Tuesday, November 01, 2005

After The Gomery Report: The Liberals are Still in Trouble

Ok, I've just finished watching former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien deliver his reaction to Justice John Gomery's report on Adscam. Chretien will be challenging the report in Federal Court. Ok, so let him. It doesn't matter anyway.

Why doesn't the report matter? Why is it irrelevant that the evidence pointed more to the fault of Chretien than to current PM Paul Martin? Why shouldn't Martin and his Liberals breathe easy now?

Because the people of Canada have seen the evidence for themselves in the televised testimony at the Gomery Inquiry into the sponsorship scandal which the Liberals claimed was implemented for the purpose of "fighting the separatists". The people have already made up their minds about what happened and as to who's to blame... and who exactly is the problem.

The people of Canada know already that the Liberal Party of Canada is the problem. The Liberals are the ones found to have done all the sinister deeds involving the passing around of my and your hard-earned and easily-taken tax dollars, dollars which were given for little or no work done, and an astonishingly huge amount at that. After all, why is it necessary to pay someone huge sums of money for delivering a check to some organization? Just use FedEx at the regular rate and save us a bundle. But nope, the Liberals knew that then there'd be no way to kickback some of the money in the form of party or candidate donations. We know that people who were paid a lot of money for little or no work at all did give money to the Liberal Party. We're not stupid enough to think that politicians wouldn't do something like this as long as they believe they'll get away with it.

The point here: the Gomery Inquiry gave us the evidence we needed to confirm this: the Liberal Party of Canada is corrupt to the bone. It is completely unfit and undeserving of being the Government of Canada and we must punish them by throwing them out in the next election.

It's programmed to win power and stay in power at virtually all costs. Rules have definitely been broken. Money has definitely been stolen and given to Liberals who subsequently donated money to the Liberal Party.

Mr. Chretien was named in the report as being responsible for Adscam. He did declare he, as PM, is responsible, as are all Cabinet Ministers who are members of the Treasury Board, which included Mr. Martin. Therefore, as Chretien said, Martin knew just as much as he did, as he was fully aware of the sponsorship program and voted in favor of its implementation.

So, with the overall, deeply-ingrained culture of corruption and arrogant entitlement of the Liberal Party and considering the fact that both Chretien and Martin were in a position to be able to have known of the wrongdoing, we must conclude that either they knew about it or they were so astonishingly, cavalierly incompetent in the exercise of their respective responsibilities as Prime Minister and Finance Minister that they were completely clueless as to what was happening with the program they claimed was so bloody, fundamentally critical to the very unity of the nation.

We must ask: if they were either knowledgeable of wrongdoing or completely clueless as to what was going on with the oh-so-critical program, what else have they been similarly negligently incompetent with? Think about what they've done to the Canadian Armed Forces. Think about the fact that despite billions of dollars being tossed around in the name of "national security" in the post 9/11 world and with malevolent fascist dictatorships such as North Korea and Iran declaring their nuclear ambitions for the world, there is no evidence that anything much has changed since 9/11 to assure us of greater security against terrorism and nuclear missile attack.

We cannot trust the Liberals with our money. More importantly, we cannot trust them with our country.

It's time to wipe the slate clean of the filthy corruption and begin anew with a completely new government for a far, far better Canada. We owe it to ourselves. It's as easy as marking an "X" on a small piece of paper.