Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jamaat ul Fuqra Terror Training Camps... An Update

CP has an update for us... right here. It's an account of what he was told by the reporter from FOX 5 NY who went to investigate the Jamaat ul Fuqra compound in the Catskills of New York, the basis of last night's FOX 5 NY expose.

Excerpts (emphasis mine):

...They talked to a couple of the neighbors who confirmed reports of strange activity. They said that the group used to march up and down the road dressed in fatigues and ammo belts and such, but that all stopped after 9/11.

The reporter mentioned an incident I'd recently heard about with a couple of phone guys that took place Jan. 16. They were working near the compound and a neighbor friendly to the Muslims, thinking the guys were FBI tipped them off, resulting in an unfortunate beating incident.

There's more, including an account of the reporter's encounter with the camp's boss himself, Hussain Abdallah, apparently a rather detestable character, virulently anti-Semitic and openly so.

Read it all.