Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ted Kennedy Pulls A Howard Dean

Man-o-man... the left is really, truly losing it. They've abandoned all pretense of rationality and logic lately. Paul Martin with his claim that private property rights would lead to child labor. Al Gore claiming Stephen Harper was backed by big oil. Now we have Ted Kennedy going haywire in a debate on the appointment of Judge Alito to the US Supreme Court.

here to watch the video yourself. Find where it says "download" and click appropriately.

See also
Michelle Malkin's post on the latest unhinged-leftist episode.

Notice that Ted Kennedy never rationalizes his points. He just says to think of this, think of that, all stuff that happened in the distant past. He offers no logic whatsoever. He demonstrates no connections to anything. He goes on to make prejudicial claims about Judge Alito without even bothering to start backing himself up, not even a tiny bit.

Why does this sort of rant by a leftist sound oh, so ever familiar?

This is what has become of the once-powerful left?

... but a walking shadow, a poor player, who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It's a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

-William Shakespeare

Monday, January 30, 2006

The Latest on the Prosecution of Saddam Hussein

Thought I'd link to this Fox News report , which I got via Nealenews.com, on recent happenings in the trial of murderous former Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein.

Saddam still refuses to behave like a reasonable defendant. Any surprise there? He's still hellbent on screeching, Carolyn Parrish-style, anti-American nonsense in the courtroom. Seems the judge is getting fed up with it and warned that the trial could very well continue without the defendant present.

Stupid Saddam. What does he hope to accomplish with his crazed, pompous bluster? Just for illustration purposes, here's a couple of pictures of the murderous scumbag:

Above: Saddam Hussein in court for his butcherous tyranny. He looks like he thinks he's in control or something. What on earth could he be looking so cool for? After all, not too long ago, he was pulled, as a filthy rat, which he is, from a hole in the ground following the international coalition's operations to remove him from power. Let's have a look at where he's been prior to being given the opportunity to have a shower, a trim, and some decent clothing, things which he denied many of his own people for so long, at least when he wasn't having them evilly tortured and executed:

Above: Saddam shortly after his apprehension by American forces. The man holding Saddam is actually an Iraqi who fled to America and later returned to help the Americans as a translator to locate the ratty old dictator following the fall of his horrible regime. Saddam had had the man's family killed, and he actually got to help catch the one responsibe. I wonder how it feels to do that? Finding the scumbag and having him like that on the ground? The ratty old scumbag has far worse coming to him. Here's a couple more photos:

Above left: Saddam some time following his capture, handcuffed in a normal-looking room. He doesn't look all that scary, eh? Looks like some vagrant from the street. He also, interestingly, looks like serial killer Charles Manson, above right. Center: Usama Bin Laden, still at large and continuing to issue threats to the world and orders to his brainless, murder-intent minions. What is it with mass murderers and beards? And don't forget about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. He seems to be the most dangerous of them all right now, with full control of a whole country and intent to use nuclear weapons against the rest of the world... offensively, not defensively, mind y'all. Wonder if the left is listening? Wonder if the left cares at all? Does the left want these bearded fuckers to be allowed to go free and wreak their murderous tyranny upon humanity? What kind of an ideal would that be? Man, is the left ever so scary, isn't it?

And now we also have Hamas in charge in "Palestine". Just what the world needs: another Taliban. And they're connected as allies with Iran, which is connected in turn to North Korea.

All the more reason to ensure the left doesn't return to power for a long, long time! If ever, that is.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shake Your Hand? That'll Be $5,000: Bill Clinton

Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton, former US Prez, with other former US Prez George Bush I, above, offers his right hand for a shake. Kinda creepy, considering where his other hand is...
Well, what do you know... ex-Democratic US President Bill Clinton, best-known for his illicit affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, is going around charging people five thousand dollars for the pleasure... er, honor, ...er, privilege... whatever... of simply shaking his hand.
Reports the New Zealand Herald:

"A small group can book an hour with the former president for $5000 a head and for that they will get a handshake and a photograph and a chance to mingle with the only Democratic president the win two terms in the last 60 years."
Mr. Clinton is offering a volume discount for groups of 50 or more - who will pay a mere $150,000 [$3,000 a head] for the honor of basking in his aura.
Sigh... A regular God's gift to the world, eh? I mean, the man can hardly even keep his pants on while on the job! Now that's chutzpah! Wonder what it costs to shake hands with Hugh Grant? What about Pee-Wee Herman? Not that I care! Nooooo.
I wonder if by using the phrase "a head", as above, the New Zealand Herald was making a pun, and whether it was intended, given Slick Willy's notorious past activities in the Oral... er, Oval Office.
There you have it, folks, leftist values unplugged! Marvel, marvel.

Bruce Willis May Make Movie about Yon's Deuce Four

I've previously written about actor Bruce Willis's support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and his praise for military blogger Michael Yon's altruistic work covering the war in Iraq which deposed murderous tyrant Saddam Hussein and continues to put Iraq on the path to freedom and democracy.

Now Mr. Willis wants to make a movie about "Deuce Four", the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment with whom Mr. Yon, a former Green Beret himself, is an imbedded, unpaid journalist reporting the cold, hard, graphic truth, with photographs, on his blog.

Now that's one movie I'd want to see for sure. I've been pretty much ignoring the largely leftist-written and -oriented Hollywood fare for quite a while now, but this is one I'd just have to see.

I hope Mr. Willis does make a movie. We need the truth to be told to a broader audience, and what better, more entertaining way than via a big-screen flick? Mr. Willis, if he puts his own money into such a project, would indubitably be demonstrating an act of genuine patriotism and would be doing the civilized world a great service.

And, by the way, I think it'd be awesome if Bruce were to play Michael Yon!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's Morning in Canada!

...that's what I've been saying since yesterday morning to whomever asked what I think of the election results.
Which brings me to provide this link to the CBC Roundtable posting by Kate of smalldeadanimals.com. For the record, I'm in complete agreement with what Kate recommends and am already on record as making similar recommendations in the past wrt reforming the MSM.
Have personally been resting for a bit... didn't sleep much the night before and the night of the election. Have been just basically feeling good and letting it sink in that the "Liberal" insanity is finally over. Hope that's for a long time and that the damage they've done will be undone to allow Canada to be great again.
Will shortly return to blogging.
Happy days are coming back! Aaaaay!
Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Conservative Victory!

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Feelings About Maritime Results At About 10 PM AST (Sorry, No Numbers!)

Of course I wouldn't ever dream of breaking the ban on reporting results of voting, as proscribed by law. Therefore no numbers will be reported here.
But I'm sure there's no law against someone's expression of a feeling.
Ok, I feel bittersweet. Expected better from the Maritimes, but this'll do. I'm disappointed in my fellow Maritimers. How can they allow themselves to be bought off by the Librano$? Don't they understand? We as a region will never rise above have-not status if we elect Liberals. The Liberals will simply throw money at Maritimers, taking away much of our incentive to be productive with our assets and resources. We used to be better off before the handouts came. The handouts are the cause of our weak economic engine. What we need is to once again have incentive to put effort into what we've got going for us to create value for others, thus bringing in income and profits. A check for doing nothing will not cut it, ever!
We need to experience some discomfort! Comfort does not make one stronger! It's our struggles that build our strengths, not some bloody welfare check to the region from Ottawa! What are we made of, anyway? Why vote for the comfort-bearers? You want to be mommied? For heaven's sake! Grow up, Maritimers! It's time to go out on your own and learn to make a living in the real world... and it takes hard work and sacrifice! Our ancestors used to do it that way! Why should we dishonor them? What would they think of us now? In their day, they took care of themselves and it worked. Why not now? Start thinking about it tonight!
The Liberals are not just crooks; they pose great danger for national unity if reelected. Greater than at any time in history.
I certainly hope the rest of Canada is smarter than those Maritimers who allowed their votes to be bought by the Liberals.

Monday, January 23, 2006

What the MSM Didn't Tell Us About Iran's Ahmadinejad

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,

Islamic Theocratic Dictator

of Iran,

Declares War on

"Anglo-Saxon" World

From World Net Daily, we learn that Iranian Dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, having declared his intent to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth", has also made it clear that he has the very same wish towards the United States of America. The MSM told us only part of the story. Why?

For the complete story behind these frighteningly ominous photographs, which were provided by the Iranian government, read the whole article at WND.

Ahmadinejad is on record as saying, according to WND: "Is it possible for us to witness a world without America and Zionism?" he asked. "But you had best know that this slogan and this goal are attainable, and surely can be achieved." What is he talking about?

Iran has developed a strategic "war preparation plan" for what it calls the "destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization."

More is available via subscription. I'm considering that myself. Apparently WND carries serious stories not reported by the MSM.

One must ask the question now: should we prepare for another war, or should we just blisfully ignore the dangers posed by theocratic madmen like Ahmadinejad? How about North Korea and others? Do we want to be sitting ducks?

Where's the MSM on this? Why are they silent? Are they afraid to tell us the truth? If so, why? And is their refusal to inform us placing us at grave risk?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Liberals Muck Up Again, Send $250 Checks to Prisoners

Via Bourque:

The Paul Martin Liberals have done it again.

Giving our hard-earned tax dollars to prisoners in the form of heating rebate checks.

We. Law-abiding, productive citizens who pay taxes. They. Liberals. Corrupt ruling cabal who gave some of it to their friends in the slammer, who live for free, not having to pay for heating, meals, accommodation, electricity, hot water, cable tv, internet access, etc., etc... all even though they've been bad and broke all kinds of laws.

Yes. Our money going to bad guys in prison. For nothing. And these prisoners are allowed by the Liberals to vote. Yep, they're getting "heating rebate" checks. "Bizarro World" stuff. Liberals, yep.

In Canada.

We didn't make this up.

We're not allowed to make up stuff.

Choose your Canada.

A Sure Sign of the Times

How can he still be grinning?

218 Reasons Not To Vote Liberal

Sun Media provides 218 reasons here as to why we must not vote Liberal anymore.

Yes, that's 218 big reasons.

In Canada.

They didn't make it up.

Choose your Canada.

Grab a drink and sit down for the ride. Beer would be appropriate. Might as well make a big tub of popcorn as well...

Martin Takes Another Break With Two Days To Go

A downcast Liberal Leader Paul Martin, above left, unenthusiastically does a scheduled campaign thing as his crazed leftist supporters wave Liberal-red phallic objects at him. At above right, afterwards, Paulie takes a pensive stroll in his bright yellow raincoat as his political parade gets rained on.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Liberal Otter?

Ok, got the beer! Let's go get the popcorn!

"Dead as Disco"? Liberals' Martin Yaks at Mirror

Liberal Leader Paul Martin, above, realizing that he won't eke out a squeaker on the night of Monday, January 23rd, ekes out a relieving squeak, perhaps in preemptive consolation for his impending downfall from artificial grandeur. Why else is there no one standing behind him in the picture?

Heh-heh... check this out... poor old Paulie Martin is babbling nonsense sound bites he got from his incompetent advisors. He's claiming that "moderate" conservatism is "dead as disco". Talking about disco. Hmm... one anachronism alluding to another.

We know he's barking at the moon. We Conservatives have already been judged, apparently, by Canadians as "moderate" enough for their votes, according to all recent polling. And deservedly so, as we've done much hard work to earn the peoples' respect whereas the Libranos have squandered that which they once undeservedly enjoyed and took for granted all the way into the first half of the current campaign.

Canadians don't want to be taken for granted anymore! And they're going to teach the Liberals a very painful lesson. It's happened before in Canada, not too long ago, after all, and those who suffered the punishment at the hands of the voters have learned the lessons of arrogance and cavalier ignorance of the people and are highly unlikely to repeat their long-ago mistakes. But first the Liberals necessarily have to experience the pain of lengthy political exile from power.

Unfortunately, we see from Paul Martin's arrogance and boisterous predictions of victory on January 23rd that he hasn't learned a bloody thing. We the people know what we must now do. Vote 'em way out! Vote Conservative... vote for those who understand the needs and wants of ordinary Canadians, rather than focussing on oneselves and one's cronies, like the Liberals always have.

Canadians have finally judged the Liberals as not deserving their vote, largely seeing the "Liberal" brand as radioactive political waste to be buried for a very long time. Talk about "dead as disco".

Paulie also claims that Conservatives haven't been allowed to speak their minds in the campaign. Come on, Paulie... we know very well that Liberals, when whipped, won't speak their true views publicly and very, very rarely will vote their or their constituents' minds in Commons votes except as ordered by yourself via your caucus whip. Another case of accusing the man in the mirror of stuff! Poor, pitiful old Paulie.

At least he has plenty of money... and there's always golf!

Buh-bye, Paulie! It's been grand!

Hidden Epidemic? STD Infection Skyrocketing in Canada

The CTV reports that:

The rates of infection for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have been found to have increased very significantly in Canada between 1997 and 2004. Specifically,

Chlamydia: up 70%

Gonnorhea: up 80%

Syphilis: up 908% Yes, nine hundred eight percent.

The above data was obtained by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists from Canada's Public Health Agency, which tracks STDs.

What I find interesting is that the report says that "experts" are calling for a "national strategy" to deal with the problem. However, I really don't see what can be done in today's politically-correct, don't-worry-be-happy, sex-as-you-wish-however-you-wish-with-whomever-you-wish overpermissive, oversexualized, sex-obsessed society to reduce the apparently increasing dangerously risky sexual activity among Canadians, who seem to have forgotten about the many, very real dangers of devil-may-care serial screwing around. Why, whatever happened to people being terrified of getting HIV? Has the disease been sugarcoated by the state and by the MSM, resulting in a return to the Sixties and Seventies in terms of "free love" and possibly a brand new crisis like the original AIDS scare from which we thought society and the state had already learned important lessons?

Don't get me wrong... I'm by no means whatsoever any kind of prude. I personally enjoy a good lay as does anyone else. But I fear that Canadians have been brainwashed and led to believe it's ok to go around knocking boots whenever and with whomever now. All the sex, sex, sex we hear about, read about and see on TV and the internet... all the politicians and social activists promoting all sorts of sex-based "lifestyles" in a valueless, "human rights"-obsessed environment... they talk about these cavalier, hedonistic lifestyles as if they're recommended for all and carry no risks whatsoever... it's as if the state doesn't care to remind people about self-responsibility and a respect for the fact that every action carries possible and probable deleterious, devastating consequences.

And it's ignored also that as more individuals harm themselves and others via risky behavior, society as a whole will necessarily be affected negatively as well, meaning innocent individuals will endure some negative effects stemming from the expanding and increasing problems that start with just a few people and eventually cause widespread difficulties throughout society, such as an increasing burden on the healthcare system, leading to longer waiting lines and overworked professionals. There's also the reality of increased workplace absenteeism, which harms productivity and increases labor and other costs to companies, leading to decreased competitiveness with foreign companies, leading to economic malaise not only on a micro- but also on a macroeconomic scale. We'd also for sure see increased pressure on public finances, and we understand this can have implications for other public goods and services and for tax rates and so on.

The report also indicates that the increased rates are predominantly seen in younger persons, age range given from 15 to 29. It also states that for the syphilis case increases, it was predominantly men over 30, of whom a significant proportion were "homosexual". Be certain to read the entire report.

What I believe has happened is that youth haven't been receiving the information they need to make wiser, safer decisions to not engage in sexually risky behavior regardless of the "fun" factor or the social pressure factor. This is the consequence of the apparently valueless, nonjudgemental approach of the left-leaning public education system's "teachings" with respect to sexual education to young people. After all, they don't need instruction in the performance of sex acts. The reasonable person knows instinctively that the state has no business telling other peoples' kids how to perform fellatio, cunnilingus and sodomy, to name just three, against the wishes of the parents and the rights of the children to not be unnecessarily, forcibly exposed to concepts that don't apply to them yet due to their youth. If, after all, it's illegal for persons under 18 to view or pose for pornography, it stands to reason that society doesn't value what's being taught in terms of these adult matters by the state to children. For heaven's sake, we're talking about children. Why does the leftist state today insist on teaching children how to have sex? It's inexplicable! I would think that the ultra-extreme left is making this all happen via its ally the Liberal government in Ottawa, who'll do whatever it takes to stay in power, even if it means harming Canada and Canadians. We've seen them do it in so many other ways with their cavalier attitude towards terrorism and national unity. The SSM legislation and the polygamy recommendation resulting from a study commissioned by the Liberal government are evidence to support this, too. Is polygamy next on the Liberals' agenda? Let's not go there. Don't vote for the corrupt, crooked bastards... they just keep getting worse anyway and will eventually cause the Confederation to break up if maintained in power.

Choose your Canada. End the "Liberal" insanity.

Panicky, Losing Support, Martin Desperately Attempts to Demonize Harper... Yet Again

As I've predicted on this blog before, Liberal leader Paul Martin has finally, as a final hail-mary, become extremely nasty, losing all statesmanlike appearance and completely abandoning the proverbial "high road", if he had ever followed it this election campaign.

The Liberal campaign has finally degenerated into a campaign of utterly false, defamatory accusations and muddy innuendo against Mr. Harper and the Conservatives.
We have this final tumultuous (for the hapless Liberal disaster-of-a-campaign) week seen Mr. Martin's political allies on the ultra-extreme left, such as, for example, the CAW's Buzz Hargrove who, along with his socialistic auto union organization, have not merely endorsed Martin's Liberals but also have backed the separatist Bloc Quebecois in Quebec. Even American anti-America moonbat extremist Michael Moore has taken it upon himself to interfere in our sovereign national affairs, refusing to keep his foul leftist mouth shut, perhaps placing himself legally into future jeopardy. With all the bizarre company Martin keeps, is it any wonder he simply cannot get it up?
Here, Martin plays the part of the angry dung-flinging simian with inexplicable, unsupported accusations such as these:
"Any parliament with Stephen Harper as prime minister is a parliament which will put a woman's right to choose in jeopardy,"
Huh? What's with his phony obsession with women's equal right to "choose"? Of course, we know he's referring to the ever-popular, critically-important-to-everyone controversial, divisive wedge issue of abortion. Sigh... Mr. Harper has already been completely clear that he will not and his government will not touch this issue, period. Yet Martin continues nevertheless to screech the phrase "women's right to choose".
Ok, Paulie, let's talk about rights when it comes to choice. You personally believe in abortion on demand? But you have in the past declared that you don't, so who are you to talk about this? You're not the person to be screaming like this about this issue at Mr. Harper, who hasn't ever flip-flopped about his own personal views like you apparently have on yours.
It seems to me that Paul Martin is obsessed with one and one issue only, abortion. He apparently believes that Canada should be a nation based on the value of ending the lives of unborn children via the tearing-out of them from the womb? Is there really such great demand for this? More often we hear of women deciding to have the baby rather than to terminate it. I don't see any evidence that abortion is a "fundamental value". What are Paul Martin's plans with respect to abortion? Does he plan to introduce and impose legislation to make abortion on demand, even in the ninth month of pregnancy, a "right"? Will he make it a law that all doctors must perform an abortion when demanded and bill Medicare for the procedure, regardless of their religious faith? Will the doctors be fired and even imprisoned in some secretly planned gulag if they refuse? Is this an example for Paul Martin's plans for Canada? I don't think people really want to go in that direction. Personally, I'm interested in prosperity, integrity, accountability and security issues, not radically extreme left-wing social reengineering and/or deconstruction of institutions.
And is that the only choice you, Paul Martin, believe a woman should have? What about women's right to choose whether to stay at home to raise her children? You are on record as planning to use their tax dollars to create state-controlled institutional daycare and refusing to offer the option of opting out with tax credit compensation. And what of the fact that under your regime it's still a crime for a woman to remove her shirt, baring her chest, exactly as men do, whenever men do and wherever men do? Where's the legislation making it an offence punishable by imprisonment to harass in any way, shape or form, a woman who happens to have her top off under the same circumstances as one cannot harass a man for the same thing? Why have the police not been ordered to protect women from this kind of harassment? Don't you see for yourself that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees equality regardless of sex? So much for your claimed commitment to a "woman's right to choose", Mr. Martin. You still have them arrested and prosecuted in Canada outside of Ontario. Why don't you just shut up before people catch on to your very obvious intolerance, Mr. Martin, towards women, notwithstanding (pun certainly intended) what the Charter actually, explicitly says?
Before Martin had said the above nonsense, Harper had made this statement about that sort of personal demonization:
"I don't think it's what people want to hear. I think people want to know that a government is going to lead them in a positive direction, and I also think that people know he's doing this because he can't get past the scandals and corruption,"
Harper's correct: Canadians have apparently been, by and large, shutting out the Liberal rhetorical smearage as they've heard the same old, same old bullshit coming from bizarrely ludicrous leftists such as Martin, which, after all these years, has been thoroughly debunked. The Conservatives have risen in electoral polling past the Liberals nearly everywhere in the country, including particularly in Quebec and the Maritimes, which previously had guaranteed the Liberals plenty of seats to guarantee victory. The Liberal tactics are so anachronistic yet so ingrained into their being that they cannot come up with anything else. Of course, if they had run a clean government and didn't have over thirty five ongoing criminal investigations into their conduct, they could run on such a record... but fugeddaboudit!
Martin also utters the following rhetoric:
"What's going to happen after the election? Are these social conservatives going to stay in hiding, or are they going to come out for the spring thaw? If they come out, are they going to start pressing their views, advancing their causes?"
Look who's talking. As we know, Martin and the Liberals indicated in the 2004 election, following a previous Parliamentary vote by their own caucus against the issue, that they wouldn't force same-sex matrimonial legislation on the country, that it wasn't a priority, but nevertheless, they pulled out every dirty trick in the book to impose the legislation on Canada. The vote for the Cabinet was not free. So it's the Liberals who have the hidden agenda. They artificially made SSM the number one most critical issue facing Canada. In the face of the need to beef up national security and defense following 9/11. In the face of the almost-daily handgun murders in major cities across Canada. In the face of a crumbling health-care system. In the face of declining per-capita income, with greater and greater proportions of Canadians either unemployed or underemployed and barely able to make their ever-increasingly modest ends meet, especially with the astonishingly high rates of deduction by the Liberals from their paychecks and at the cash register, etc. How, Mr. Martin, is it then most critically important to dismantle one of civilization's most sacred, fundamentally-beneficial-to-children-and-society institutions, which wasn't broken?
So we have already seen the Liberals' bizarre priorities in actual action recently. And can decide for ourselves if the Liberals' version of Canada is for us, or something better that we know will work? What's important must be made the priority, rather than the demands of various small lobby and special interest groups who enjoy a comfortable symbiotic relationship with the Liberal state apparatus wherein there's much mutual back-scratching and shady transfer of our hard-earned tax dollars going on under the table all the time.
And, what are the Liberals' plans when it comes to dealing with terrorists? With dangerous religious fanatics with explicitly declared nuclear warfare ambitions such as the leadership of Iran and also the secretive, frighteningly malevolent nuclear-armed dictatorship North Korea? Would the Liberals side with China and not get involved in military intervention to protect Taiwan from invasion and occupation by the brutally repressive communist dictatorship and rapidly militarizing "Peoples' Republic"? Would the Liberals give in to Islamic fundamentalists and allow Sharia Law to take away Canadian Muslim women's rights and expose them to grave danger from zealots who take all religious teachings literally? Would the Liberals accept Osama Bin Laden's deceptive offer of a "truce"? How do we know they wouldn't? Can we really take the dangerous chance and trust them? Their ultra-extreme left wing supporters and allies are likely to push for the popular leftist solution: give in to it all.
Of course, not all of the "left" supports the Liberals. There are still a few rational, moderate leftists who refuse to support the Liberals. Ed Broadbent is one. He's highly critical and dismissive of the Liberals as a party deserving our vote.
Plus, the Conservatives have evidence that the Liberal campaign has engaged in illegal, defamatory behavior, according to this.
In conclusion, only a complete moron or a fool can, after being enlightened as to the whole truth, now vote for the Liberals.
Update: Conservative candidate Rona Ambrose responds to Paul Martin's cowardly, infantile campaign to frighten women.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Paulie Takes Break From Bad Campaign

Liberal Leader Paul Martin, above left, grimaces yesterday as he reluctantly deals with reporters' questions about his great crony Buzz Hargrove's assinine, inexplicable extreme leftist comments. At above right, that evening, Paulie, in his regular house clothes, pouts while sitting on a comfortable cushion. Apparently, the soon-to-be ex-prime minister rests his trademark stupid grimace when at home.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ultra-Extreme Left Attacks Conservatives, Supports Liberals, Separatist Bloc

But look at the company he keeps.

You know the Liberals are desperate and hopeless when they get nuts like this guy doing their shitflinging for them.

Yep, Buzz Hargrove. The crackpot leader of the unionized component of the Canadian ultra-extreme left.

Let's look at the claims this imbecile has made against Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and the Conservatives:

• Harper is a separatist because his plan to devolve powers would break up the country.

Notice this illogical idiot Mr. Hargrove didn't provide any rationale for his incredible, bizarre claim. What proof has he whereof he speaks? Where in the Conservative platform does it say this? Nowhere. Besides, if the provinces aren't treated with the respect they've long been denied by the Liberals, respect which Mr. Harper promises to give them, then national unity will be up in the air. Both Quebec and Alberta have had more than too much of the Liberal dictatorship and will proceed with a separatism agenda should the Liberals be reelected. Doesn't Mr. Hargrove understand or even care about this danger? Is money more important to him than Canada? Is this the sort of crony a prime minister should have? Hargrove is insane and extreme. Paul Martin is pleased to have him onside. Therefore Paul Martin is insane and extreme. Paul Martin probably wants the country to break up anyway, or at least could care less. Isn't that already obvious from the way he abuses Alberta, Quebec and, in fact, all of the provinces, as well as all Canadians (except, of course, his cronies).

• Quebecers, even supporters of the Bloc Quebecois, should do anything to stop Harper.

Well, why didn't he give reasons for his claim? Does he expect anyone beyond his brethren of intellectually challenged moonbat communists to automatically embrace his statement as true without any reason whatsoever? Why, Buzz, why? Just because you say so? Get professional help, man, quick! Anyone who would promote the end of Canada like Buzz Hargrove would should be immediately fitted with a straitjacket, including anyone associated with him in a big way... like Paul Martin.

• The Liberals appear poised to be reduced to third-party status.

We would certainly hope so! They deserve to have no seats at all! The Liberals, because of the terrible things they've done to this great country, should be wiped off the map January 23rd!

• NDP Leader Jack Layton has given Harper an easy ride.

Well, would anyone prefer that he gives Paul Martin an easy ride after all the corruption and organized criminality? After all the cavalier abuse and exploitation of Canada and the dangers to which he's exposed us, including terrorism and ballistic missile attack, in the name of short-term political support?

And finally, said Hargrove, Canadians should start probing who paid Harper's salary when he was a member of a "secret society" - the National Citizens Coalition - that wants to destroy social programs.

Who paid Mr. Harper's salary at the NCC? Mr. Hargrove, do your research rather than act as Paul Martin's gleefully obedient shit-flinging monkey. It's all donations by private citizens who voluntarily give money to fight communism and fascism such as you yourself wish to force upon Canadians. Your own CAW members don't have a choice: you simply confiscate their money just because you can.

"Secret society"? "Destroy social programs"? Time for a lobotomy, Mr. Hargrove. Please go with the nice big men in the white pajamas... they'll help you...

Paul Martin is endangering Canada by forging alliances with the ultra-extreme left.

Does he want to make this flag our flag?

We never know with the Liberals. And Paul Martin is among the worst.

Choose your Canada.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Libranos Riding in Limos

Via Bourque:

Here we go again with Liberal wasteful spending... on themselves, at the expense of the taxpayer.

In Canada.

Remember Liberal Immigration Minister Joe Volpe, he of the infamous three-figure-cost "pizza-for-two" notoriety?

Well, here we have the Librano doing the same thing, always renting big, luxurious limousines to get around in.


Leaked documents detail a 12 1/2-hour trip to the nearby U.S. city last March that included an $850 fare, $127.50 tip and $68.43 in GST for a total cost of $1,045.93.

Another 10 1/2-hour trip to an undisclosed location from Pearson airport cost $522.

Hmm... "undisclosed location"... whooo... wonder where it could be and with whom he had a meeting... probably somebody in another limo... maybe three other limos full of big guys in suits?

Libranos... Libranos riding in limos...

Volpe's spokesman, Stephen Heckbert, said the trips were the best option given the alternatives. In the case of Buffalo, Heckbert said there were no direct flights available and a charter would have been too expensive.


...the minister always explores the best and the cheapest option based on the time he's got, where he has to go, what he has to do when he gets there," said Heckbert.

Oh, for heaven's sake! Does Mr. Heckbert seriously believe we're going to fall for this ludicrous bullshit?

Do the Libranos realize that it's possible to rent a regular-size car? And that they could actually drive it themselves? Don't Libranos know how to drive? Or were they brought up to have James chauffeur them everyday to school and the candy store?

And what about perhaps, instead of being absolutely everywhere in person, why not consider simply picking up the phone? How about videoconferencing? This is increasingly being done; but for Libranos, nope, that takes the fun and luxury out of what they do. Why grab the phone when you can take a ride in an oversized Cadillac, maybe catching a movie or two on the way whilst delicately sipping some fine Remy Martin Napoleon? Hell, enjoy it while it lasts. It's other peoples' money anyway, so why give a shit? Besides, the voters will catch on to all the other naughty stuff you're doing anyway, so who'll notice a thousand-dollar bill for a little hop on down to Bella Cucina del Italia just south of the border in Buffalo for the usual get together with Don Paulie, Snivelling Salvatore and the Big Brats?

Best and cheapest option, my ass!

See? It's the culture of entitlement again! Libranos believe they're entitled to ride in limos at our expense. I've never even been in one myself. Have you?

Yet another reason why they keep our taxes so high.

Time to hang 'em high on January 23rd.

Choose your Canada. Vote Conservative.

Personal Astrological Profile for the Sentinel

In another fun little bloggers' game, Aizlynne at Exposed Agenda just tagged me a little while ago to do this sort of paranormal-sounding thing (Aiz loves paranormal stuff), a sort of computer-generated analysis of myself.

Here's some excerpts from the results I find fascinating (I'm an "Aquarius"):

Your nature is essentially firm and quiet without much self-expression. Yet a great deal of determination can be read into your silence. Your will is exceptionally strong, and you must have things your own way. You often go to extremes in exerting your will over others. Your perceptions are highly acute, and you are an accurate judge of human nature. Your abilities lie in investigating, coordinating, and synthesizing, which you use to achieve a personal understanding of the truths of the world.

In love you remain independent; however, your feelings are easily aroused. Here, too, you want to take the lead in establishing the course of the relationship.

The key to a more harmonious self lies in learning to submit to working and cooperating with others, even though it is difficult for you to accept a subordinate position.

Wow- I'm astonished! This is eerie. It's so close to reality. And note that last sentence in the first paragraph, beginning with "Your abilities lie in...". That's 100% correct, actually! Those regular readers of my postings here and comments elsewhere will recall my having alluded to this sort of thing in my own coming to understand what's been going on in Canada and the world. It is this understanding that actually drew me to the blogosphere, where I could see that I wasn't alone in the ability to see and understand what's right before me. And I think perhaps in this campaign, many more Canadians have suddenly discovered the same ability in themselves. After all, they've become as frustrated with the Liberal state as I have been since they first came to power in '93.

I personally am not a believer in astrology. But this is indeed fascinating and does make one think, so I can see the attraction in it for some folks. I'm glad I did this exercise.

I also agree with the following:

A Gemini in the ascendant will always distinguish himself by his rather eloquent speech and writing, his much occupied daily life, and his perpetual lack of an ability to effect swift and determined decisions. As a Gemini, you should try to compensate your hesitancy with fast thinking.

Perhaps I could try to think faster sometimes, but then I fear I'd lose the quality of the thinking and end up like the Liberals, who have demonstrated much deficiency in the area of intelligence. I believe my painstaking questioning and analysis of pretty much everything is my greatest strength.

More thought-provoking stuff:

Your disposition to life-events will be kind and generous (within bounds) but not always fortunate, because of too much vacillation in decision-making circumstances. You possess the capability of rising in life because of your own intellectual assets.

Your mind is open and generous, and your intellect self-sufficient; yet on many occasions, judgment will appear as "twisted". You should restrain useless discussion, strife, and unprofitable argument as they're your worst enemies.

To achieve success, you should stress your literary and scientific studies, give free hand to your brilliant intellect in warranted circumstances, and apply your diligent nature to writing, traveling, communications, and human analysis. In all these activities you are at your best.

I should also include the following:

The Sun was in the tenth house at the time of birth. The Sun here promises honor, success, and prestige in adult life. Publicly you appear as a vital, proud, powerful person. Your individuality has the need to manifest itself publicly and often to foist its energy on others. You have come to life with a satisfactory physical and moral heredity and you are going to acquire the favorable disposition of many persons of power to assist you in your ascent through life.

Your liabilities include an exaggerated pride, arrogance and a tendency to rely too much on your own resources.

We've seen the first two liabilities in the past two Liberal leaders and some of number three in the recent conservative leaders (but fortunately Mr. Harper has learned to make excellent use of the abilities of others and has consequently been successfully leveraging with some excellent advice from the people around him this election campaign). Self-reliance is actually a good quality, but sometimes we do have to let others assist us so as to leverage our success and the success of others.

Mr. Harper's personal and leadership growth is amazing, isn't it? See, he has proven that people can be flexible and can change for the better. This, I believe, is why Canadians have been recently warming to him as the next Prime Minister. He's exactly what Canada needs.


Saturn was in the twelfth house at the time of birth. This planet may place many unpleasant and annoying obstacles in your life, and intensify the feelings you have about the limitations of your environment.

Your professional honor affects your feelings very much and you are well satisfied when things go well. Destiny may have to teach you to tell the difference between fact and fantasy more clearly.

Well, as I've noted before, I'm not going to take too seriously the above, but it is fascinating, thought-provoking and fun. Thanks, Aizlynne, for tagging me.

Who next? Ah, yes, I'd really like to see something like this on Candace of Planet X. Now I'll have to go tell her she's "it"...

Liberal Supporters Attack Vellacott With Website, But He's Very Good, Hard-Working.

Read the CBC news story about a website slamming Conservative MP and candidate Maurice Vellacott. Marvel at the smallness of the accusations. So what if one's attendance isn't perfect? Hell, Paul Martin's attendance isn't perfect, either, nor that of any Liberal MP I can think of. How many times, after all, were the PM and his Cabinet Ministers not in the House to answer questions, particularly when serious ones were being asked that they personally had a real duty to answer?
The group of Liberal supporters claims:
"We're just trying to grow as a group and we're trying to increase our capacity to inform people," he said. "But also what we're trying to do is create a grassroots campaign."
Oh, really? Well, guess what, you supporters of a corrupt regime of criminals and communists, you have a counterpart! I hereby counterstrike against your shameless demagoguery.
Now read this post I did a while back about Mr. Vellacott's hard work to hold the Liberal dictatorship to account. And see just how cavalierly arrogant and uncaring the Liberals have been proven to be. It also demonstrates that the Liberal regime has practiced intolerance of groups using Canadians' hard-earned tax dollars.
Bloody "Liberals". Screw them. So they stop screwing Canada.

Liberals Don't Care About Violent Crime. Are They Racist, Too?

You be the judge. Click here.

Martin Calls Kettle Black; Himself Taxes Poor & Gives to Rich

I came across this story today and was unmitigatedly disgusted and astonished at the sheer audacity of "Liberal" Leader Paul Martin.
He's claiming that front-running rival Conservative Leader Stephen Harper would essentially take from the "poor" via taxes and give to the "rich" via taxes. Lying bastard.
His own record is one of taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Anyone who is "poor", including, arguably, myself, who bothers to look at their paystub to see what Martin takes off, knows this for a fact. It's astonishing to add up the total deductions. There's income tax, CPP and EI deductions. Martin previously as Finance Minister raised the CPP premiums deducted from everyones' paychecks while reducing the available benefits. And the rich pay no premiums above a certain level, around $35,000. Theoretically, one can receive CPP benefits after age 67, but then only to a maximum of around $8,000. Who today can really live a decent, comfortable life on that amount, let alone so far off into the future for so many people who today are less than half Paul Martin's age? And then there's EI. Martin has never cut the premiums even close to the level at which they equal requirements and therefore took dozens of extra billions of dollars from working people and blew it all so he could claim to have eliminated the deficit.
Oh, and it's a well-known fact that Martin himself has deliberately avoided paying millions of dollars in taxes in Canada by registering his ships under foreign flags. So much for his claims of having "love" for Canada. Yep, he's a real Canadian patriot, isn't he?
Also, it's well-known from all the scandals and the evidence surrounding the approximately 35 criminal investigations now ongoing into his government that his regime has been giving unnecessary money to his rich cronies via contracts for little or no work which paid a ludicrously high amount relative to any services claimed to have been rendered. We've heard countless details in the news about this, including this disgusting, sickening, infuriating example.
Martin also pompously and unclearly asserted:

"If Stephen Harper is elected prime minister next Monday, Canada will not come to an end. But it will be different."

What's that supposed to mean anyway? I'll tell y'all. It means that Canada will see a government that is NOT based on the values of Liberals which are crime, corruption, greed, dishonesty, gluttony, cavalier uncaring, being soft on violent and organized crime, providing a safe haven for terrorists, wasting billions and billions of dollars on worthless pursuits and via unbelievable inefficiency in everything, starving the Armed Forces to the brink of total collapse, starving the RCMP so badly they're short at least 2000 personnel (no wonder they're taking so long to investigate the criminal wrongdoing of Martin's regime), and the list goes on far too long to continue here... See here for everything, including the latest updates, and set aside the rest of the week to go over it all.
Martin audaciously claimed of Mr. Harper's tax cut plans:

"Mr. Harper won't say where the cuts will come from," he said. "So we must look to his record."

Well, Mr. Harper's "record" is clear: he's always, in word and in deed, demonstrated his committment to fiscal conservativism and is a trained economist whereas Paul Martin is just a multimillionaire industrialist who avoided paying Canadian taxes and came to power for the sake of power and nothing more.
We've examined Martin's own record. He's casting stones in his glass house here. It's obvious where the "cuts" will come from: the ever-increasing surpluses that happen even though Martin ratchets up spending by many billions each year, beating the previous years' all-time records for budgetary spending. The "cuts" will also be supported by the elimination of all the waste and inefficiency of which we're well aware in the Martin regime.
Martin so far this campaign has never offered any evidence to support his criticism of the Conservative economic and fiscal plan for governing Canada, which is officially endorsed by the Conference Board of Canada, which also asked for the Liberals' own claimed plans, which they never provided. So Harper's plan is sound whereas Martin's plan is imaginary and being made up on the fly, rather than being planned out and costed beforehand. And he wants your vote so he can continue his crooked ways and enrich himself and his cronies by exploiting Canada and Canadians.
Martin has always also grossly underestimated all annual surpluses; therefore he cannot possibly understand the nation's finances as well as he claims.
Paul Martin, for lying about "taking from the poor and giving to the rich", can go screw himself. And stop screwing Canada.
Stand up for Canada. Vote Conservative.

Bin Laden Likely Dead: Aussie Terrorism Expert

Interesting item via NealeNews:

An Australian terrorism expert says he has seen evidence, which could show al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is either seriously ill or dead. Professor Clive Williams, from Macquarie University told the Australian state radio ABC that he has been provided with evidence, by an Indian colleague, supporting the theory that bin Laden died of massive organ failure in April 2005.

Read the whole article for the complete reasoning.

Now that makes one think and speculate. Been a long time since we've seen or heard from the stinking mountain goat. He suffers from kidney failure and requires dialysis. Hard to live long under the circumstances of the number one fugitive in the world, wanted dead or alive. And number two in the Al Qaeda organization, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is the one now apparently calling the shots.

Not that it matters. With or without the stinking piece of banshee dung, the Islamofascist head-lopping terrorists continue to plan and execute their evil deeds all over the world.

The Canadian Sentinel continues to keep an eye out for suspicious and mysterious happenings that walk and quack like terrorism. For example, again reported by the Northeast Intelligence Network, this recently happened inside the United States:

(Emphasis mine)

On Wednesday, 11 January 2006, environmental divers working for Merkel Associates of San Diego, hired to check on algae growth in the Huntington Beach Harbor discovered seven or perhaps eight commercial-grade explosive detonators that were “strategically placed” on the ocean floor in Long Canal, near Bonaire Circle in about 10-15 feet of water.

(...) An analysis of the explosives determined that they were placed on the harbor floor within 36 hours of their discovery. Following their discovery, eight law enforcement agencies responded to the scene; at least 15 divers, including ten from the Orange County Sheriff's Department, four from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and one diver from the FBI searched the floor of the harbor for additional explosives and to recover the explosives that were found.

Of course, read it all!
The importance of this: we must continue to be vigilant against the very real, continuing threat of terrorist attacks, including inside Canada, and continue strongly demanding of our governments that they get much more serious about national security and defense than they have been even since 9/11.
Remember this on January 23rd. Remember which party is best qualified to get serious about national security: the Conservative Party of Canada.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Change... For the Better, Mr. Martin

Sigh... ok, so Liberal Leader Paul Martin is now asking the stupid question:

"The question is not simply change — the question is: Change for what?"

Well, Paulie, if you must really know...

The answer is:

"Change for the better... because Canadians deserve better than you'll ever let them have."

It's that simple. Too bad you don't get it, Paulie. That's why your ass is so fired.

Paulie Contemplating New Surroundings?

Just Fartin' Around

"Good one, Jacko!"

"Now pull my thumb..."

Petulant Paulie

"Smile, Paul!"
"No! I don't wanna!"

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Stephen Taylor's Excellent Ad

Stephen Taylor has an excellent ad, a still photo of which you see above. Go here to see it for yourself.

Nasty old Paul Martin himself approved this kind of negative personal imagery, so I agree with Stephen's choice.

Update: Here's another one from the Cannuckistan Chronicles, thanks to a tip from Aizlynne of Exposed Agenda in the comments. It's really hard-hitting on Scary Paulie, so you'll like it. Click right here and watch. The Paul Martin Liberals, remember, are the ones who started this dirty war. They brought it upon themselves. Don't know what they were thinking, if indeed they think, but what goes around comes around. All's fair.

Liberals Will Take Away Property Rights Via Communist Doctrine

h/t for photo: smalldeadanimals.com
Now the Liberals are really looking scary.

The Canada Free Press has done this excellent research and reporting expose on the Paul Martin Liberals' hidden agenda to take away Canadians' property rights in keeping with their apparent communist dogmas.

Read the whole report and follow the links to see for yourself the Liberals' ominous plans for Canada.

And you'll see why Paul Martin's Liberals refuse to include property rights in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and why Paul Martin has been fearmongering and illogically claiming that property rights would somehow "violate child labor laws" or something without explaining why he was saying it.

Stephen Harper has promised to entrench property rights into the Charter. Good for him; in Canada, a free and democratic nation, we truly must have our right to our own property protected by the Charter, otherwise the state, as desired by the Liberals, New Democrats and Bloc Quebecois, will be able to proceed to confiscate peoples' land, robbing them of their livelihoods and the enjoyment of that which belongs to them. And if land can be confiscated, everything else can therefore be confiscated. It's a slippery slope. We already have the Liberals confiscating our hard-earned income and using most of it for whatever they please rather than what we expect them to do with it in order to provide necessary services, namely infrastructure, law and order, medical services, national security and defense, etc. But while the Liberals have been enriching themselves and their cronies and squirreling away unknown billions upon billions in "foundations" of varous monikers of which we're forbidden to know, these necessary services are being effectively allowed to crumble and become little more than a mechanism to transfer tax dollars to employees of the state to have employment without adequate resources with which to properly and adequately perform their critical duties, all the while seeing their workplaces going wanting for thousands of critically required staff.

Like all communist regimes throughout history, the Paul Martin Liberals promise to do their job, to run the country properly and efficiently and to take care of everyone, providing employment, top-quality healthcare and education, enforce laws, administer justice with a blind eye, defend the country against all threats, protect our rights and enhance our standard of living.

But the Liberals do none of that! They, as we well know now, regardless of the extraordinarily high rates of taxation for citizens and businesses and their widespread coverage across the economy, raking incredible surpluses of cash into the Liberal treasury, they cavalierly ignore all necessities as listed in the paragraph above which comprise their core responsibilities while paying them lip service in the MSM, claiming everything's fine, don't worry, be happy, and if you change the government, the world will end in a day. Such propaganda! It's exactly what iron-fisted communist regimes the world over have always attempted to stamp into the peoples' consciousness, an evil, inhuman tactic always doomed to fail.

That's the evil tactic they've been using in their false, misleading, pejorative, negative "attack" election ads. It's the very sort of thing we'd expect from brutally-controlled communist regimes such as the former Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, etc...

The Paul Martin Liberals will do anything to stay in power, and it looks now as if they're planning to go even more aggressively negative in their attacks in the final week of the campaign. I wonder how far they'll go? Will they use the tools and agencies of the state? Will they intimidate the MSM? Will they commit crimes? Will they fabricate "evidence"? Will they pay people to "come forward" with false claims against their political opponents? The possibilities are endless.

We must stand on guard for thee. We must not allow the Liberals to get away with anything!

We must vote to get the Liberals out of power now!

Paul Martin and the Liberals are asking us to choose our Canada. They might as well ask us to choose our flag, too.

Choose your Canada.
Choose your flag.