Friday, February 24, 2006

Look, Bin Laden and Ahmadinejad, You Old Fools! No Burqha!

Say hello to Deeyah, a lovely Norway-born Muslim woman now living in Britain.

Story here. H/T:

She's made a video certain to enrage Islamofascists the world over. Definitely click on that link to see it for yourself! In the video, she deals with Islam's oppressive treatment of women in particular and free speech in general.

Valorous Canadian moderate Muslim Irshad Manji makes a cameo appearance, with duct tape across her mouth. Many muslims have the same thing going and then they all, one by one, defiantly remove the tape, showing the Islamotyrants of the world they will not be silenced any longer! Yes! No longer will the terrorists, their supporters and ultra-fundamentalists be able to present themselves as the only face of Islam! Take that, Bin Laden! Take that, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! Yeah!

Mmmm... I now see Muslim women differently... now that I can actually see them! And, I do love what I'm seeing. Wish I could get a date with Deeyah! I believe she can help the Free World learn more about real Muslims and come to appreciate them. This is something the Islamotyrannical oppressors and aggressors fear more than death itself. The Jihadists and their leaders like Osama Bin Laden and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad don't want the non-Muslims of the world to know Muslims as the people they really are. Because then they, the extremists hellbent on world domination and the supremacy of Islamic theocracy over all else, will have an infinitely more difficult time pursuing their evil aims.

You can visit Deeyah's website here. I got these photos there so you could see how beautiful Muslim women can be for yourself. Many thanks, Deeyah!

Deeyah, according to the article, says she cannot go anywhere without bodyguards due to the threat from Islamofascists who mean her harm. She had left her home nation of Norway for the same reason: intolerance of liberty and free speech for Muslim women.

Let's all welcome Deeyah with open arms! She's definitely one of history's most courageous, valorous, fearless warriors for freedom, democracy and equality.

Islamotyrannism has just suffered a very serious blow! Let's keep up the bombing and blitzing of the evil oppressors of humanity!

Deeyah, you totally rock!