Monday, February 20, 2006

Muslims Bless Hitler... Shame on Them!

My, oh, my... what an optic. Talk about incitement. Here's a Muslim woman... with that horrible sign. Does she want to start WWIII with this sort of incitement?

Really; that's far, far, far worse than cartoons which simply show Mohammed. The bloodthirsty hypocrites.

It's now time for the good Muslims of the world to do whatever it takes-- including placing themselves in grave danger from their own people-- to stop this sort of hatred and incitement to war before their religion has gone too far, too late. If they don't want Islam to start WWIII, which they absolutely cannot win, and which would lead to the Free World conquering their religion and forcing Islamic nations to "rebuild" according to Western ideals just as Germany and Japan found themselves doing following their ignominious --and fully deserved-- defeat, they must act NOW.

The choice is theirs and theirs alone. The Free World has a completely clear conscience.

H/T: Read the whole story here.

Well, I'd say to that incredibly stupid woman in the picture-- GOD BLESS THE BRAVE DANES. GOD BLESS THE FREE WORLD.