Monday, November 28, 2005

Liberal "Star" Candidate Ignatieff Admitted "Disdain" for Ukraininans

From the National Post:
Newly-coronated Liberal "star" candidate Michael Ignatieff is already under fire from the people of the Etobikoke-Lakeshore Liberal riding association. They want nothing to do with him, particularly because:
...he has expressed views that are offensive to the area's large Ukrainian population, including his admission that he feels a "disdain" for Ukrainians.
On Friday last, suddenly incumbent MP Jean Augustine unexpectedly stepped aside to make this undemocratic coronation possible. It's also apparent from the article that there were nomination hopefuls for the riding, but all of a sudden they were advised of the sudden, without-warning stepping aside of the Minister of State. They were advised that they had until the very next day to file nomination papers, but when they showed up to do so, no one answered the door. It's unclear as to whether their nominations will be honored, as Liberal officials declared they'd honor them "if they were on time". We'll see.
Looks like democracy is alive and well in the Liberal Party of Canada under Paul Martin. Sure, and Shania Twain has just left hubby to shack up with Yours Truly. Sure.
And, sure, Ignatieff is a glowing example of tolerance for diversity:
In his book Blood and Belonging, the author invokes Russian imperialism, writing he feels a "disdain" for the Ukrainian people. Mr. Ignatieff describes Ukrainian culture as "embroidered peasant shirts, the nasal whine of ethnic instruments, phony Cossacks in cloaks and boots."
Now, is it any wonder why I have such strong trepidations about the Liberals under Paul Martin? As you can see here, they have demonstrated their commitment to fair democratic process and to their claimed monopoly on the value of tolerance and inclusiveness with regards to ethnic diversity.
There you have it, folks: this is the kind of ruling regime you have now. Do you want to keep it?