Saturday, November 26, 2005

About Nasty Campaigning and the Liberal Party

So the ruling Paul Martin Liberals sent a lawyer's letter to Conservative leader Stephen Harper threatening to sue if Mr. Harper's statement as to Liberal organized criminality should be reiterated outside the legally protective confines of the House of Commons (anything said inside the HOC isn't legally actionable in court).

This means the "organized crime" declaration with regards to the Liberal Party has really stung Paul Martin's gang. Good. They deserve to have someone of high stature and integrity pointing out what's already obvious to millions of thinking Canadians.

We've heard the protestations of the Liberals against Conservative hard-hitting political combat on the eve of the upcoming federal general election. They claim Canadians don't like this nastiness and want to hear politicians have a polite, rational, intellectual debate on the issues that really concern the average Canadian. Huh? The Liberals are never, never, never like that. They fight the filthiest campaigns Canada has ever seen. They have their surrogates go around defaming us as all kinds of horrible things that are never, never, never proven as they're never, never, never true.

So the Liberals do protest too much. They're the pot calling the kettle black. They've won elections in the past mainly by demonizing their main opponents, always aided by a Liberal-left, partisanly biased mainstream media and armies of brainwashed left-wing extremist ruffians who are only too happy to go around illegally defaming people they don' t like as things the Liberals and the left tell them they are but aren't.

The Liberals have already demonstrated they plan to be as dirty and rotten as the scoundrels they are for this election: remember Scott Brison's completely false allegations of criminality against Mr. Harper for which he recently had to fully retract and apologize? It's only a tiny appetizer of what's to come. Which is why the Conservatives are rightly making preemptive strikes in a prelude to what will hopefully be a "shock-and-awe" electoral battle of historical proportions. After all, since 1993, each election the Liberals have gotten away with what amount to, in a manner of speaking, some sort of electoral war crimes against their opponents. Adscam is only the latest example of the dirty, rotten tactics the Liberals use to stay in power, all for the cavalierly greedy, selfish personal enrichment of them and their cronies via the exploitation and virtual enslavement of law-abiding, hard-working, too-much-tax-paying-for-less-and-less-in-return Canadians.

The Liberals pit entire groups of Canadians, one against another, to impress those whose votes they're most likely to receive. They demonize provinces and regions to shore up their supposed core-support bases to hold onto their "safe" seats. They throw away billions of the peoples' own money in an attempt to bribe them with often-broken promises and worthless, never-asked-for pork-barelling programs and projects, usually just before and even during election campaigns. They demonize our next-door neighbor, America, the brightest beacon and defender of liberty, democracy and human rights on the planet, all to win votes from their likeliest supporters on the ultra-far-left.

What purpose do the Liberals have for being the government of Canada, other than to enrich themselves and exploit the land and the people in the process? What have they done to advance anything about Canada? All they did was mess around with spending and taxation so as to simply turn a deficit into a surplus. It had to be done, and was, very easily-- after all, they came to power on the cusp of a very lengthy, historical global economic boom which they cannot credibly claim to have created. The bastards were very lucky and cheated by taking the axe to the core social programs like health and education as well as the Armed forces, the RCMP, CSIS, etc. All the while diverting billions upon billions towards boondoggles, secretive foundations, the completely worthess disaster of a gun registry that continues to fleece us as gunshot after gunshot rings out in cities clear across the nation, killing innocent bystanders. Al Qaeda threatens us and walks freely among us while the Liberals claim to have spent eight billion dollars on "security" while closing RCMP detachments and border stations and continuing to keep the RCMP starved for the resources it needs to operate.

Shameless. Thy name is "Liberal".

Only a total imbecile will believe the Liberals are worth supporting.

If the Liberals stay in power, Canada may very well break up and cease to exist as we know it today. Don't allow that to happen!