Friday, November 04, 2005

Paul Martin's Orwellian Authoritarian Plans for Canada

Now that the Gomery Inquiry has confirmed the corruption of the ruling Paul Martin Liberal Party, we must look critically at the alarming plans the Liberals have for Canada. Read the entire article. It's a must-read! It was written by Beryl Wajsman, who was one of the people banned for life from the Liberal Party by Prime Minister Paul Martin. He wasn't even a member. Here's some of what he wrote:
Next month the Martin government will bring forward legislation allowing for the monitoring of e-mail and internet communications. The bill would force providers of internet and telephone services to duplicate records of their clients' activities and require, on simple request, that the information be passed on to police authorities. The proposal demands that network capacity be constructed to allow for tapping of some 8,000 individuals at any one time. Federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has told Justice Minister Irwin Cotler that the law would allow security authorities to access more information about Canadians' personal lives than ever before. Yet Ottawa remains strangely silent on consideration of any judicial safeguards and oversight even in light of the fact that current evidentiary requirements for standard wiretaps have already become flimsy and shallow.
Big Brother Paul Martin will be watching us if he's re-elected yet again. Will Canadians be stupid enough to allow this to happen?
Such legislation could easily be used as a loophole to, for example, spy on political opponents, in a "legalized" Watergate-style manner. It could be used to spy on anyone for any reason the Prime Minister deems. And, as we have seen, there's no reason to believe that the Liberals have any intention to use such legislation to fight terror, as they've actually let terrorists go following the discovery of their active cell. Read the article, "Toronto Terror Cell “Dismantled”… by Freeing Ringleader", at that link. It would be reasonable, therefore, to believe the real reason for expanded state surveillance powers is to control the people, to limit their liberties, to intimidate them, etc. Do we want to always be looking over our shoulder, Soviet style, to see if the Canadian version of the KGB is watching us?
The federal Liberals have also gone on record as being committed to proceeding with Bill C-17, the Marijuana Decriminalization legislation, and with Bill C-53, the Proceeds of Crime act. Though legalization, not just decriminalization, of marijuana is long overdue, the problem of C-17 is that it also allows for random stopping of motorists to check for drugs without any necessity of probable cause as exists in the United States. C-53, which seeks to allow the government to seize any assets obtained through illegal means, also has within it the reversal of burden of proof. Unlike even the RICO statute in the U.S. or the "Guerin" law in Ireland, the Proceeds of Crime Bill would make certain accused guilty until proven innocent turning hundreds of years of civil liberties protections on its head.
Think police state. Think authoritarianism. Is this the hidden agenda of the Liberal Party of Canada? They've already ignored Commons majority votes, so what's their next step? To take away our constitutional rights?
How far will they go if they remain in power?