Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ahmadinejad Again Threatens Israel, Blames "Zionists" for Cartoon Furor, Tells West to Worship His God

Here we go again. Today, Iran's President, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, has promised Iranians he'll "remove" Israel. He blamed "zionists" for the Muslim uproar over Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed. Not only that, he also told Western governments to abandon ties to Israel, allow for its removal and to worship Allah. Make sure you read the whole article at the link.

This guy sounds for all the world like Adolf Hitler. From my understanding of history, the Western people didn't think Hitler was a threat; that they didn't have to worry. We know they turned out to be, often literally, dead wrong. Winston Churchill saw the threat in Hitler, told Britain of his concerns, was ridiculed and went on to be Prime Minister following the Nazis' beginning of their attacks on England, leading Europe's fight against the murderous world domination ambitions and monstrous racism and other forms of fatal intolerance fostered by Hitler.

Well, I see the danger posed by Ahmadinejad. Plus, he has many powerful allies in totalitarian nations who would love to get rid of America and the Western World along with it so as to pursue their own goals for the world, whatever they may be, via the extermination of those who aren't like themselves, meaning the Free World. Granted, many of his Axis friends have a hidden agenda, like China, North Korea and Russia, but Iran's aims are very well-expressed. Together, the rapidly-arming and more-closely allying 21st-Century Axis Powers, namely of two idealogies, basically Islamofascism and Communism, are providing a stark contrast to the relatively-demilitarized Western World. After all, how much attention have we paid to our military capabilities since the end of the Cold War? Canada in particular is now actually a sitting duck, unfortunately, but with a new Conservative government in power for the foreseeable future, this will hopefully change. I hope we someday get the nuclear deterrent ourselves.

Ironically, Ahmadinejad also uttered a self-contradicting phrase:

"The era of military force is over, today is the era of nations, logic and worshippers of God,"

I would surmise he was actually talking about how he himself envisions the world after Jihadic Armaggedon. The nations would be Islamic (it's logical; he's on record as wanting all nations to be Islamic), the "logic" would be whatever he deems it to be and "God" is, of course, his god, Allah (he believes there is one god and it's Allah). He's so obviously speaking in code. It would be, even for him, to really mean the word "today", illogical.

Oh, and I guess I'm now in beeeg trouble for putting his mug next to an illustration of Hitler with "Iran" in place of his mustache.