Friday, October 07, 2005

Libranos Promise to Cut Taxes?

First, the Liberals of Paul Martin announce this unwieldy, sketchy, redistributionist scheme to "return" the surplus to Canadians in the future.

Now I just found out that Finance Minister Ralph Goodale has promised to cut taxes in the next federal budget. One cannot help but be skeptical of this pre-election posturing, which continues a recent string of promises made.

Mr. Goodale told the House of Commons Industry Committee, according to Yahoo News:

"We have reduced taxes in every budget since 1997, including the two budgets I presented in 2004 and 2005, and -- just watch me -- we're going to do it again,"

Well, as far as I can see from my own paycheck, there's no noticeable reduction in my income or payroll taxes. They still look confiscatory as hell to me.

Further, is this "promise" of Goodale's genuine or is it more Librano BS? Are the tax cuts some that have already been set into deferred motion in previous budgets, or are they new? I'd really like to know, but I hold not my breath- the Libranos have only disappointed me since they seized power way back in 1993. They still haven't "scrapped, killed, abolished" the hated GST as they promised way, way back then! Why should we believe another Librano promise?

Goodale indicated he plans to tell us more in a fiscal update three weeks from now. But he failed to specify whether they were to be just promises or a laying out specific, brand-new, never-before-planned cuts.

Kind of like a fiscal striptease by a chubby, middle-aged man. Who cares for that?

Hey, Ralphie, fugettaboutit! We know all about your little racket. We won't be fooled by more promises about taxes. You Libranos long ago overspent your political capital via your incredible corruption! Yes, corruption, corruption, corruption!

Am I wrong? Isn't it a mere cynical ploy to manipulate the people into voting for the Libmob yet again?

"Liberal"? No way! No thanks!