Saturday, October 29, 2005

Paul Martin Liberals Give Our Tax Dollars to Christianophobic Bigots and Won't Stop

Indeed, that's a strong statement. But it's true. That's why I'm posting this information. The Paul Martin Liberals are giving my and your money to hatefully intolerant left-wing extremists yet again and unapologetically so.

The LifeSite reports that Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott discovered, via the Access to Information Act, that the ruling Paul Martin Liberals, via Status of Women Canada, last year granted $27,400 to the BC Pro-Choice Action network (pro-CAN).

Mr. Vellacott sent a letter to Liza Frulla, Liberal Minister of Canadian Heritage and Minister responsible for Status of Women, which states, in part:
Pro-CAN spokesperson Joyce Arthur uses derogatory labels to describe individuals who are pro-life, saying their opposition to abortion, "comes primarily from religious justifications for oppressing women" and a need to "maximize (the Catholic Church's) membership levels to maintain their worldly influence and wealth." Pro-CAN accuses pro-life Christians of being "religious fanatics" who do "little or nothing for children once they are born." She says pro-life Christians are "anti-woman and anti-child," have views which are "uninformed, sexist, cruel," and lack the ability to empathize which "breeds intolerance, hate crimes, and war." Ms. Arthur says that the pro-lifer's attitude towards women is like "the slaveholder's attitude to blacks, and the Nazi's attitude to Jews."

Oh, dear. What an example of ultra far left-wing Christianophobia.

Mr. Vellacott in the letter called for prompt action to curtail all funding to the group and an apology to all Christians:
The government should be taking no part in spreading this sort of bigotry. Please ensure that any current funding to Pro-CAN ceases immediately and that no future taxpayer money be given to this group. And please have your department issue a public apology to all Christians and pro-life Canadians because of your department's financial support of this hate mongering organization.

The report describes Ms. Frulla's response:
In a curt reply dated October 18, Minister Frulla says, "I appreciate being made aware of your concerns." The Minister acknowledges that pro-CAN and the other pro-abortion activist groups mentioned in the letter by Vellacott, "did indeed receive funding under the women's Program of Status of Women Canada."

Frulla suggested she was well aware of the activities of pro-CAN, but found no objection to funding the anti-Christian group with public monies. "Each application is assessed according to a stringent set of objectives and criteria . . . Please be assured that the initiatives cited in your letter, which did indeed receive funding, met all of the above-mentioned objectives and eligibility criteria."

Amazing. The Minister is aware of the hate propaganda of the group, yet deems them fit, according to the Liberals' "stringent set of objectives and criteria" to receive my and your hard-earned and easily taken money. The "objectives and criteria" are what? To be viciously intolerant of Christians? Is that what the Liberal Party of Paul Martin believes to be an example of their pompously trumpeted "Canadian values"?

What if the group instead was opposed to same-sex marriage? We know the Liberals would've told them to go to hell rather than grant them our money. What if they said similarly bad things about Muslims? Then the Liberals would have them charged with criminally intolerant expression against a religious minority, probably.

Yet we see the fascistic double standards of the ultra far left being continued, encouraged and funded (with my and your money) by the ruling Paul Martin "Liberal" regime.

Tell me, is this what the Liberals believe to be an example of their often pompously, patronizingly trumpeted set of "Canadian values", which aren't written anywhere, by the way, and only are whatever the Liberal Party deems them to be whenever they see fit?

Is the Liberal Party of Paul Martin Christianophobic? They're giving our money to hatefully extreme Christianophobes, after all.

No wonder our taxes continue to be so high. Paul Martin and the so-called "Liberals" are always giving it away to the ultra far left!