommend taking a look at the nature of the new Iraqi justice system. I like it. It does away, following a single conviction and death sentence, with unnecessary further prosecutions which simply serve to waste everyone's time and give the scumbags more chances to gloat about their evil deeds. Once one is sentenced to die, any further prosecutions and sentences are redundant... why try a dead man, only to sentence him over and over and over to death? Just get it over with. So the other scumbags can be dealt with sooner. After all, the courts have enough to deal with already.
Contrast this to Canada's system, which is horrendously inefficient and only serves, most of the time, to let scumbags off the hook or let them out early just because a bunch of leftists at a table say so. And then they often go on to reoffend.
The left should have compassion and be understanding and be as helpful as possible towards the victims, not towards the evildoers! Are you listening, all you ultra-far-left-wing "Liberals", New "Democrats" and Blocqistes?
All good human beings must send a message to all evil ones: evil will not be tolerated!
And, by the way, Saddam really deserves to have his genitals (if any) eaten by starving rats prior to his execution. And a whole lot more. He should suffer all the suffering he ordered that his own people, the people of Kuwait, the Kurds, and the innocents inside Iran would and did suffer. After all, Islamic penalties are extraordinarily severe, and if there ever was a Muslim who deserved what's prescribed by the Koran for his evil deeds, it's Saddam Hussein. Hell, the Koran is too lenient for monsters like Saddam! If Saddam wants to make a big deal out of being a Muslim, then let him be punished as one!
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