Monday, November 14, 2005

Judge Gomery, PM Martin, Raymond Garneau: More Disturbing Connections

Following my recent post, Judge Gomery & PM Martin: The CSL Connection, this post brings us deeper into the darkness of the connections between Justice John Gomery and Prime Minister Paul Martin.
In that previous post, it was reported that Gomery appointed Raymond Garneau, who was involved in the loan syndicate Paul Martin used to secure financing in order to acquire Canada Steamship Lines, to oversee Phase 2 of the Gomery report.
Now, from Prime Time Crime, and thanks to Maz2 for providing the link in the comments, I have discovered further astonishingly sinister relationships of which Canadians must be aware. Do read the entire thing and follow all the links within it. It's all immensely fascinating as well as disturbing and damning to the Liberal Party of Canada under Paul Martin. Spread the word!
For this post I'll focus on Mr. Garneau, as it is his appointment by Judge Gomery that is an apparent bad move; an apparent conflict of interest, as PM Martin is connected to Garneau via CSL via the loan syndicate in which Garneau was involved.
Here it is:
The loan syndicate isn't the only business in which Garneau was involved that raises disturbing questions, now involving former Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano and the Mafia. Garneau was the CEO of the Montreal City and District Savings bank, which was the bank used by the Caruana/Cuntrera crime family for which Alfonso Gagliano worked as an accountant. The bank in question was apparently used for the laundering of $21 million by said crime family, a fact established by RCMP Sgt. Mark Bourque. There are other links in the Prime Time Crime expose regarding Gagliano and the Mafia. See for yourself- this post is about Gomery, Garneau and Martin, mostly.
Why did Gomery choose Garneau? Did he have any background check done? Was he aware of PM Martin's financial connection to Garneau? Of his having been CEO of a bank used for money laundering by a crime family for which the former Public Works minister, Gagliano, also involved in Adscam, worked?
Did Paul Martin tell Gomery to appoint Garneau?
Remember, Gomery is a Liberal. He was appointed by Paul Martin. And he "exonerated" Martin while blaming his nemesis, former PM Jean Chretien. Which brings us to the following:

Now, all of this is suspicious and sleazy enough. The CEO of the bank used by the Caruana / Cuntreras at the time was Raymond Garneau, who was appointed by Paul Martin in his capacity as Finance Minister, to be a Director of the Bank of Canada. He was fired by Jean Chr├ętien after he had the temerity in 2002 to suggest it was time for Chr├ętien to resign in favour of Martin.

So PM Martin himself appointed Garneau to be a Director of the Bank of Canada when he was Finance Minister. Garneau called for PM Chretien's resignation so Martin could take over, earning a firing from Chretien himself.
Hmm... Garneau is obviously a Martin loyalist. Martin obviously sees him in a very favorable light. Martin appoints Gomery. Gomery appoints Garneau to help him with the inquiry. Gomery exonerates Martin and blames Chretien, while knowing full well the terms of reference given to him by Martin for the inquiry did not include any investigation into any possible involvement of Martin in Adscam. The inquiry apparently was designed to investigate Chretien's involvement.
And apparently the mainstream media won't look into the relationships, ask questions, let alone report all of this to the electorate. Just how far will the MSM go to protect the Liberal regime?
And as for the RCMP: why is it they only do these big, serious investigations upon the orders of the government? Why don't they independently keep an eye open as to possible criminality, regardless of the possible perpetrators, up to and including the Prime Minister, and launch investigations on their own without political prompting? Why is the RCMP Commissioner appointed by none other than the Prime Minister? Why has the Liberal government under both Chretien and Martin deliberately underfunded and underresourced the RCMP to the point that they cannot do their job much of the time? Recall the RCMP investigated former PM Brian Mulroney only on the say-so of the Liberal government. What have the Liberals done to the RCMP? And why doesn't the Liberal government ever take action to combat organized crime? What have they ever done with that?
What is really going on with the Liberal Party of Canada? What's going on in Canada?
Why wait forever to maybe someday find out? Vote the Liberals out of power. Vote in a new government who will do what's necessary to find the answers to the questions and put a stop to all the corruption Canadians have come to loathe in the government under the Liberals.
Whatever you do, don't vote Liberal!