Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pennsylvania Man Caught in Plot to Bomb US Pipelines, Refineries For Al Qaeda

Michael Curtis Reynolds: Al Qaeda operative?

Read about it all at the Northeast Intelligence Network.

Excerpts (emphasis mine):

Michael Curtis REYNOLDS, 47, formerly of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and Pocatello, Idaho, has been incarcerated in the Lackawanna County, PA jail since December 5, 2005 on a weapons charge. Federal officials, however, have evidence that he actively attempted to provide material aid to al-Qaeda by planning to detonate
propane-filled trucks along sections of the Trans-Alaskan and transcontinental Pipelines, and blow up the Standard Oil Co. in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and the Williams Refinery in Opal, Wyoming.

The charge (Reynolds so far hasn't been charged with "terrorism", technically speaking):

... Assistant U.S. Attorney John Gurganus testified at REYNOLD’S December hearing that "he [REYNOLDS] was doing it as a plan to disrupt governmental function, to change the government's actions in foreign countries, and to impact on the national debate about the war."

Be certain to read it all for yourself.

The threat of terrorism isn't going away. Rather, it is actually adapting to the Free World's responses to it. The terrorists may be insane, but they're not all that stupid; they have the ability to be flexible and move on to new tactics once old tactics are exposed, understood and blocked. They're always planning and plotting new ways to kill non-Muslims across the world. No country is immune to infection from the plague of terrorism.

In the future, it will become clear that the Free World will have to adapt to the adaptability of the terrorists. This means we'll have to foresee all possibilities and implement security measures to help lessen the chance of successful terror attacks.

One thing we must understand: the terrorists are patient. Murder, after all, of this sort, is premeditated and requires careful planning and working-out of logistics. Financing is also required to carry out plans, and often fundraising takes time. For example, the first attempt to destroy the World Trade Center, though a failure, didn't deter Al Qaeda from trying again... many years later.

So when leftists point out there hasn't been a terrorist attack inside America since 9/11, remember that it's only a matter of when, not if. The left wants to believe, against all common sense and fundamental intelligence, that the threat of terror inside of the continental United States is over. They are dangerously wrong.