Monday, February 20, 2006

This Morning's Top Political Stories from NealeNews

That time again... off to work... no time to blog.

Anyway, has a wealth of political news stories for y'all this morning. I'll just list the links here which I find worth looking into. Please note: the headlines below are in my own words, not in Neale's. I love making up my own headlines.

PM Stephen Harper, Tories doing very well in polling

Liberal income trust leak probe widening

Emerson to apologize for being stupid, for being Liberal, for attacking Harper, will run as Tory in next election

Venezuela's dangerously anti-American, anti-freedom leader Chavez "warns" US Sec of State Rice, calls her "girl". Racist bastard, ain't he?

US skater wears CCCP jacket, slurs own country

Feel free to write your reactions in the comments. That's why there're comments. Go ahead, discuss it while I'm earning my living... have a good one, y'all!