Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Impure Islam": A Moderate Muslim Speaks Out

Via MidEastTruth:

Moderate Muslim Irshad Manji writes this informative piece.

Be sure to read it all.

In Impure Islam, Ms. Manji adds her own voice to help give us perspective right in the middle of the cartoons-of-Mohammed controversy raging across the world, stemming from a few Danish-sourced political cartoons which sees many Muslims, in out-of-proportion response, spewing barbaric rhetoric and committing many reprehensible acts of violence against many non-Muslim targets and even against other Muslims, already resulting in a few unfortunate deaths. Here's one of many examples of such cartoons (I'm, like, sooooo shaking, eh?):

I'd say that cartoon's fair comment, notwithstanding what the Islamofascists claim. Remember this? And this? And this?

Here's some excerpts from Impure Islam:

Arab elites love such controversies, for they provide convenient opportunities to channel anger away from local injustices. No wonder President Lahoud of Lebanon insisted that his country "cannot accept any insult to any religion." That's rich. Since the late 1970s, the Lebanese government has licensed Hezbollah-run satellite television station al-Manar, among the most viciously anti-Semitic broadcasters on earth.


...the Koran itself points out that there will always be non-believers, and that it's for Allah, not Muslims, to deal with them. More than that, the Koran says there is "no compulsion in religion." Which suggests that nobody should be forced to treat Islamic norms as sacred.


When Muslims put the Prophet on a pedestal, we're engaging in idolatry of our own. The point of monotheism is to worship one God, not one of God's emissaries. Which is why humility requires people of faith to mock themselves - and each other - every once in a while.

I await more moderate Muslim voices which may help us understand the truth. How else will we know? We can find a Koran in our language to read for ourselves, but how do we know it's the same Koran being given out as required reading by the Islamic leaders of the world? And what of Muslim radicals who twist the verses so far to suit their own aims as to make them meaningless? I mean, does the Koran really require Muslims to kill anyone who displeases them? Ms. Manji points out that such justice is up to Allah, not to Muslims.

It's up to Muslims, too, in my opinion, to speak the real truth of their religion, lest we come to believe that what the Bin Ladens, the Hamases and the Ahmadinejads of the world, who themselves stand for nothing but pure hatred of non-Muslims and for their annihilation.

If the lies of the Islamic tyrants, oppressors and terrorists such as Ahmadinejad, Bin Laden and Hamas are going to win, the ultimate result will be armaggedon. Remember, they are on record as vowing to wipe out the non-Islamic world, including Muslims who oppose their tyrannical dogmas and objectives.

What is the truth?