Friday, February 24, 2006

Conservatives to Rebuild Canadian Armed Forces

You heard that right. For some more information, see here.
"It's about having a three-ocean navy, a robust army and a revitalized air force. Increasing the strength of the Canadian Forces to at least 75,000 regular force personnel is a clear priority. We will also intend to increase the reserve force by 10,000."

-Defense Minister Gordon O'Connor, Brigadier General (Ret'd)

And that's just the beginning.

As for cost: I say to the whiners: which is greater, the cost of relentless defence of sovereignty, of freedom, democracy and the rule of law... or the ultimate cost if we fail to do this? People did not die so we could take these gifts for granted. These are priceless!
Is the anti-defense ultra-extreme left really so cheap as to be willing to gamble away sovereignty, freedom, democracy and the rule of law? Do we want to take such an unnecessary, dangerous gamble? It would dishonor those who gave their lives so they could give us these gifts!

My national pride is definitely growing again. It was awakened just last January 23rd, 2006, with the devastating defeat of the dangerously pacifist, appeasenik Liberals and the return of the very organization that literally invented Canada, the Conservatives.

Please enjoy the proudly patriotic images I've just posted.

I'll be back... with more on an ongoing basis.

Never forget... a sovereign nation has a powerful military. The Free World cannot afford to be without a continuously growing armed forces in today's rapidly expanding international threat environment. Terrorism, nuclear weapons acquisition by horribly evil regimes which daily make grave threats of destruction against the Free World, the historically ominous coming-together of a new Axis power group... the need to prepare for the unthinkable has never been greater. All nations on earth which believe in freedom, democracy and the rule of law absolutely must now proceed to build and modernize their defensive capabilities to meet the imminent threat of Axis attack with their own forces... to ensure that evil will not succeed in its third attempt to conquer the Earth and wipe out or enslave entire populations everywhere.
We must never disonor, never forget, those who died so we may live... in freedom, equality, democracy, prosperity and security from evil...
Those who would tell us there's no threat, no danger, to just "Don't worry, be happy; think as you're ordered, do as you're ordered" either don't understand or might actually themselves be evil or would rather appease, Chamberlain-fashion, those whose sole aim is to kill us, to enslave survivors and to transform the planet to suit their evil aims...

Just in case you missed it, I'll say it again here:

Those who selflessly, honorably gave their own lives and those who valorously risked their own in wars past did not do so for Canadians to forget. They did not defend country, freedom and democracy so Canadians could eventually succumb to the forces of evil in the world someday in the future. Honor the brave Canadian patriots, past and present.

Stand on guard for thee!