Saturday, November 19, 2005

We Must Question All Judges as We Do Politicians

I've done it again: written something in my comments section that I find worthy of sharing via a regular post. This time it's regarding the need to not automatically assume that judges are perfectly impartial and can never be corrupt, for we know deep down in the intellect that it's not true for judges any more than it is for the politicians who appointed them to the bench. We are strongly admonished by authoirities to brainlessly revere judges as always honest and impartial with no political or social policy agenda of their own. We must resist this elitist pressure for the good of the country and for democracy.
Here it is:
Gomery himself is looking more and more suspicious to me. Why do we have to automatically assume that judges are immune to being corrupt or dishonest or playing partisan politics or protecting their political masters or being militant social policy activists hellbent on reengineering the foundation of the nation and its society, the law and constitution be damned? Judges are human. Humans are corruptible, like politicians. Therefore, judges are corruptible. We must, therefore, assume as much and question all judges and their rulings, else they'll become increasingly emboldened and play the role of the absolute authoritarian dictators their political masters would like to be but cannot. Inquiries and their commissioners must as well be questioned. What's preventing the electorate from questioning Judge Gomery? If we don't, then if our Prime Minister is guilty of wrongdoing (remember, I said "if", just for the PM's lawyers' satisfaction), then he or she will get off scot free and win another election due to the lack of knowledge on the part of the voters of the truth.The people must be far more assertive in demanding full accountability. Democracy depends on it.
How do we know the Gomery Inquiry is impartial and has really looked everywhere at everyone who may have had something to do with the brazen theft of so many millions of our tax dollars via the gargantuan ripoff called Adscam?
Don't expect the mainstream media to do it for us. They don't want to get fired like their colleagues have been for asking the necessary questions. Ask the questions of your friends in person and on your blogs. Let the idea get out there and spread. It's for the better of our country and democracy.
H/T: Tony Guitar for the graphic of the Canadian Coat of Arms.