Monday, November 21, 2005

Liberal Gov't Bans Whites From CSC: More Evidence Liberals Racist?

Looks like the "Liberal" Party of Canada under Prime Minister Paul Martin isn't so "liberal" after all.
Now we see that under the "Liberals", Correctional Services Canada has banned the hiring of Canadians who aren't "Aboriginal" or "minority" for parole officer positions. By all definitions of the word, this is racism. Is there any excuse? The government tries to make excuses, tries to justify this awful bigotry with its own leftist dogma. But dogma is dogma and racism is racism. And the Liberals have the nerve to tell us they are the sole representatives of "Canadian values" and that anyone against the Liberal Party of Canada is out of touch with "Canadian values". Well, I would say to the Liberals: Racism is not a Canadian value!

For humanity's sake, don't vote Liberal!

H/T: Maz2