Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gomery Confirms Liberal Corruption; Cloud Still Hangs over PM Martin with Earnscliffe Issue

Since the Gomery Inquiry report on the Adscam scandal of the ruling Paul Martin Liberals was released yesterday, much of the mainstream media (MSM) has been loudly trumpeting headlines at us declaring Prime Minister Paul Martin as "exonerated", given the lack of evidence of any direct connection of him to Adscam while he was Finance Minister. Of course, the terms of reference crafted by Martin's regime for Justice John Gomery to follow prevented him from examining Martin's involvement. For example, Gomery couldn't investigate the Earnscliffe connection. Perhaps later on a future government will order the RCMP to investigate Martin's role, if any, wrt Earnscliffe Group and the sponsorship program. Martin isn't necessarily in the clear at all. The questions as to what he knew and what he did or didn't do remain unanswered by Gomery.

Well, we have a non-MSM news outlet from America giving a different view of the report than the Canadian MSM generally is. CNSNews declares:
The chances of a December general election in Canada have mounted with the release of a judicial inquiry report confirming corruption in the governing Liberal Party.

So is the perspective of much of the MSM the only take possible? Apparently not.

We also have a Canadian non-MSM news organization, CNews, stating the following based on the Gomery report:
Justice John Gomery has delivered a serious - but not imminently fatal - blow to the governing Liberals with a finding that the party's Quebec wing ran kickback scheme to squeeze donations out of federal sponsorship contractors.

So, as I explained in my immediately previous posting on the Gomery report, the ruling Paul Martin Liberal Party is still in serious trouble following the release of Justice Gomery's findings.

h/t: Kate at for the Earnscliffe thing.