Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Jamaat ul Fuqra leader Sheik Gilani

Go to The Politics of CP for the link to the FOX article reporting on their investigation, which they reported on WHNS-TV, of another Jamaat ul Fuqra terror compound, this one in York, SC.

Sorry about the incorrect hyperlink. It should work now!

CP promises more on this later, and I will likely later have more to say as well.

The Fox affiliate now has a video as well. See it for yourself via CP & FOX.


Be certain to read CP's previous investigative reporting on this compound: here and more here. CP has done plenty of research in to this and other American locations of JuF, of which there are quite a few.

A bit too tired and short on time right now to do any real analysis, so it's your turn to do a bit of it for yourself.

However, I did happen across this article on the compound.

I noticed from the second FOX affiliate visitation of the York, SC location of JuF that the compound's authorities seemed to have set everything up just for the purpose of looking like any other Islamic community, which is no surprise, for JuF knows it's coming under increasing scrutiny and must pull the camo tarp over whatever naughty stuff lurks within (or perhaps transport anything they shouldn't have to a different location... a la Saddam). The denials of any wrongdoing; that they have no hidden agenda of terrorism, etc. and pledge allegiance to America. But from the article you might have already clicked just above this paragraph, here's a damning excerpt (emphasis mine):

"Muslims of the Americas is, in reality, only a front organization," said Susan Fenger, a former chief criminal investigator for the Colorado Department of Labor and Emplyment who led that state's investigation into the organization.

"It's just a cover for the fact that they carry out terrorist activities," she said. "I hope the country has woken up to the fact since Sept. 11 that they have these people in our own back yard."

For their part, the organization responds in the following way:

Members of Muslims of the Americas in New York and Pennsylvania admit they have been called Jamaat ul-Fuqra in the past, and acknowledge the government has
alleged terrorist ties. But they said federal reports linking either Muslims of the Americas or Fuqra to terrorism are untrue.

My question: so the proof is in the past... but does this mean they've changed their spots, as it were? We've gone through all this with Yasser Arafat, who claimed he, although being known as the "Father of Terrorism" or similar moniker, had become a man of peace. Sure, and and the Intifada was never his doing, as the absolute ruler over the 1967 war's refugees and their descendants. Yeah, right; he couldn't have used force to crack down on all the hatred and terror permeating from his PA. Sure; it's not like his administration ever had the ultimate agenda of the destruction of Israel. Yep, suuure, and another monkey just flew out of my butt.

It is insufficient to put on a show, with children in classrooms learning some Arabic characters and making the place look as innocuous as possible for MSM visitation, and to claim since all the evidence is from the past, they're not bad guys with a hidden agenda of terror anymore.

They know we're watching; therefore they put on civilian clothes, suspend all weapons training, put the round-the-clock armed sentries on holiday...

I, for one, am not convinced by their denials. Denial is, after all, automatic for terrorists in the planning and training stages, as we well know.

A closing thought: why not have non-Islamic, purely American counterrorism training camps to balance out the threat? After all, if the authorities won't shut down Islamic "communities", they cannot shut down non-Islamic ones without exposing their biases, if any. They wouldn't dare crack down on Americans while looking the other way on what they've seen to be terror training camps from all the evidence...

The presence of JuF and the perceived inaction of the authorities would justify private counterterrorism training camps in America and Canada. It's about fairness and balance as well as national security, after all.

Do not be fooled; don't be lulled blissfully into a false sense of security... smash those rose-colored glasses before the enemy does it for you.

Sheik Gilani, Jamaat ul Fuqra et al: We're watching you.