Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Gomery: A Very Important Question

This CTV report reminds me of a post I did awhile back demanding something of Justice John H. Gomery for the sake of the appearance of impartiality of the Gomery commission of inquiry into AdScam.

The post in question is here. Read it and the links provided therein. There's much eye-opening stuff the MSM hasn't told us.

Recall I demanded Judge Gomery cancel his appointment of Raymond Garneau on the grounds of Garneau's connections to Paul Martin which, if the MSM were to make a big deal out of it, would certainly cause Gomery to make such a cancellation. Still hasn't happened.

The CTV report is about Gomery's discussion of his appointment of former Mulroney "right-hand man" Bernard Roy to be chief counsel to the sponsorship inquiry. Apparently Gomery has always been aware of the questions surrounding this appointment.

Gomery, according to the CTV report, had misgivings about Roy due to his political connections. He chose to appoint Roy so as to ensure a fair and balanced inquiry, apparently.

Speaking of fair and balanced, how is it fair and balanced to appoint one of the folks who aided Paul Martin in his acquisition of CSL at a time when Martin had no financial ability to do so to head up the advisory body overseeing the recommendation phase of the Inquiry?

There is an apparent conflict of interest here. Gomery must know about Garneau's relationship to Martin. Does he or doesn't he? If he does, why keep Garneau? One must ask the question.

Either way, it's necessary to remove Garneau from this appointment to preserve the credibility and integrity of Gomery's commission, if there is any.

Is the Gomery Inquiry a whitewash of Paul Martin's involvement in AdScam?

Friday, December 23, 2005



Sunday, December 18, 2005

Anarchistic Santa Impersonators


"No force on earth can stop one hundred Santas!"

What about stopping nine Santas?

Supreme Court of Canada

"The rule of law requires judges to uphold unwritten constitutional norms, even in the face of clearly enacted laws or hostile public opinion," -Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin

Who deems what these "unwritten constitutional norms" actually are?

How, in a free and democratic society, can one person or nine people unilaterally declare what is normal?

Why must we necessarily trust these supremely powerful, unelected, unaccountable people? Should we obediently acquiesce to the supreme wisdom of the Prime Minister, the Liberal Party of Canada, the mainstream media, the left, and a certain group of absolutely powerful, unstoppable, Liberal Prime Minister-appointed avowed left-wing social activists?

Do we live in a democracy? Or do we live in a dictatorship?

It's really supposed to be up to the people as to whether they really want their country to be overruled by a system such as there is today.

This is a perfect issue for serious consideration and discussion right now as we're in the midst of a federal election campaign which I personally see as a crossroads of sorts for the future of the Canadian federation itself. What kind of a Canada do you want, if there's going to continue to be a Canada at all?

I see it as a choice between "liberalism" and democracy. As a choice between the Liberal Party's corruption and arrogantly, undemocratically impositive behavior and the freedom of democratic choice of Canadians.

Do tell, what do you think? And why?

H/T: Neale News for the "Santarchy" link.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Martin Claims to Favor Elected Senate?

So Prime Minister Paul Martin claims (in BC, not Ontario, natch) to suddenly see the need for an elected senate?
Sure, and Gilles Duceppe is a federalist, Jack Layton is a capitalist, Stephen Harper is a communist and Arnold Schwarzenegger is a 98-pound girlie man.
Paulie isn't going to fool anyone. He had since 1993 to support an elected senate but didn't. He promised to fix the democratic deficit but made it far worse for the purpose of winning the Liberal leadership and the election.
Could there be a more ridiculous spectacle?
Mon dieu!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Developing Story: Missile Narrowly Missed Airliner in US in Apparent Terror Attack: Proof Here

From the Northeast Intelligence Network:

Following up on an earlier post here on TCS, I provide proof that a terror attempt on a passenger airliner did indeed occur. A missile was fired at an aircraft and narrowly missed. Read the post for the background and visit the NIN.

The NIN reports (emphasis mine):

Radar images, supplied by T. A. Adams show anomalous event on 26 November 2005 involving AA Flight 612 shortly after takeoff. The Northeast Intelligence Network requested a commercial airline pilot to review the images of the radar activity as it related to AA Flight 612 on 26 November 2005. Earlier today, the pilot, currently flying for a well-known national carrier, confirmed that the event was unusual and "could be consistent with the pilot's observations of a missile or rocket eclipsing and missing Flight 612." He added: "Based on what I reviewed, the unidentified object was not a bottle rocket or flare, but was absolutely consistent with some type of missile possibly aimed at the aircraft."

Here I provide the radar images, with the plane and the "unidentified flying object", the missile, circled in red by myself:
Be sure to click on the link "Radar images" in the quoted paragraph above for a more detailed explanation of the radar images below. I'll put it in simple terms here.

In the first picture below, circled by myself in red, you can see the airliner by itself, far away from any other planes.

In the second picture you see that suddenly there are two "planes", actually one is the first plane and the other cannot possibly be a plane, as you can see from the NIN site data and explanation. The second object is definitely a missile, as analysis confirms. No plane can possibly appear out of nowhere so suddenly, unless it was some sort of stealty fighter with the speed of a missile, which is much faster than any known aircraft. It had to have come from land. The pics below may be too small to read the details, so again, go to the NIN radar images to see the times and altitudes and explanations. The supposed explanation of a "flare or bottle rocket (a kind of fireworks)" cannot be accepted as they're incapable of reaching such high altitudes and of travelling fast enough to be the second flying object.

In the third picture you see the objects overlapping. Obviously far too close for comfort, particularly if it was actually two planes and not a plane and a missile, which fortunately missed.

In the final picture in the series below, we see the second plane pulling away from the first. This is what the pilot saw when he reported it in the first place to air control and was reported on one radio news broadcast and then never again reported by the MSM.

Be certain to follow the original post here on TCS and the reports on NIN for the most complete, up-to-date information you can get. Forget about the MSM. It begs the question why they have absolutely no interest in advising the people of this apparent attempt at terrorism inside of the United States. Isn't it important to remind people of the very real continuing threat from terrorism?

See the actual, full-motion shocking radar data for yourself here! (enter the date and time of the missile incident (November 26, 12:49) and select 20-mile range to view the activity)... from World Net Daily

I viewed the real-time activity for myself and have no doubt that there is definitely proof here of a dangerous situation that cannot be dismissed as another plane (no plane appears suddenly out of nowhere like that; only a missile does!) or as fireworks, which cannot reach such altitudes, let alone at such velocity from land.

Also very, very informative is the following World Net Daily report. Look into it! The MSM has completely dropped and forgotten about the ball when it comes to terrorism. I'm watching for new developments on the NIN, WND and other sources. I recommend them to all. They're listed in my sidebar links list.

Bloggers, let's keep an eye on this story. Let's prove we're relevant and the MSM isn't anymore when it comes to news on terrorism.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Canada's Military is Out of Gas. Where's Paul Martin?

Canada's military is out of gas...
while the Librano Grinch and
his great buddy Slick Willy
yuk it up for a fawning press...

Based on the CBC report here

Yep, thanks to the incredible stinginess of Librano Grinch Paul Martin towards the brave people who try to make Canada as safe as possible from attack, these brave warriors cannot do much now since they've no money left for fuel to operate their necessary equipment. Astonishing. Where's Paulie? Where are all the Liberals who wish to represent Canadians following the next election? I'm waiting for them to say, "We've immediately given the Military the necessary emergency funds they need." I'm not holding my breath. Even though they had no problem giving more money to the already brobdingnagianly over-budget Long Gun Registry (which hasn't done feck-all to stop gun-caused murders and hasn't taken guns away from criminals, who are increasingly going around shooting innocent people).

Well, I have a message for Paul Martin:

Hey, Paul Martin of the "Liberals":

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Liberal Insider Trading

Sigh... here we go again. Looks like the Liberals are up to no good yet again, and during an election campaign, to boot. Are they so smugly arrogant as to truly believe they can continue their corrupt ways during an actual campaign and still win the election? Astonishing. Now we see evidence of insider trading stemming from a leak that occured from inside the Liberal government. See also here and here.

Guess what? The Liberals can be found guilty of this and everything else by you and me, the voters, this coming January 23, 2006. They don't have a right, as a political party in an election, to a trial, except in the court of public opinion by the jury of the electorate, which is us, the people whose money they keep taking and taking and wasting and wasting in every imaginable way.

We, the people, have the right to render a guilty verdict against the Libranos at the voting booth. Let's make the right decision: guilty as charged!

Throw the crooks out!

Supreme Bullshit

Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin defends the current practice of judicial dictatorship (oops, I mean "activism", to be inoffensive to hypersensitive leftists) in Canada. Read it for yourself here. I read what she had to say and couldn't believe the supremely arrogant nerve of the Chief Justice (or should I say "Chief Supreme Overlord and Sole Determinor of Everything"?)

Oh, man. If only I had that kind of absolute power. Imagine the changes I could make to the social fabric and norms and mores of the country. No one, not Parliament, not the people, not even a Liberal prime minister, could ever stop me. I would effect the changes which I personally, dogmatically believe to be in the best interests of everyone. If I was evil I could discriminate against whomever I wished using whatever legal sophistry I could think of and no one would argue against it for fear of being branded an extremist for refusing to brainlessly accept anything and everything declared by me, a far-left partisan political whore in a bad Santa Claus suit.

Incredible. Judge McLachlin declares it's her prerogative to ignore even the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the democratically expressed will of Parliament and the people. Incredible and frightening. Just imagine what would happen if she were to suddenly go mad and decide to make evil rulings. How would she be stopped?
The left claims that having elected judges would "politicize" the judiciary. Redundant argument, I say, as, after all, the judiciary is already completely politicized: all judges are appointed by political leaders on the basis of political loyalty and social activist dogmatic convictions. That's the cause of the continuing and worsening rash of bizarre, unconstitutional, irrational rulings made by courts all over the land. When will Canadians see what's right before them and ignore what the MSM tells them the government and the left say about it being correct?
We have, in Canada, a dictatorship by judiciary.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Here's proof that the ruling Paul Martin "Liberal" regime is not only corrupt, but fascist and totally disregards the human and Charter rights of Canadians.
Based on the posting from (yes, that Rabble, believe it or not):
(Emphasis mine):

Yves Engler, a member of Haiti Action Montreal and a frequent contributor to, is being kept in jail over the weekend after he disrupted a speech by the Prime Minister Thursday morning shouting “Paul Martin lies, Haitians die.

Crown prosecutors refused to grant his release when Engler appeared in court Friday, 30 hours after being detained. He will be in court again Monday.
Wow- this by a government that allows child sex-killer Karla Homolka to walk freely among us with zero restrictions on her activities as well as the terrorist Al Qaeda, Bin Laden-associated family the Khadrs.
The current state regime under Paul Martin's "Liberals", the incessant trumpeters of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, human rights and "Canadian values", etc. are totally intolerant of anyone who would say "Paul Martin lies, Haitians die". Contrast this with the fact that Americans are always saying similar and worse about President George Bush and get away with it completely. This is so damning against Paul Martin. It is a smoking gun as to his intolerance of dissent and fascism against freedom of expression. Whose rights will Paul Martin take away next? Mine? Yours?
The report continues with this quotation:
"Yves Engler has been extremely active in trying to make the Liberals accountable for their role in the overthrow of Haiti's elected government and the resulting human rights disaster,” said Barry-Shaw. “He's obviously made some important people very angry.”
Now, will the MSM say anything about this? I bloody well doubt it to hell! No way would the ever-Liberal-partisan MSM ever do anything to embarrass or hurt the electoral prospects of their Liberal overlords! Just watch them remain silent on Paul Martin and his so-called "Liberals" while simultaneously grasping at whatever tiny straws they can find and incessantly poking Stephen Harper and the Conservatives with them, thus manipulating the perceptions of the voters unfairly against them, consequently falsely boosting the public esteem of the fascistic, dangerous, frightening "Liberals" of Paul Martin.
Same thing: the MSM kept its mouth completely shut about Paul Martin's post-tsunami photo op in Sri Lanka wherein he had his RCMP bodyguards physically suppress the freedom of the Canadian press people so they couldn't report on what was happening and tell Canadians the truth about what kind of a man Paul Martin really is. There's also a damning video of the whole bloody thing here at Canada Free Press. See more here and here for more jaw-dropping-shocking evidence of just how far the scary corruption of Paul Martin reaches all over the place without regards to the goodness or evilness of those with whom he and his cronies do business. Terrorists and Saddam Hussein enter the picture there.
And be certain to read Lorrie Goldstein's column criticizing the MSM for not asking questions with regards to why Canadians find Paul Martin scary while always being profuse with the questions and innuendo about Stephen Harper's falsely alleged "scariness".
If you love Canada, vote Paul Martin and his "Liberals" out of office this election. Vote for Stephen Harper's Conservatives. They're very good people.
H/T: Anonalogue for the playing card of Paul Martin

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Missile Fired at Civilian Passenger Jet, Misses; MSM Mute

Once again, the Northeast Intelligence Network reports on a terrorist attempt ignored by the MSM. Read the whole eye-opening report here.

Exerpts (All emphasis mine):

First, here is what happened regarding an American Airlines passenger flight from Los Angeles International airport (LAX) en route to Chicago last week. The pilot radioed the control tower and told them: "a missile had been fired at the aircraft and missed." The aircraft, according to our investigation, was engaged in a "climb and turn" maneuver, following departure from LAX, over Santa Monica Bay, at an altitude of
5,000 feet and climbing when the pilot reported seeing a smoke trail pass near the cockpit. The aircraft was south of the airport, and over water in the vicinity of Redondo Beach.
Next, many are asking what happened to the media reports pertaining to this incident. The story was carried by a syndicated radio news network early Monday morning and was heard by many people, but the story seemed to "vanish" after it was initially reported. Some in the syndicated media, contacted by this agency, stated that this incident was a "non-story" and subsequently left it to die - as, according to the FBI: they believed the pilot most likely saw a "flare or bottle rocket." This explanation neglects the fact that neither explanation would be plausible, especially since a trained pilot would be adept at identifying the smoke plume created by a flare, and the "bottle rocket" firecracker explanation at that altitude is simply ludicrous.

The article also has some excellent analysis and perspective-giving commentary.

Listen, folks, it is perfectly clear from the evidence at this time that there has been an apparent attempt to destroy a passenger aircraft with a missile and the MSM does not care. Why not? Isn't there enough demand from the average news consumer for information of terrorist threats and actual attempts? Why is it that we hear about terrorism only after people are actually murdered by the terrorist acts? Why isn't it considered important to be aware of attempts that fail?

I, for one, am appalled at the cavalier ignorance on the part of the MSM regarding something far, far more important than the usual dingbatty fluff stories about what Paris Hilton or Jennifer Aniston or Britney Spears did the other day, often with a tiny canine companion, regardless of the cuteness of said ladies.

This story recalls the disturbing incident at Tinker AFB that happened a few months ago. Read it and ask yourself why didn't the MSM say anything about it, particularly in light of the more recent actual attempt at terrorism perhaps stemming from the Tinker AFB 'dry run' by apparent terrorists.And, by the way, Canadians must really be asking more and more what, exactly has Paul Martin's Liberal government actually done besides toss around a claimed $8 billion "for security" and spew rhetoric about so-and-so working closely with so-and-so and so on? The military is continuing to fall apart at the seams due to Liberal stinginess despite skyrocketing surpluses due to overtaxation. The RCMP is grossly underfunded and underresourced to the point that they really cannot do their job anymore, other than try to do something with their steadily growing backlogs of work. Border stations have closed down. The CSIS needs more funding in order to do more, but that's not happening. The government claims there is no threat to the Montreal rail system despite evidence to the contrary. Seems like the Liberals and the left in general are of the "don't worry, be happy" attitude, doesn't it? Fact is, we are without a doubt everywhere in the world in danger from terrorist attack. And the Canadian Liberal government of Paul Martin gives not a shrew's butt. Rather, they chose instead to make multibilliondollar election promises just as they did in 2004. All just to keep themselves in power and enriching themselves and their friends while the country and its people continue to suffer from a declining standard of living and live under the imminent threat of terrorism.But at least we have an election campaign now underway.
And as soon as January 23, 2006 we'll get the beautiful opportunity to terminate the Liberals and install the Conservatives to do the job of governing the country the Liberals simply won't do.
Let's roll!

Martin Scary, Harper Moderate: Crosbie

Former federal cabinet minister John Crosbie explains in a column in the Toronto Sun why he finds Prime Minister Paul Martin to be scary. Read it for yourself here.

For 200 more true reasons to fear the "Liberals" of Paul Martin, the Dithering Don, go here.

Need I say more? I could.

H/T: Neale News

The Only Reason to Vote "Liberal"?


Many, Many Reasons to Terminate the Liberals

Thanks to an email tip from Tony Guitar, I am able to present everyone with many, many reasons to realize just how incredibly terrible the so-called "Liberal" government of Paul Martin really is and to vote against their continuance in power as the greedy dictators of the Canadian federation. Please understand that a single vote for the "Liberals" would be tantamount to a declaration that "crime pays for Liberals". It is important to the survival of Canada that the Liberal Party of Canada be sent a devastating message that their unacceptable behavior and cavalier attitude will no longer be tolerated and that they be sent into the proverbial political wilderness indefinitely while the Conservatives take their place and implement policies which will reverse the damages caused by the Liberals and facilitate Canada's rejuvenation and remove the shackles on its economic and social potential which the Liberals applied in their attempt to exploit the country with a view to their self-enrichment.
Here we go: Click here.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Martin's Chief AdScam Spin Doctor Now Ambassador to Costa Rica

Good Lord... Adscam just keeps on going... now we have new information certain to keep the issue alive and biting Prime Minister Paul Martin and his Liberals.
Based on the explosive Canada Free Press article:
The setting: Costa Rica.
Jean Lafleur, prominent Adscam figure. His communications firm over four years took in $15 million of our tax dollars. Read the article for the infuriating details on this flamboyant, reportedly very annoying-to-his-neighbors fellow living the high, loud life with his boyfriend "Larry".
Mario Laguë, Prime Minister Paul Martin’s former director of communications. Now Ambassador to Costa Rica.
(All emphasis mine)
That’s the same Laguë who was the senior bureaucrat in overall charge of Ottawa’s communications strategy, and the same one who reported directly to the same Cabinet communications committee, headed by then public works minister Alfonso Gagliano. Readers may recall that the disgraced Gagliano is the figure indirectly responsible for giving the Liberals their "Libranos" label.
Laguë, who served as Martin’s communication director from December 2003 to July 2004, presented Adscam in the best possible light after Auditor General Sheila Fraser discovered and revealed it. Canadian media dubbed him as "Martin’s spin
Here we go again. Just add this to everything else we know about the whole scandal and the players. Looks like it's going to go on for awhile before all the facts are out about who did what and so on...
Lague reportedly has only attended one official public function since his Appointment was announced by Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew on 16 September 2004. Looks like we're continuing to get excellent value for our money in this fellow, doesn't it?
What'll we learn next as the sordid affair continues to unravel and follow Paul Martin all over the campaign trail?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another Librano Lawnsign


The Liberals and the MSM Again: Way Too Close?

Very busy again, but this I must direct your attention towards. It casts more doubt as to the impartiality of the MSM and its apparently far-too-close relationship with the still-ruling Liberal Party of Canada. Follow the story via SmallDeadAnimals.
The evidence keeps on mounting day after day. Once again we see more evidence of MSM bias in favor of the Liberals, this time with regards to Bell Globemedia.
And once again the Earnscliffe name arises. Previously I've mentioned this name as one that Judge Gomery was blocked from looking into as it might prove some connection between Prime Minister Paul Martin and Adscam.
The significance of all this is that one must necessarily doubt the reporting of the MSM, particularly of Bell Globemedia's CTV news and the Globe and Mail. The connection of such a powerful individual from Bell Globemedia so intimately to the Liberal Party is indeed a conflict of interest to the reasonable person's mind. As for the CBC, is there any doubt as to Liberal/PMO influence therewithin? The crown corporation, after all, depends on the Liberal government for its funding. And there's Canwest Global, owned and controlled by the Liberal-loyalist Aspers. No reasonable person today will believe in the independence of the MSM after considering all this.
So whenever the MSM "reports" positively on the Liberals and negatively on the Conservatives and other parties, one must necessarily take it with a scrutinizing grain of salt, separating objective fact reporting from anything looking suspiciously like bias or unfairness on the part of the MSM, who apparently have an interest in the continuance of the Liberal regime, regardless of the dangers to the country posed by such continuance of such a massively corrupt government.
Troubling, I find it all.
See also the excellent post by Young Conservative on MSM bias.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Paul Martin's Lawn Sign

David Frum's Advice for Winning this Election

From the National Post, we see this excellent piece by David Frum.
I'm in agreement with Mr. Frum's advice, part of which is: the end, it is important for Conservatives to remember that this election is not really about them. Canadians will vote Conservative as the best and surest way to punish a Liberal party that has abused the public trust. The job facing the Conservative party over the coming weeks is to drive home to all Canadians how gross, how unscrupulous and how extreme the abuse has been -- and how very nearly the Liberals got away with it. What do you think would have happened to the Gomery inquiry if Paul Martin had won a half dozen more seats last year?

(emphasis mine)

And maybe that too is a theme for a Conservative campaign message: What If? What
if Paul Martin had won a half a dozen more seats last time? What would have happened to the Gomery inquiry then? And what if he wins this time? Will the Liberals ever really repay the taxpayers' funds that found their way to them? Will the Earnscliffe contracts ever be investigated? Will the democratic agenda so humorously assigned to Belinda Stronach ever produce anything more than blah, blah, blah?

Look, the plain truth is that although the Liberals will claim that they're taking the "high road" with a positive message and that Canadians will punish anyone who engages in negative "American-style" campaigning, the truth is the Liberals always have and always will run a filthy campaign and be backed and protected by the loyalist MSM and will win the election if the Conservatives this time believe they'll be rewarded by just being positive and talking about the issues rationally (this is, of course, important, too, but beside the point). The Liberals will have their many, many brainless surrogates across the country committing the false, unfair and malicious demonization of the Conservatives and Mr. Harper. Just recall how much it happened in previous elections and you'll agree. Liberal campaign workers will organize "demonstrations" with left-wing extremists whose sole agenda is to demonize the very party, the Conservative Party, that actually represents the true values of the average citizen. Horrible, defamatory slogans will be screamed and written on banners about the CPC and Harper and the MSM will be there in full force so as to splash all the nastiness on the front pages of the papers and make them the top stories each hour. What better way to terrify Canadians than this? The indubitable fact is that the Liberals are masters of waging a war-propaganda-like, Nazi-style campaign of fear and demonization against their political opponents. If allowed to get away with it, they'll win again. Therefore, as in war, the Conservatives must wage a preemptive, shock-and-awe counterstrike campaign so as to provide the real perspective to Canadians, except they'll be doing it using the truth about the Liberals, which is, as we well know, terrifying to think about.
In short, this election is a bloodless war. It must be fought as such. The future of Canada depends on the overthrow of the fascist Liberal regime.
It's time Canadians learned the truth.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Liberal "Star" Candidate Ignatieff Admitted "Disdain" for Ukraininans

From the National Post:
Newly-coronated Liberal "star" candidate Michael Ignatieff is already under fire from the people of the Etobikoke-Lakeshore Liberal riding association. They want nothing to do with him, particularly because:
...he has expressed views that are offensive to the area's large Ukrainian population, including his admission that he feels a "disdain" for Ukrainians.
On Friday last, suddenly incumbent MP Jean Augustine unexpectedly stepped aside to make this undemocratic coronation possible. It's also apparent from the article that there were nomination hopefuls for the riding, but all of a sudden they were advised of the sudden, without-warning stepping aside of the Minister of State. They were advised that they had until the very next day to file nomination papers, but when they showed up to do so, no one answered the door. It's unclear as to whether their nominations will be honored, as Liberal officials declared they'd honor them "if they were on time". We'll see.
Looks like democracy is alive and well in the Liberal Party of Canada under Paul Martin. Sure, and Shania Twain has just left hubby to shack up with Yours Truly. Sure.
And, sure, Ignatieff is a glowing example of tolerance for diversity:
In his book Blood and Belonging, the author invokes Russian imperialism, writing he feels a "disdain" for the Ukrainian people. Mr. Ignatieff describes Ukrainian culture as "embroidered peasant shirts, the nasal whine of ethnic instruments, phony Cossacks in cloaks and boots."
Now, is it any wonder why I have such strong trepidations about the Liberals under Paul Martin? As you can see here, they have demonstrated their commitment to fair democratic process and to their claimed monopoly on the value of tolerance and inclusiveness with regards to ethnic diversity.
There you have it, folks: this is the kind of ruling regime you have now. Do you want to keep it?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

In the Bizarro World's Twilight Zone

...With Bullshit

Heh-heh-heh... I've just come across the most astonishingly, ludicrously unbelievable statement ever made since the claims of Baghdad Bob that the American-led international coalition wasn't anywhere in Iraq.

For the most assininely audacious claim ever made by a Liberal Prime Minister, click here. And laugh yourself silly!
I'll tell y'all, that's a helluva good one! L-O-L

Now THIS Is a Poll Worthy of Being Taken Seriously

Here's a poll regarding the support of the federal-level political parties in Canada which I believe can be considered to be serious, scientific and totally unbiased, at least compared to the questionable ones we've been seeing that seem always to suspiciously favor the Liberals at the most unlikely of times.
This Robbins Sce Research poll is described as follows:
A representative sample of 18,443 Canadians between November 11th and 16th, 2005. This survey features a margin of error of 2.15%, 19 times out of 20 @ 98% competency. This poll was paid for by a U.S. company doing business in Canada.
Note the virtually unheard-of sample size of over 18,000 Canadians over a one-week period. Note also it was paid for by an American company. Margin of error just over 2% points, 19 times out of 20 98% of the time. Quite superior statistically to those with which we've been inundated by Canadian pollsters using sample sizes only a fraction of this one, with only 90% accuracy.
Interesting, also, that it makes more sense than some polls by Canuck pollsters which sometimes actually claim to show the Liberals on the borderline of forming a majority despite the apparent contempt with which far too many Canadian voters see the ruling cabal.
Read it for yourself and see how much closer to reality it is than the wildly fluctuating ones regurgitated by the annoying Canuck ones.
How come only an American polling firm seems to take its job really seriously? The Canadian ones seem to be simply going through brainless motions or something.
Very illuminating indeed, especially with regards to the seriousness of Canadian polling firms.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

About Nasty Campaigning and the Liberal Party

So the ruling Paul Martin Liberals sent a lawyer's letter to Conservative leader Stephen Harper threatening to sue if Mr. Harper's statement as to Liberal organized criminality should be reiterated outside the legally protective confines of the House of Commons (anything said inside the HOC isn't legally actionable in court).

This means the "organized crime" declaration with regards to the Liberal Party has really stung Paul Martin's gang. Good. They deserve to have someone of high stature and integrity pointing out what's already obvious to millions of thinking Canadians.

We've heard the protestations of the Liberals against Conservative hard-hitting political combat on the eve of the upcoming federal general election. They claim Canadians don't like this nastiness and want to hear politicians have a polite, rational, intellectual debate on the issues that really concern the average Canadian. Huh? The Liberals are never, never, never like that. They fight the filthiest campaigns Canada has ever seen. They have their surrogates go around defaming us as all kinds of horrible things that are never, never, never proven as they're never, never, never true.

So the Liberals do protest too much. They're the pot calling the kettle black. They've won elections in the past mainly by demonizing their main opponents, always aided by a Liberal-left, partisanly biased mainstream media and armies of brainwashed left-wing extremist ruffians who are only too happy to go around illegally defaming people they don' t like as things the Liberals and the left tell them they are but aren't.

The Liberals have already demonstrated they plan to be as dirty and rotten as the scoundrels they are for this election: remember Scott Brison's completely false allegations of criminality against Mr. Harper for which he recently had to fully retract and apologize? It's only a tiny appetizer of what's to come. Which is why the Conservatives are rightly making preemptive strikes in a prelude to what will hopefully be a "shock-and-awe" electoral battle of historical proportions. After all, since 1993, each election the Liberals have gotten away with what amount to, in a manner of speaking, some sort of electoral war crimes against their opponents. Adscam is only the latest example of the dirty, rotten tactics the Liberals use to stay in power, all for the cavalierly greedy, selfish personal enrichment of them and their cronies via the exploitation and virtual enslavement of law-abiding, hard-working, too-much-tax-paying-for-less-and-less-in-return Canadians.

The Liberals pit entire groups of Canadians, one against another, to impress those whose votes they're most likely to receive. They demonize provinces and regions to shore up their supposed core-support bases to hold onto their "safe" seats. They throw away billions of the peoples' own money in an attempt to bribe them with often-broken promises and worthless, never-asked-for pork-barelling programs and projects, usually just before and even during election campaigns. They demonize our next-door neighbor, America, the brightest beacon and defender of liberty, democracy and human rights on the planet, all to win votes from their likeliest supporters on the ultra-far-left.

What purpose do the Liberals have for being the government of Canada, other than to enrich themselves and exploit the land and the people in the process? What have they done to advance anything about Canada? All they did was mess around with spending and taxation so as to simply turn a deficit into a surplus. It had to be done, and was, very easily-- after all, they came to power on the cusp of a very lengthy, historical global economic boom which they cannot credibly claim to have created. The bastards were very lucky and cheated by taking the axe to the core social programs like health and education as well as the Armed forces, the RCMP, CSIS, etc. All the while diverting billions upon billions towards boondoggles, secretive foundations, the completely worthess disaster of a gun registry that continues to fleece us as gunshot after gunshot rings out in cities clear across the nation, killing innocent bystanders. Al Qaeda threatens us and walks freely among us while the Liberals claim to have spent eight billion dollars on "security" while closing RCMP detachments and border stations and continuing to keep the RCMP starved for the resources it needs to operate.

Shameless. Thy name is "Liberal".

Only a total imbecile will believe the Liberals are worth supporting.

If the Liberals stay in power, Canada may very well break up and cease to exist as we know it today. Don't allow that to happen!

Friday, November 25, 2005

This Is What the Liberals Need

That'd sure hurt. They've been asking for it since 1993.
H/T: NealeNews

Message for Paul Martin's Liberals on Election Day

Give it to them!

The Liberal Party and Organized Crime

This is how close the Liberal Party of Canada is to organized crime.

They think it's cute, but the ultimate result won't be pretty!

They will be nasty, but we've learned to play the game. Go ahead, Librano scumbags, make our day!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Reminder for Ralph Klein

Am very, very busy these days due to the Christmas season. Posting will be more brief and more to the point as a result of less free time.

For the moment, I would like to leave a message here for Ralph Klein. Here 'tis:

Paul Martin's Liberals: BAD
Stephen Harper's Conservatives: GOOD
If so, good.
If not, then if you've nothing nice to say, say nothing.
Thank you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Terror Attack: Is MONTREAL Next?

Once again, the Northeast Intelligence Network uncovers startling information on terrorism.
This time they report on detailed plans found on a suspected terrorist's computer of the Montreal rail system along with similar plans of the Madrid and London rail systems. Remember, those rail systems suffered devastating terrorist attacks.
The report is here.
What, if anything, is the Liberal government of Paul Martin doing? Are they even aware of this disturbing information?
Obviously Canada, despite its government's appeasenik attitude towards terrorists, is in the gunsights of terrorists.
What, again, is the Liberal government doing to try to prevent terrorism in Canada?
Where is Paul Martin? What's he doing, anyway?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Paul Martin's CSL Polluting Great Lakes

Click on picture for the whole story...
Short on time. Must be off to work. Read the article on Paulie's pollution of the Great Lakes with Canada Steamship Lines. Cares about the environment? Yeah, sure! Sign the petition here to send the message of your unequivocal disapproval of Mr. Martin!
H/T: Maz2

Monday, November 21, 2005

Desperate Liberals Blowing Billions Before Election Again: Bribing Voters?

They're up to their old dirty tricks again, those greedy "Liberals".
Read the article on the "Liberals"' sudden big spending plans.
With a federal general election pretty much a foregone conclusion in the coming weeks, the ruling Paul Martin "Liberals" have once again undertaken to attempt to impress Canadian voters by throwing their tax dollars all of a sudden towards things they've been putting off for so long. Why do they always seem to save the big, great spending initiatives for the lead-up to an election? Can there be any conclusion other than they're trying to buy the election with the voters' own money?
How about that? Those old buggers! Out, out, damned "Liberals"!

Liberal Gov't Bans Whites From CSC: More Evidence Liberals Racist?

Looks like the "Liberal" Party of Canada under Prime Minister Paul Martin isn't so "liberal" after all.
Now we see that under the "Liberals", Correctional Services Canada has banned the hiring of Canadians who aren't "Aboriginal" or "minority" for parole officer positions. By all definitions of the word, this is racism. Is there any excuse? The government tries to make excuses, tries to justify this awful bigotry with its own leftist dogma. But dogma is dogma and racism is racism. And the Liberals have the nerve to tell us they are the sole representatives of "Canadian values" and that anyone against the Liberal Party of Canada is out of touch with "Canadian values". Well, I would say to the Liberals: Racism is not a Canadian value!

For humanity's sake, don't vote Liberal!

H/T: Maz2

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Liberal Gov't Racist, Sexist? You Decide

Well, we've over the years heard the Liberal Party of Canada brag about how tolerant they are and that they never discriminate against anyone. We've heard them invoke the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, declaring they follow it all the time.

Well, they've been lying to us.

Here's the smoking gun. Read for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Shame on the so-called "Liberals"!

They're so unfit to govern Canada.

Do they practice this anti-Charter-rights discrimination government-wide? Anyone have other smoking guns?

Liberals Want Another Chance? Fugeddaboutit!

For a summary of why the Liberals shouldn't be elected again, read Laurie Hawn's post, "Puppy Dog Faces" at Strong and Free.

Of course, there's much, much more to come in terms of reasons to kick the rowdy bums out of the Ottawa Saloon...

H/T: Maz2

Oklahoma Bomber Search Warrant Unsealed

Joel Henry Hinrichs III

Continuing coverage of the story...
The search warrant for the late Joel Henry Hinrichs III, who accidentally blew himself up in an apparent failed terror attack outside of a football stadium in Normal, Oklahoma, October 1, 2005, has been unsealed. Read the NIN article for yourself.
From the article:
Documents state that the FBI also discovered "explosive experiments and paraphernalia," including 0.4 pounds of a white powder that turned out to be triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, which is composed of hydrogen peroxide and acetone. The Northeast Intelligence Network was first to report the finding of TATP on the night of the bombing. HINRICHS died October 1 when an explosive device went off about 100 yards from Gaylord Family/Oklahoma Memorial Stadium where 84, 000 people were watching a football game that evening Federal agents also found mixing bowls, a slow cooker, a thermometer, plastic containers, a hobby fuse, a circuit board, six tape rolls, chemicals used to make TATP as well as the TATP in the apartment.
Authorities also reportedly found a profane, single line “suicide note” typed on his computer. According to published reports, HINRICH;S laptop computer was still on and screen notes al legedly written by HINRICHS to himself were visible; at the cursor was a phrase that began with profanity and continued "[Expletive deleted] ... all this. None of
you are worth living with. You can all kiss my [Expletive deleted]."
Mysterious, for sure. What is "all this"? Who are the people to whom the deceased referred as "you"?
Could Mr. Hinrichs have been involved with Islamic terrorists and then realized that they were all nuts and were using him? Or what? Fascinating. Was his death accidental or deliberate? Was it a suicide bombing that failed and only took the bomber's life or what? Who goes to all that elaborate trouble just to end one's life? My own belief is that it was indeed a "suicide bombing" attempt and explosives went off prematurely, fortunately for the over 80,000 football fans nearby.
Hopefully these and other questions will be answered in the future via further investigation and evidence. This is one fascinating, puzzling mystery, for sure.
For the whole story on the OU bombing, see here.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

We Must Question All Judges as We Do Politicians

I've done it again: written something in my comments section that I find worthy of sharing via a regular post. This time it's regarding the need to not automatically assume that judges are perfectly impartial and can never be corrupt, for we know deep down in the intellect that it's not true for judges any more than it is for the politicians who appointed them to the bench. We are strongly admonished by authoirities to brainlessly revere judges as always honest and impartial with no political or social policy agenda of their own. We must resist this elitist pressure for the good of the country and for democracy.
Here it is:
Gomery himself is looking more and more suspicious to me. Why do we have to automatically assume that judges are immune to being corrupt or dishonest or playing partisan politics or protecting their political masters or being militant social policy activists hellbent on reengineering the foundation of the nation and its society, the law and constitution be damned? Judges are human. Humans are corruptible, like politicians. Therefore, judges are corruptible. We must, therefore, assume as much and question all judges and their rulings, else they'll become increasingly emboldened and play the role of the absolute authoritarian dictators their political masters would like to be but cannot. Inquiries and their commissioners must as well be questioned. What's preventing the electorate from questioning Judge Gomery? If we don't, then if our Prime Minister is guilty of wrongdoing (remember, I said "if", just for the PM's lawyers' satisfaction), then he or she will get off scot free and win another election due to the lack of knowledge on the part of the voters of the truth.The people must be far more assertive in demanding full accountability. Democracy depends on it.
How do we know the Gomery Inquiry is impartial and has really looked everywhere at everyone who may have had something to do with the brazen theft of so many millions of our tax dollars via the gargantuan ripoff called Adscam?
Don't expect the mainstream media to do it for us. They don't want to get fired like their colleagues have been for asking the necessary questions. Ask the questions of your friends in person and on your blogs. Let the idea get out there and spread. It's for the better of our country and democracy.
H/T: Tony Guitar for the graphic of the Canadian Coat of Arms.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Support the Troops

From Rebekah at Eye Of The Storm:

Okay, it's offical now. Operation Green shirt/ Yellow ribbon has been launched! Please spread the word. From now on, every Friday wear green(preferably hunter green) with a yellow ribbon on your lapel or around your wrist. This is a counter to the movement to wear black "until our troops come home".The green will symbolize our support for our troops and their mission. They are placing their lives on the line for a noble cause and we must never forget it.The yellow will symbolize our hope for them to come home soon, safe and sound.Like I said, please spread the word on your blogs, and comment on others' blogs as well. That's what I'm gonna do.
It's an excellent idea. I'm going to buy a couple of new green shirts. Wonder where I can get a yellow ribbon? 'Course, I could make one myself out of some yellow ribbon... duh!
You go, Rebekah!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Liberals Culpable for Wrongdoing, To Be Fired: Voters to Rule in Election

I have just finished writing something in my comments section and realized that my more casual musings therein are very much worthy of being posted as a regular posting and are valuable with a view to helping Canadian voters to regain their proper, rightful perspective with respect to the government in power at the moment. An election will shortly be called and this one is the most critical crossroads in Canada's history as it will affect the very future of the Federation: will it continue or will it not? Will Canada be put back on track to deal with the challenges of the future so it can continue to move steadily towards its potential or will it be condemned to mediocrity and breakup under "Liberal" rule?
Here's the post:
Folks, thanks a million for the feedback and tips.

Aizlynne, yes, the interrelationships between Martin, Gomery and Garneau aren't that easy to see at first glance, but the more one looks and thinks about the whole picture, the more one sees how bad it at least looks. No smoking gun, but people have been convicted of murder one without a weapon and even without a body. It's the evidence that counts and what the jury believes that matters. Politics isn't about proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; it's about what is decided by the jury of the electorate who either give the thumbs up or thumbs down to the accused. And in civil trials, at least in America, all one needs for a finding of culpability is the "preponderance of evidence" leading to a reasonable belief of guilt.

And the preponderance of evidence is so gargantuan and so staggering as to Liberal corruption and guilt in pretty much everything they do in the running of the whole country. We've seen it all ever since the crooks came to power the easy way and stayed in power by cheating and by bribing the voters. The linkages here between the players in Adscam and the Inquiry are sufficient for a conclusion of culpability and liability by the jury of the electorate.

It doesn't matter whether the police deem the Liberals as actually having committed a criminal offence. The Liberal Party is not a private individual citizen and therefore isn't subject to the protections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as are individual citizens. The Liberal Party is subject only to what the people think of them and is only in government at the pleasure of the voters, and it knows this very well. Hence their uncanny ability to manipulate pretty much everything within their power, be it legitimate or illegitimate, in the country. They do exert influence and control over virtually all insitutions, including the MSM (via CRTC, etc.), the judiciary (via extreme partisan crony loyalty, etc.), the RCMP (we know this by simply having observed what's been going on between the government and the RCMP over the years-- no smoking gun necessary!) and so on and so forth. Is there any doubt now as to the Liberals being filthily corrupt as well as cavalierly incompetent to a degree never seen before in Canadian history? Do we have enough evidence to damn them to hell and throw them out of power like a dead rat out of the house?

We, the jury of the voters, find the Liberal Party of Canada, regardless of its leadership, to be liable for its worthlessness and multitudes of offences against Canada and Canadians over the past few decades.

So ruled. Bailiff, remove the damned Party from the courtroom. *Gavel pounds*

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Gomery Inquiry: Impartial, Fair, Balanced & Broad-Reaching OR Whitewash of Paul Martin's Role in Adscam? Paul's Revenge on Jean?

I've lately been closesly examining the whole Gomery Inquiry into Adscam and the players involved. I have come to realize that Canadians aren't getting the complete picture of all the astonishing corruption and eye-opening relationships and connections surrounding the whole sordid matter.
I feel it's now time to summarize what's most important of what I've found. The basis for this summary stems from the following recent posts here on the Canadian Sentinel: Judge Gomery & PM Martin: The CSL Connection and Judge Gomery, PM Martin, Raymond Garneau: More Disturbing Connections
Be certain to read them and examine the links provided.
We all know about Adscam, the Liberal sponsorship program allegedly implemented to combat the threat of Quebec separatism following the separation referendum of 1995. The basic idea behind the program was to boost the visibility of Canada and the federal government via advertising via sponsoring various events such as in the sports and cultural areas. It's as simple as placing a big sign saying "Canada" on it or having "Canada" stitched on some famous player's clothing and that sort of thing. The cost? $250 million. Sounds like a massive rip-off for such simple stuff as that, doesn't it? I would say it certainly is! A quarter billion bucks to advertise the word "Canada". That's the biggest, most effective weapon the Liberal Party of Canada could muster to fight the Quebec separatists? Scary-- just imagine how they would respond to WWIII or a 9/11-type attack in Canada... plainly, simply scary! The Liberals are obviously imbeciles if they thought a horrendously overpriced program like Adscam would be of any worth whatsoever. After all, the separatist Bloc Quebecois is poised to more or less sweep Quebec in the upcoming federal election and separatism support is way up. Nicely done, Jean and Paul.
Approximately $100 million of that was stolen, hence the Inquiry.
Also important to note: the terms of reference provided by Martin for Gomery prevented Gomery from investigating Martin's possible involvement in Adscam. No wonder Gomery had no choice but to "exonerate" Martin of any wrongdoing. He was, for example, unable to delve into the Earnscliffe affair.
Now to the Gomery Inquiry matter.
Judge John Gomery, a Liberal, was appointed by Prime Minister Paul Martin to head the Inquiry into Adscam. Sure, appointing a Liberal was no big surprise, for the Liberals are famous for their patronage and cronyism and publicly express pride therein. But there's more, and far worse, far more disturbing than a simple patronage appointment.
Enter Raymond Garneau, whom Judge Gomery appointed to oversee the advisory body responsible for advising him during Phase 2 of the Inquiry's Report, the "Recommendations" phase.
Garneau had a financial interest in the loan syndicate which provided the financial wherewithal for the then-cash-insufficient Paul Martin to acquire Canada Steamship Lines.
Garneau was also CEO of the Montreal City and District Savings bank, which was the bank used by the Caruana/Cuntrera crime family for which former Liberal Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano (also technically in charge-- in terms of contracting -- of the sponsorship program, though he has denied any wrongdoing therewith) worked as an accountant. The bank in question was apparently used for the laundering of $21 million by said crime family.
Garneau was appointed by Martin when he was Finance Minister to the Board of Directors of the Bank of Canada. Garneau was later fired by then-PM Jean Chretien (whom Gomery blamed for Adscam in Phase 1 of his Report) for declaring Chretien should resign so Martin could replace him.
We the Canadian people must now ask why Judge Gomery appointed, of all people, Raymond Garneau, considering all of the above-- there's a very clear conflict of interest here between Garneau and Martin. Judge Gomery owes us an explanation! Did he make an error in judgement and fail to have a background check performed on Garneau? Why did he choose Garneau, exactly? What did he know about Garneau? Did he receive an order from the Prime Minister or a member of his staff to appoint Garneau?
Now that we know about the conflict of interest with regards to Garneau's appointment, will his appointment be terminated? If it isn't, then the entire Inquiry will have to be deemed by the reasonable Canadian citizen as worthless due to the conflict and Gomery's refusal to rectify it. Canadians could very well come to believe, in such an event, that the Inquiry was a whitewash of Paul Martin's involvement, whatever it may have been, if any, in Adscam and a personal, political vendetta by Martin against his nemesis, Chretien.
Will Judge Gomery do the right thing and cancel Raymond Garneau's appointment?
The very credibility of the whole Commission of Inquiry hangs in the balance now. And, of course, so does the credibility of Prime Minister Paul Martin. This is critically important as Canada is now on the starting line of a federal general election.
This issue is not going to go away. This voice will not be silenced.
The next move is for Martin/Gomery. Just watch them. I will be.