Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mounties Launch Another Investigation Into Liberal Gov't Wrongdoing

Yep... another criminal investigation into missing millions and no evidence work was done for money disbursed by... yep, Public Works... while... yep, Alfonso Gagliano was Minister. Yep.

What's that, criminal investigation number 36 or 37? They seem to keep on coming out of nowhere.

Another skeleton emerges from the proverbial closet.

Read the whole story here. Yep, click and read it.

This time it involves the Canadian Space Agency and...

Samir Elomari, a former CSA scientist who successfully sued the space agency for falsely appropriating one of his inventions, submitted a formal complaint to the RCMP last month.

Evidence that at least $7.3 million worth of contracts have never been publicly accounted for was presented during the 2004 Quebec Superior Court hearing for Elomari's $14.375-million civil suit against the agency.


Elomari claims he received threats and reprisals from new space agency president Virendra Jha -- who was vice-president of science and technology programs at the time of the case.

Hmm... "threats and reprisals"... I think we've heard of this happening before.
Mr. Elomari also indicates no work was done for the money in question.

Oh, and by the way, the RCMP says that an investigator will be assigned to the case "As soon as one is available". Sigh... we saw that coming, didn't we? Boy-o-boy, do the Tories ever have plenty of work to do... so many great big messes to deal with courtesy of the hated Libranos...

And the Libranos actually believe that just due to an unstellar first week for the Tories, due to something the Libranos themselves did and got away with, they'll "make a quick comeback"? Oh, man... now what have the poor old crazy bums been smoking lately? Who told them that, old Paulie Martin? The guy who swore he'd bring the Libranos to victory last election? Talk about delusion! Where's the orderlies with the straitjackets? Better bring sedatives, too!

Hey... is that a violin? What's it playing, "Deja vu all over again"?

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