Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Info on Terrorists. In Canada.

Yes, the investigation into terrorism inside Canada is continuing. Today fellow counterterrorism blogger CP has some more eye-opening findings for us.
Check it all on CP's site here. Be sure to read it all and follow the links! There's one bloody hell of a lot to find! Grab some coffee!

He begins thusly (emphasis mine):

I recently received an email from Canadian Conservative blogger, The Canadian Sentinel, who expressed a real interest in finding out more about Jamaat ul-Fuqra's presence in Canada. He has already jumped on the gun and has a post about a reported compound in Combermere, Ontario. (Click here). I've seen a mention of that location before, but have no further details at this point. I do believe that Muslims of the Americas has a "da'wah center" in Toronto as well.

Note that "Muslims of the Americas" is actually Jamaat ul Fuqra under a different name. I'll have to look into this "da'wah center" in Toronto thing myself. Remember, there are believed to be other terror groups and locations inside of Canada, according to none other than the CSIS itself.

I'm currently following his leads. You can do so too! Join the investigation; become part of the growing citizen counterterrorism network!

We must keep doing this; keep searching for the enemy within and exposing them to the light of day. For if we blissfully follow former Liberal PM Jean Chretien's philosopy of "Don't worry, be happy", the terrorists will interpret this as a sign of weakness and be emboldened to proceed with whatever evil plans they've been working on for Heaven knows how long.

If Canadians boldly show their true values, including relentless vigilance, to these would-be mass murderers, whoever they are, wherever they operate, that makes it infinitely more difficult for them to carry out any 9/11-scale operations.

Vigilance following 9/11 has indeed halted many attempted terrorist acts across the world. But the fact that there haven't been any successful acts of terrorism inside of Canada since 9/11 (or perhaps such acts were prevented and we weren't informed by the previous government thereof) or inside the US, doesn't mean the threat is gone. On the contrary, from what I've been seeing going on all over the world lately, we must assume the threat is greater than ever. We must stand on guard for thee, after all.
Those who would tell us there is no threat; that Canada will never be attacked haven't learned the lessons of history: Canada has indeed been attacked before. For example, Nazi U-Boats terrorized Canada during WWII, destroying countless naval, commercial and passenger ships. How many Canadians know this? Myself, I only learned of it following 9/11, on the History Channel. Never heard of it before. Was this fact deliberately covered up in some dangerous kind of leftist-pacifist conspiracy? It is dangerously irresponsible to tell Canadians that there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Ignorance may be bliss when nothing happens, but this deceptively blissful ignorance only gives terrorists a powerful advantage in that they can go about their plans and preparations freely without anyone raising an eyebrow.
And meanwhile, think about this and consider its relevancy to today's war on terrorism (in Canada, as well):

-US President Roosevelt, December 9, 1941

* * *

Those who selflessly, honorably gave their own lives and those who valorously risked their own in wars past did not do so for Canadians to forget. They did not defend country, freedom and democracy so Canadians could eventually succumb to the forces of evil in the world someday in the future. Honor the brave Canadian patriots, past and present.

Stand on guard for thee!

-The Canadian Sentinel, February 22, 2006