Friday, October 28, 2005

Paul Martin Liberals Give $2.9 Million of Our Money to Anti-Israel Coalition

From Canada Free Press:

The social justice missioned KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives has received $2.9-million from CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) during the past two years.

KAIROS, which has 25 years of experience in supporting human rights and
peace building in the Middle East, states on its literature that "Until a Palestinian state is realized, Israel is an occupying power in the Palestinian Territories and must respect international law as specified in the Fourth Geneva Convention."

Note the group's assertion, without basis given, that Israel is "occupying" the "Palestinian Territories". This is false, as, in fact, Israel won the territories in the war of 1967 in which it was attacked, unprovoked, by the former owners of the territories, Egypt (which owned the Gaza Strip, which was actually given to the Palestinian Authority recently) and Jordan (which owned the West Bank). Therefore, there has never been any occupation of these territories by Israel. In fact, they are actually occupied by the Palestinian Authority, which has never declared statehood over said territories, which makes the popular (politically correct, actually) belief that there's actually a real state called "Palestine" incorrect. There is no reason for KAIROS to issue such a declaration, other than prejudice against Israel, in my opinion. But then again, leftists are usually prejudiced against Israel, no doubt.


KAIROS public forums on Israel divestment are being hosted over a two-day period in Toronto-based United Churches.

Representatives expected to attend tonight’s free forum at Bloor Street United Church include the Canadian Arab Federation, Zatoun: Fair Trade Olive Oil from Palestine. Palestine House Educational & Cultural Centre, World Affairs Committee of Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada and the Muslim Canadian Congress. among others.

KAIROS and friends are calling on companies and corporations to divest from Israel. According to an Internet declaration, KAIROS considers that "earning money through investment in companies whose products and services are used in such a way as to violate international law and human rights is equivalent to profiting from unlawful acts and from the oppression of others."

To KAIROS, "investment in such companies can be seen as condoning the harm of innocent civilians under occupation and the illegal Israeli settlement policies that lead to human rights violations."

"Investment in such companies enables the government of Israel to sustain the ongoing violation of human rights of innocent civilians and "continuing such investments, once the facts are brought to our attention, constitutes deliberate condoning of the evil practices," claims KAIROS.

Note the membership of the group: basically the leftist-oriented United Church and Arab/Muslim groups.

Note also the declaration that Israeli settlements are "illegal". Again, no basis given for this claim. "Human rights violations" are alleged. Also without proof. And to top it off, KAIROS slurs Israel as having "evil practices".
Oh, my. That's a whole bunch of terrible, baseless, bigoted propaganda. The group wishes to intimidate people and businesses to stop investing in Israel based on this? KAIROS disgusts me and should be ashamed of itself. Their stench is revolting.
Oh, and, did I mention that the ruling Paul Martin Liberals funneled $2.9 million of my and your tax dollars to these extremists via CIDA? This is an outrage. The Liberals are giving our money to far-left anti-Israeli activists. Through the CIDA, which is supposed to promote development, not divestment, with respect to other nations. The Liberal pigs' revolting stench gets worse and worse the more we learn how they waste our hard-earned tax dollars.
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