Thursday, November 17, 2005

Liberals Culpable for Wrongdoing, To Be Fired: Voters to Rule in Election

I have just finished writing something in my comments section and realized that my more casual musings therein are very much worthy of being posted as a regular posting and are valuable with a view to helping Canadian voters to regain their proper, rightful perspective with respect to the government in power at the moment. An election will shortly be called and this one is the most critical crossroads in Canada's history as it will affect the very future of the Federation: will it continue or will it not? Will Canada be put back on track to deal with the challenges of the future so it can continue to move steadily towards its potential or will it be condemned to mediocrity and breakup under "Liberal" rule?
Here's the post:
Folks, thanks a million for the feedback and tips.

Aizlynne, yes, the interrelationships between Martin, Gomery and Garneau aren't that easy to see at first glance, but the more one looks and thinks about the whole picture, the more one sees how bad it at least looks. No smoking gun, but people have been convicted of murder one without a weapon and even without a body. It's the evidence that counts and what the jury believes that matters. Politics isn't about proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; it's about what is decided by the jury of the electorate who either give the thumbs up or thumbs down to the accused. And in civil trials, at least in America, all one needs for a finding of culpability is the "preponderance of evidence" leading to a reasonable belief of guilt.

And the preponderance of evidence is so gargantuan and so staggering as to Liberal corruption and guilt in pretty much everything they do in the running of the whole country. We've seen it all ever since the crooks came to power the easy way and stayed in power by cheating and by bribing the voters. The linkages here between the players in Adscam and the Inquiry are sufficient for a conclusion of culpability and liability by the jury of the electorate.

It doesn't matter whether the police deem the Liberals as actually having committed a criminal offence. The Liberal Party is not a private individual citizen and therefore isn't subject to the protections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as are individual citizens. The Liberal Party is subject only to what the people think of them and is only in government at the pleasure of the voters, and it knows this very well. Hence their uncanny ability to manipulate pretty much everything within their power, be it legitimate or illegitimate, in the country. They do exert influence and control over virtually all insitutions, including the MSM (via CRTC, etc.), the judiciary (via extreme partisan crony loyalty, etc.), the RCMP (we know this by simply having observed what's been going on between the government and the RCMP over the years-- no smoking gun necessary!) and so on and so forth. Is there any doubt now as to the Liberals being filthily corrupt as well as cavalierly incompetent to a degree never seen before in Canadian history? Do we have enough evidence to damn them to hell and throw them out of power like a dead rat out of the house?

We, the jury of the voters, find the Liberal Party of Canada, regardless of its leadership, to be liable for its worthlessness and multitudes of offences against Canada and Canadians over the past few decades.

So ruled. Bailiff, remove the damned Party from the courtroom. *Gavel pounds*