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More Obammunism Stupidity

A clunker of a program.

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It's all screwed-up. And full of stupidity.

Those who designed the program are obviously stupid socialists more interested in ideological dogmatism than in rational real-worldliness.

And as for the supposed energy-savings and environmental friendliness, well, it's not that simple...

Michael Gerrard, director of Columbia Law School’s Center for Climate Change Law, said in a statement that the cash-for-clunker program is not a cost-effective way to reduce fuel use or greenhouse gas emissions. Any energy savings, he said, could take several years to realize, considering the time it takes the fuel savings from a new car to exceed the energy cost used to make it.

I'd add that more fuel-efficient vehicles will actually inspire drivers to behave in less-fuel-saving manners. They'll say, well, it's so much more efficient than my old, underpowered V8, this direct-injected, blown four-banger, so I can floor 'er all I want! Wheeeee!

And such fun, tire-shredding street-storming driving actually will use up nearly as much, as much or even more gas than would driving that early-Eighties LeSabre land yacht in the most fuel-efficient manner possible. Oh, yes... flooring it in my '06 Chevy Cobalt, with base-but-satisfactory 16-valve DOHC 2.2, on the highway turns her from a reasonably thrifty econo-coupe (when driven conservatively) into a Ferrari-like dead-dinosaur chug-a-lugger, I've noticed from enjoying a bit too much of the lovely, smooth surge of forward movement with the tach quickly slamming into redline and all 145 horses doing their thing...

So perhaps, fuel-efficiency-wise, the whole concept of trading in perfectly functional older vehicles isn't such a great idea after all. Unless your older vehicle was a ticking time bomb, a potential deathtrap with a road-salt-ravaged underlying structure...

Canada Warns Encroaching Russia, Promises Fighter Intercepts

Now can we order a fleet of F-22s, Mr. Harper? Dammit, the stinking Russkies have all those MiGs and Sukhois! All we've got is aged CF-18s.

Can we, alternatively, resurrect Avro? Yes we can!

Sure, Russia will downplay its Arctic activities as nothing extraordinary, but who trusts the Russians, anyway? We know they're imperialists who want the oil, gas and other resources that're up there.

Black Panther Voter-Intimidation Case Back On Table

Above: Here's the domestic racist terrorists again. Click on pic for details, including marijuana plants and a picture of the racist, anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan.

The guy with the weapon in the video, "King" Samir Shabazz, also seen above-left with a pistol, was exposed on the counter-terrorist Gates of Vienna blog as a hardcore racist, anti-Semitic hater.

But this is Philadelphia, home to MOVE, and the city has a history of violent revolutionary black liberation movements, groups that are too far off the scale for even ACORN and Jeremiah Wright, not to mention Barry Soetoro.
I think these guys mean business.

What does one expect from a Black Supremacist-run America?

It now appears that political interference was involved in the dismissal of the case.

Mr. Jackson was an elected member of Philadelphia's 14th Ward Democratic Committee and was credentialed to be at the polling place Nov. 4 as an official Democratic Party polling watcher, according to the Philadelphia city commissioner's office. A check of his MySpace Web page shows similar taunts. It also shows him in numerous poses with a variety of weapons.

Records show Mr. Jackson obtained new credentials as a poll watcher "at any ward/division in Philadelphia" just days after the charges against him were dismissed.


The delay was ordered by Loretta King, who was acting assistant attorney general, after she discussed concerns about the case with Mr. Perrelli. Ms. King, a career senior executive service official, had been named by President Obama in January to temporarily fill the vacant political position of assistant attorney general for civil rights while a permanent choice could be made.

She and other career supervisors ultimately recommended dropping the case against two of the men and the party and seeking a restraining order against the one man who wielded the nightstick. Mr. Perrelli approved that plan, officials said.

Would they have gone so shockingly easy on a bunch of Skinheads and neo-Nazi White Supremacists? Yeah, right. Oh, wait... the Democrats are responsible for the Ku Klux Klan, so I guess they're a party of BOTH kinds of supremacism. What unites them today is their extreme national-socialist agenda and their hatred of Republicans.

Don't forget that Obama himself is also a racist.

Given, furthermore, that these frightening racist dudes make the Obama Regime look as moderate and cuddly as Teletubbies, one wonders why Obama doesn't order them prosecuted. Does Obama have the balls? Or is he, beneath the surface, in his hidden agenda, actually as extreme and dangerous as these guys? Why else let them off the hook, unless he's afraid of them, which would be silly, as Obama's got the whole U.S. Forces at his command and can have these racist bastards taken care of just like that!

I wonder if the DHS has an advisory about guys like this, in addition to the one about ordinary Americans ("right-wing extremists") who simply dissent from Obama's and the Democrats' extreme, socialist-fascist policies?

Nancy Pelosi: Liar, Conspiracy Theorist And Hypocrite

Separated at birth?

Left-wing loonybird House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Heaven's Gate cult leader Marshall Applewhite: Fraternal twins or what?

Liar against the CIA, insurancy-industry conspiracy theorist and now apparently a hypocrite?

You be the judge. ht: Drudge Report

"It is somewhat immoral what they are doing. Of course, they have been immoral all along how they have treated the people that they insure," MSNBC's Luke Russert quoted her as saying. "They are the villains in this."

Pelosi, of course, has accepted campaign contributions from said villains this year and in the past, as have most of her Democratic colleagues. Pelosi's campaign committee, for example, took $2,500 from AFLAC's political action committee on April 13. But she's not giving the money back just because she thinks the sources are immoral and villainous.

No wonder she's so unpopular. Pretty soon Barry-O'll be joining her in the gutter. In fact, he's already beaten Jimmy Carter's own rapid popularity decline.

Here's some dissenters who aren't going to be manipulated by either of the death-cultists pictured above:

Ignatieff Disagrees With Majority Of Canadians

According to this report, Iggy's going to tell the majority of Canadians that they're nuts.

Michael Ignatieff is out of touch with Canadians.

He's probably trying to distract attention away from the Wafergate Liberal-Big Media-Irving conspiracy-to-demonize-Stephen-Harper scandal.

Well, duh. Whadda ya expect from da Lie-brano$$$? Dey's dirty rotten sonsabitches, fer shore!

After all, the Liberal Party is still the Party of ADSCAM.

BirthCertifiGate Scandal Continues

Now there's concerns that the State of Hawaii will destroy Obama's original, long-form birth certificate before it can be seen to verify that he was, indeed, born in America and is, therefore, Constitutionally, the President. Or not.

Hey, this is no more a "conspiracy theory" than the nonsense the Democrats and Obama are now spewing about the insurance industry being "evil" and "immoral" and supposedly conspiring to put the kibbosh on the Obamacare bill.

How come when the Big Media does an investigation/inquiry/examination/asks leading questions of news consumers, it's not called a "conspiracy theory", but rather is justified as "doing their job" and so on, but if ordinary folks do their own legitimate investigation and provide concrete evidence for all to judge for themselves, it's called a "lunatic fringe conspiracy theory"? Why the difference? Come on; do we really think the Big Media is any more scrupulous than we are? Any more honest? Are they under no pressure to "toe the line" and "follow the corporate agenda"? I mean, come on! The Big Media is no better than ordinary Americans who care about truth, facts and rock-solid evidence and proof. And who are quite competent enough to judge for themselves. But the Powers that Be are saying we're too stupid and untrustworthy, so we better trust the Elites instead. The Elites who confiscate our tax dollars for the furtherance of their hidden agenda which we didn't endorse because they never said they'd be doing such crap.

Read about it and judge for yourself. Don't rely on the Big Media and lazy-minded folks to tell you what's what and what's not.

No one is alleging a "conspiracy". All we're doing is looking at the facts and asking questions, "what's up with that"?

To stop being curious, stop looking at suspicious stuff, stop thinking, stop asking questions about things... that's what we're supposed to do, right? We're being told to quit thinking about things, stop asking inconvenient questions.

Well, then how come the same people who tell folks to forget about anything suspicious about Obama aren't telling folks to stop trying to find something bad about Sarah Palin and to stop making phony, always-dismissed ethics complaints about her and such, and stop spreading absurd conspiracy theories about her?

And how come the same folks were always babbling-up various conspiracy theories about President Bush, about Halliburton, about...?

Now they're saying, "Nothing to this, nothing at all. Only lunatics think there's anything to it.".

Weird, isn't it? Especially since, when we study and think about all the evidence that's out there, we know that there's something to it, and the one undeniable fact is that:

Obama never, ever proved that he, as required by the Constitution to be President, was born on American soil.

And the only document that can provide such proof, his paper original, long-form birth certificate (if it's a Hawaii one), he's desperately hiding, doing everything in his power to prevent anyone at all from seeing it and what it says about where he was born. This is indubitable, and no amount of misleading, vague public statements by whomever can ever change this rock-solid truth.

No matter what any number of people and organizations may have said so far, they've never offered proof that Obama proved he was born on American soil. And this means that whether he's "President" of the United States or not is an unanswered question. Unanswerd in terms of not being proven vis-a-vis the Constitution's need-to-have-been-born-in-America requirement.

The problem with this is that more and more people won't believe he's the President and will not trust him, nor obey any of the laws passed under his regime.

And this is dangerous.

And it will only get worse.

Because Obama is making it worse by hiding the truth and trying to get his propaganda machine to fool people with The Big Lie.

After all, the whole point of telling a big lie is that when the lie is so massive and monstrous, well, who's going to believe anyone would dare tell such a lie? Like, no one would dare, right? But that's exactly what Obama's counting on, that no one will believe he's lying about where he was born and about being President of the United states, or that anyone else is.

Just obey the Constitution, Obama. Why aren't you?

The Democrats' Conspiracy Theories About Insurance Companies$3A29$3A7.JPG

Above: Some Democrats.

Below: Another Democrat. And a Democat.

Funny how the Democrats call the millions of Americans who want to see Obama's real birth certificate "conspiracy theorists".

Especially since the Democrats are the real conspiracy theorists!

Nancy Pelosi, as usual, is positively demonic.

And as for Obama, well, the guy's really shovelling it again. He's demanding "accountability" of the insurance industry and wants to "keep them honest".

But, hey, look who's talking. The guy won't even prove he was born in America, which is required in the Constitution for anyone to be President.

And Americans are calling for his accountability and honesty. But the Democrats' and their propaganda machine's response? "They're a lunatic fringe of conspiracy theorists! They're racists!"

Well, I'd say the Democrats are projecting their own faults onto ordinary Americans who demand that their supposed "President" obey the Constitution and quit bullshitting around! Until then, they'll never, ever, trust him, nor those who stand with him.

Look, Americans don't want Obamacare. Why can't the Democrats and Obama just accept this and move on to 10,000 more important things? Accept the will of most people and stop being garbage-spewing, racist, lunatic-fringe conspiracy theorist wackos! It is already decided; the people have spoken and made it clear what's what. So, Democrats and Obama, stop being crazy conspiracy theorists. Stop calling the insurance industry Satan and other such crap!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nancy Pelosi, Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist

And they call Americans simply asking to see Obama's real birth certificate "conspiracy theorists"?

Hoo-boy. I mean, get a load of Nancy Pelosi's latest crackpot theory...

"Of course they've been immoral all along in how they have treated the people that they insure," she said, adding, "They are the villains. They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening."

Now, ain't that a lot crazier than simply asking to see Obama's real birth certificate? Shouldn't we be reporting that Nancy Pelosi's going around sprouting insane conspiracy theories about evil, nasty, mean-spirited, greedy insurance companies trying to wreck the Democrats' agenda?


No wonder she's so unpopular.

Man Rapes Horse For Second Time

Is it me, or does there seem to be an increasing number of people having sex with livestock and pets?

What's up with that?

Sheesh. Next thing you know, there'll be an upstart Bestialists' Rights Movement. They'll call it a "human rights" movement.

They'll go to court so they can have "Bestialist Pride Parades". And they'll be riding down the street, um, "bareback"...

They'll say, "What do you care if people and animals do it together? Who are you to judge? You hater! Call Obama; he'll help us; he promised!"

Wonder what the animal rights advocates will say? Probably nothing. They don't seem to care that there's people out there raping animals all the time...

If the Loony Left gets its way again and again, next thing you know, we'll be seeing guys getting married to horses....

Obama Crackpot Science Czar Wanted To Give Trees Rights

John Holdren: Wacko-Mad "Science Czar" Appointed by Wacko-Mad Obama

This is the same guy who once declared, effectively, that babies, even after they're born, aren't human.

Can you ever imagine this guy thinking, therefore, that babies, being inhuman, as he believes, would have any rights at all?

Now we find out that this lunatic appointee of the lunatic Obama actually has advocated giving trees the right to sue.

Trees. With rights.

In Obamerica.

Yes, they can!


Of course, they give enemy combatants, ie. murderously hateful, hellbent Al Qaeda and Taliban captives, the exact same rights as law-abding, taxpaying American citizens. So I guess anything's possible in the insane alternative reality of Obammunism. Don't be surprised if they give turds more rights than you have!

Oh, yeah, eh? Well, I advocate giving the unborn the right to sue, so they can sue Holdren, Obama and the whole shitload of those wacko-lunatic leftist wingnuts for murdering so many of them!

Imagine that. A "science czar" in charge of "science" in America with the insane belief that the trees are more human than babies!

I warned y'all that Obama wasn't worth the risk. Just look at all the wingnuts he's appointed all over the place. A fascist to run the DHS. A racist to the SCOTUS. And a madman to direct "science".

God help America!

Left Suddenly Awakens To Homegrown Terrorist Threat. Why?

Finally. The All Barack Channel has the poop for us.

I wonder if the fact that a bunch of white Islamic terrorists were recently picked up has anything to do with their sudden interest in taking the threat seriously?

The Left didn't take the terror threat seriously when all the terrorists were Islamic and Arab.

Of course, they literally executed the white terrorist Timothy McVeigh. Don't expect them to execute any Arabic Islamic terrorists, however. Never, ever happen! You see, the Left is racist...

I betcha they salivate at the prospect of using racial profiling now. Ok to detain filthy honkies for whatever, as filthy honkies have no rights, right?

After all, it's no secret that the Obama Regime, like Obama himself, is racist.

Just listen to the astonishingly absurd words of Attorney General Eric Holder:

(...) radicalization is something that didn't loom as large a few months ago ... as it does now(...)

WTF?! Is this guy serious? Simply astonishing!

Nevertheless, only fools will believe that the Obama Regime really intends to do anything substantially different than what's been done already:

He noted, however, that the Bush administration "left us an infrastructure that I think is very good," and that national security officials are constantly striving to put the country in a safer position.

"The American people would be surprised by the depth of the threat, but also reassured to see the assets that have been deployed around the world," Holder said, adding that the United States interacts closely with its foreign partners.

Well, millions of us wouldn't be surprised at the depth of the threat. Because we've for years been asking how come the Left never seemed to realize it... until now?! Why now do they finally acknowledge that terrorism is a grave threat?

As we've already seen, the DHS of the Obama Regime is actually delusionally, irrationally worried about "right wing extremists", meaning ordinary, law-abiding Amercians who simply don't like what the Regime is doing policy-wise, don't like the extremist, socialist, fascist agenda of the Regime. The Regime is trying to find ways to criminalize or at least strongly, fascistically discourage dissent, even though when campaigning for President, Obama himself claimed that "dissent is patriotic", but then again, that's only because he was dissenting against Bush.

So don't expect the Regime to do anything different to fight terrorist threats. Expect them, however, to play up the threat as "being worse than ever", with the cooperation of the suddenly-also-worried Big Media, as a ploy to take away Americans' civil rights.

Just as they accused the Bush Administration of doing whilst it actually was combating the terror threat. Oh, yes, just watch the unhinged Leftists now...

Oh, crap... remember when the Democrats were in power last time? Remember their military-style raid on the Branch Davidian compound, even though the Branch Davidians were just minding their own business? Don't expect them to raid the Jamaat ul Fuqra Islamic terrorist training camps across America. And don't expect them to use commandoes with machine guns to take brainwashed-into-hating-Kufrs children away from Islamic supremacists in their homes, like they did in the Elian Gonzalez case, so they could deport the poor little boy to Communist-dictatorship Cuba...

They'll probably talk up and fearmonger the terrorist threat (which they should do anyway, of course), to take away Americans' Second Amendment Rights (and confiscate their guns). Of course, this will actually make America more vulnerable to terrorists and enemy invading forces by turning ordinary Americans into defenceless sitting ducks in their homes.

All in all, that ABC interview was a cakewalk. No tough questions. No challenging Mr. Holder, even when he made absurd comments, like suggesting that Professor Gates's arresting officer probably thinks he "could have reacted differently", just like Gates. Oh, come on... is Mr. Holder suggesting anything improper on the officer's part? Is Mr. Holder also suggesting that the officer was "acting stupidly"? Surely he realizes, as does Colin Powell, an Obamite himself, that Gates shouldn't have acted like a paranoid ass, 'cause anyone who acts like a paranoid ass towards police is creating a situation in which police have no choice but to fear for their own safety, regardless of with whom they're dealing. Anyone who behaves in a hostile, irrational, threatening manner towards police, well, surely we don't expect the police to tolerate such behavior, from anyone? We're not allowed to treat each other as civilians like that, so who the hell thinks they're entitled to aggressively follow a cop around and defamatorily scream "you're a racist!" at him? How the hell can the cop not fear for his own safety when people behave like aggressive lunatics towards him? AG Holder is an idiot, and obviously a racist, too, just like Obama and Professor Gates.

Sheesh. Idiots and racists everywhere. And they run the country, too... Sheesh!

Just remember, my American friends... in 2010, kick the bums out! And in 2012, kick The O-Bum out!

Bureaucratic Arrogance, Resistance: Leftist Rebellion?

When Liberals are in power, the bureaucrats do as they're told without question.

But when Conservatives are in power, the bureaucrats do a complete 180 and resist change. As if they believe that they run the show, which they don't, as they weren't elected to steer the national policy agenda, but rather to implement it.

Again we see the arrogance and culture of entitlism in the bureaucratic ranks of the Leftist-dominated state apparatus.

Bureaucrats are paid to do as they're told, not to set the agenda!

They need to be reminded of this.

If they want to do things the way they want, then they can either resign and start their own businesses... or get elected to government themselves!

ht: NNW

Shut up and do as you're told, just like you do when the Liberal Left is in power in Ottawa. Git 'er done!

Adler On Liberal Wafergate Scandal

Story here.

ht: NNW

Every now and then something happens in the NEWS - more specifically in The Coverage of News - that let’s me know why so many of you have abandoned the old ways of paying attention to news...Abandoned watching the late evening news...Abandoned the Newspaper…Every now and then, it becomes so crystal clear why there is as much suspicion of the news business, as there is of the political business and the religious business, and business, especially big business. This week we have one such story. Nearly a month ago, I was hassled by friends, by acquaintances, and by emails as to why I didn't take WAFERGATE seriously. I was told that if Michael Ignatieff had done such a thing like pocketing the Body of Christ, I would be crucifying Michael Ignatieff. Whooaaaaaaaah, I said! What do you base premise upon...A silly video without a time count…A silly edited video designed to further an agenda...

...a Liberal agenda to spread malicious lies via the Big Media, the Big, Billionaire, Big-Oil, Liberal-owned Media, to defame and demonize Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

The goal on the part of the desperate, political-wilderness-wandering Liberals is to cheat, lie and demonize their way back to absolute power with the hidden agenda of imposing a horrific, national-socialist, Obama-style regime upon us all.


Cue the violins!

Nothing new about this, actually. It only feels like "news" because it's been EXPOSED!

Liberals caught red-handed again, lying and cheating, with the help of their corrupt Big Media cronies.

This is, don't forget, the party of ADSCAM. They haven't changed. Same old crooked Librano$$$!

How much more of this sort of thing happens all the time across Canada, UNEXPOSED?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ignatieff Liberals Fingered In 'Wafergate' Fake-Report Scandal

Did Liberal Leader Ignatieff know anything about a suspected Liberal plot in which a false, defamatory story about Prime Minister Harper was allegedly provided to and published by the Liberal-owned Telegraph Journal? Who in the Liberal Party was involved in this maliciously defamatory partisan smear with religious undertones?

Heads have already rolled at the Telegraph Journal, a Saint John, New Brunswick, Irving Family (Liberal)-owned newspaper.

A New Brunswick newspaper issued a front-page apology Tuesday for publishing a story that alleged Stephen Harper slid a communion wafer into his pocket during a memorial service for a former governor general.

The Telegraph-Journal said the article, which was written after Romeo LeBlanc's death last month, was "inaccurate and should not have been published."

And that's not all. There's yet another Liberal scandal, involving the federal Liberals' provincial cousins, the government of New Brunswick.

The apology came on the same day that a dozen prominent New Brunswick academics launched a boycott against the newspaper for firing intern Matt McCann over a story about Premier Shawn Graham.

"McCann was fired in June for a story he wrote about opposition among University of New Brunswick faculty to the university's decision to confer an honorary doctorate on Premier Graham," the professors said in a release.

Incidentally, a Liberal I know told me that he recently had a sit-down-and-chat session with Liberal Premier Graham because he wasn't happy with him. He didn't elaborate, but obviously there's some unrest within the Liberal Party.

Ugh. The connections between Liberals and the Big Media are obviously rather malodorous.

No wonder people have been turning away from newspapers like the Telegraph Journal, a, as far as I'm concerned, extremely pro-Liberal/anti-Conservative emergency buttwiper and handy firestarter whose only redeeming quality may be the comics page, which obviously isn't much more made-up than some of its "news" stories.

And now... Steve Janke's hard-hitting coverage of the scandal...

CTV's Robert Fife reports this evening that it was the Liberal Party who concocted the false story of Prime Minister Stephen Harper pocketing a communion wafer at a Roman Catholic mass, and that these people within the Liberal Party delivered the story to a Liberal-friendly newspaper publisher, who then passed it down to a Liberal-friendly editor, who published the story under the byline of two professional reporters who had nothing to do with this.

Janke continues:

If Robert Fife's allegations are true, then I don't believe for a second that senior members of the Liberal Party don't know exactly who did this, and indeed they might have even authorized it. You don't approach a scion of the powerful Irving family without the high-level authorization that causes doors to open. The Liberal Party must immediately reveal the names of:

  • the person or persons who constructed this story
  • the person or persons who delivered the story to Jamie Irving
  • the person or persons who managed this operation and authorized it

It turns out that there was never any "scandal" involving the Prime Minister at all.

The only scandal here involves the Liberal Party of Canada, the Liberal-owned Telegraph Journal and a member of the powerful billionaire Irving Family.

This is an example of what I'm talking about when I use the words "The Left".




$100K Offered For Proof Obama Born In US

Story here.

Something tells me that the only one who could get that $100,000 is Obama himself, as only he can prove that he was born in the US, by simply picking up the phone and telling Hawaii to release his original, long-form birth certificate for everyone to see.

Of course, there's also the possibility that the document will not indicate that he was born in the US!

"I, Jason Hommel, promise that I will give $100,000 to the first person who can prove to my satisfaction that Barack Obama, acting as president of the United States, is a 'natural born' citizen of the USA, which is a qualification to hold the office as indicated in the U.S. Constitution," he wrote.

"Please prove that Obama is a 'natural born' US citizen, and put to rest the claims in lawsuits, as reports, 'that include contentions Obama was born in Kenya, wasn't a 'natural born' citizen because of his father's Kenyan citizenship, was a dual citizen and that his mother wasn't old enough to transmit citizenship at birth. In addition, his citizenship is clouded by his move as a child to Indonesia and apparent adoption by an Indonesian citizen who married his mother.'"

Hommel told WND the offer has produced for him a flood of e-mails but no proof.

Of course not. There's a LOT of people out there who believe they have proof, but they apparently don't understand the nature of "proof" at all!

Of course, there's only one way to prove where Obama was born. His original, long-form birth certificate, which apparently no one has seen, and which is heavily-guarded, under lock and key, under orders from Obama to not allow anyone to see it.

Come on, Obama, pick up the phone... YES YOU CAN!

Hey, y'know... isn't it hilarious how the Left and the Big Media Propaganda Machine rejected everything offered to them as evidence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, but they need nothing but rumors and claims and worthless documents and old newspaper announcements to accept that "it's proven" that Obama is eligible to be President.

Of course, many folks don't even know what the whole "eligibility" issue means. They think it simply means whether Obama is a citizen. Obama's a citizen, and that's not being questioned. What's being questioned is whether it's been proven that he was born in America. And no one has ever come forward and specifically stated that, yes, Obama showed, say, the Supreme Court of the United States, his originial, long-form birth certificate indicating his place of birth... because such never happened, obviously.


It's all about Obama and his original, long-form birth certificate, and the fact that he has never let anyone see it and continues to do everything in his power to keep it a secret.

And this keeping his real birth certificate a secret is rather odd and suspicious and raises serious, legitimate questions. This document is the ONLY document that can possibly validly prove that Obama was born in America (or not).

Really, the fact of the matter is that Obama, incredibly, has assumed the title of POTUS and is living in the White House and acting as if he's actually "President", despite the fact that he never proved that he's a natural-born citizen (ie. that he was actually, literally born directly on sovereign American soil), as absolutely required by the U.S. Constitution).

Obama is NOT entitled to be the President even though he won the election. He must still satisfy the Constitution's eligibilty requirement. Until then, he's nothing more than an impostor in the White House. His birth certificate, therefore, had better prove that he was born in America, and not in some other country. In other words, it will have to be an American birth certificate. If it isn't American, then the guy's an impostor, a fraud.

And he still refuses to prove that he's not a fraud.

Also astonishing and inexplicable are all those folks who don't think he has to prove anything. What's wrong with them? Are they incapable of thinking for themselves? Do they prefer to simply go along with the most popular viewpoint, or whatever they're hearing on "the news"? At any rate, they know nothing or next to nothing about the issue, as the Big Media Propaganda Machine hasn't told them anything, other than "there's a teeny, tiny lunatic fringe of conspiracy theorists and crazy racist assholes out there trying to smear our Dear Leader...".

Really... no amount of propaganda and namecalling slurs by the Big Media will stop ordinary citizens from demanding that Obama simply release his original, long-form birth certificate so everyone can see it and see whether it's an American one or a foreign one.

If it's an American one, then guess what? Then all those hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of folks will shut the hell up just like that! It's that simple, that easy! So how come Obama won't do it? Is he insane? Or is he just hiding a secret that would surely destroy his alleged "Presidency" and cause a Constitutional crisis in America?

It's not going to go away. Obama and his puppetmasters behind the curtain obviously hope it will. Not, however, in this day and age, of enlightenment of the masses of those amongst The People who have learned to think for themselves and to see through the spin, propaganda, big lies and namecalling.

Lou Dobbs Not Backing Off Obama B.C. Demand

Obviously, in the past few days, the Left and the Big Media have been desperately trying to intimidate people away from questioning whether Obama is Constitutionally the President and away from demanding he show everyone his real, original birth certificate to prove (or not) that he was born in the USA, fulfilling the "natural-born" requirement of the Constitution for anyone to be allowed to be President of the USA. They're nervous. They fear that, maybe, just maybe, Obama can't be President after all, and they, for some bizarre reason, want him to be, even if he isn't, Constitutionally.

Well, myself, I'm not intimidated by the namecalling (such as "lunatic-fringe conspiracy theorists") we've seen in the recent crapload of Big Media stories about the issue, stories which make it clear that those who wrote/edited them either don't have all the facts and don't understand the issue, or they're trying to protect Obama by being part of the massive propaganda machine behind which he's cowering. We know full well that people who work in the Big Media do, indeed, make up false stories to harm political/ideological opponents.

Nor is CNN's "Mr. Independent", Lou Dobbs, intimidated.
After being attacked by groups ranging from the Southern Poverty Law Center to Media Matters for relentlessly calling on Barack Obama to prove his eligibility for the office of the presidency, CNN's Lou Dobbs wasn't backing off on either his syndicated radio or his television program today.

Once again, he renewed his calls for Obama to produce his long-form birth certificate that would settle doubts about where he was born and offered that the president's actions could actually be "illegal."


"The left is trying to silence their opponents and their competitors in the public marketplace of ideas," he said on his radio show. "One issue in which the ethnocentric issue groups have been trying to silence me is on the issue of illegal immigration. Many of those, if you will, have migrated to me here recently because I, even though I said I believe the president is a citizen of the United States, I don't understand why he shouldn't produce a birth certificate. My God, you're talking about the third rail of American journalism, baby! That's it. I'm not going to back off."

Ah, enter the ultra-far-left-wing "Daily Kos" blog, Obama's favorite blog...

Now members of the Daily Kos website, which bills itself as "the largest progressive community blog in the United States," have turned up the heat even more by listing CNN executives' email addresses in a campaign to get Dobbs fired from the network.

"Lou Dobbs is an idiot and he should be booted off CNN for his obsession with President Obama's birth certificate," writes Daily Kos diarist kerouacforobama. "We need to get these far-right haters off the air."

"Far-right haters". Here we go again with the namecalling. Oh, my, the namecalling, eh? WTF, who do they think they are, saying that I and everyone who shares my opinion is a "far-right hater"? Not that I really know what they mean when they say that, for it's a meaningless slur name, nothing but demonization propaganda, so cliche of the unhinged Left.

Is it me, or does the Left and the Big Media seem to be, yet again, engaged in some kind of deranged propaganda/demonization exercise, the likes of which we witnessed them commit against former President Bush and against Sarah Palin, plus against, in Canada, Preston Manning, Stockwell Day, and Stephen Harper, simply for partisan and ideological reasons?

Indeed, it appears to me that the Obamites, the Left and the Big Media (hell, why not just call 'em the "Left", as they're pretty much one and the same, like the Borg on Star Trek?) are indeed again afflicted with some kind of "derangement syndrome" in which, this time, they demonize the majority of people who wonder why Obama is so hellbent and desperate to prevent anyone from seeing his original, long-form birth certificate. What does the birth certificate indicate that Obama desperately wants to keep top secret?

We must resist the intimidation tactics of the Leftist Brownshirters. We must remain focussed. We must always remember that our Constitutions are sarcosanct and critically important and that our political employees scrupulously adhere to them. If we fail to demand and ensure that the politician at the very top, particularly, scrupulously adhere to, uphold and obey the Constitution (as per the solemn oath taken at inauguration/swearing-in), then we'll have placed our countries upon the top of a slippery slope leading down to the ultimate destruction of our Constitutions and countries.

Let's not go there. Let's ensure that Obama is forced, if he continues to stonewall, to prove that he is indeed Constitutionally eligible to be President of the US. The only thing that can possibly do this is the release of his original, long-form birth certificate for everyone to see for themselves. What the document indicates, well, we'll wait and see. Point is that Obama has NOT proven that he was born in the USA and that he needs to, as the Constitution absolutely requires him to. Obama is obliged to release his real birth certificate. He has a huge responsibility to do so, a responsibility to the American People and to America.

Why does Obama refuse? What is he so bizarrely, desperately hiding? What might be so devastating that the entire Left acts as a shield for him?

And now a word on the issue from WND's Joseph Farrah...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sarko, Silvio Caught Again Looking At Booty

Click on the picture to blow it up and get a close-up look at Sarko's face. Looks like Obama's off the hook after all. Too bad Bill Clinton's not in the picture; he'd out-pig Sarko, hands down (or up).

But wait! What's going on below? What's Obama doing? (Click for bigger pic)

Islamofascist Principal Fires Christian Coach, Hits, Curses Muslim-Christian Convert

Islamic Supremacist School Principal Imad Fadlallah

Story of Islamic supremacism at school here.

"We are getting a glimpse of what happens when Muslims who refuse to accept American values and principles gain political power in an American community," said Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, which is representing Marsazalek. "Failure to renew coach Marszalek's contract had nothing to do with wrestling and everything to do with religion."

Marsazalek is suing both the principal and the school in the U.S. District Court of Eastern Michigan, seeking back pay, injunctive and declaratory relief, damages, and to be reinstated as coach of the wrestling team.

According to lawsuit documents, Principal Fadlallah's retribution against the Christian coaches serving Fordson High began in 2005, after Marsazalek's volunteer assistant coach, Trey Hancock, led a non-school sanctioned and independent summer wrestling camp. Hancock, who is also pastor of the Dearborn Assembly of God and parent to one of the wrestlers, reportedly shared his beliefs at the camp and baptized a Muslim Fordson student into the Christian faith.

That fall, Fadlallah fired Hancock and ordered the volunteer coach not to have further contact with the student wrestlers.

"Subsequently, in full view of students and faculty," the lawsuit states, "Fadlallah approached the young Fordson student who had chosen to be baptized a Christian at Hancock's summer wrestling camp, punched the student and advised the student he had 'disgraced his family' by converting to Christianity from Islam."

The student is lucky he didn't get his head chopped off!

The lawsuit also accuses the principal of having, over the years, discriminated against Kufr (non-Muslim) school employees, getting rid of them, apparently simply because they're Kufrs.

See? Islamic supremacists are already imposing their ideology onto others in America, violating Americans' civil rights.

Such intolerance, bigotry, hatred.

This abominable thinking and behavior towards humanity must be stamped out. Right? Shouldn't the Left be fair and stamp out Islamic Supremacism just as they've stamped out White Supremacism and just as they've been thumbing down JudeoChristians, taking their rights away...

Where's the ACLU? Oh, of course, forgot... they hate Christians, too!

Hey, guess what? America, thanks, ironically, to Obama and the Democrats, now has a "hate crimes" law. So let's put 'er to good use and put this horrible bigot out of commission! Send a message to all like him who think it's ok to discriminate in the name of Islam!

Wishful thinking, right? Like feck the Obama Regime will punish a Muslim for being supremacist and fascist and discriminating in America. Really, the bill was obviously designed as a Trojan Horse for legitimizing and eventually making a human right of pedophilia. Why else did the Democrats pointedly, arrogantly refuse to include an amendment that specifically prevented this from ever possibly happening?

It's all in the use, the enforcement. The Regime will, of course, discriminate against those groups they hate. We know this, because they've already demonstrated that this is their agenda.

Double Standard Again

Would they ever dare do this to a Koran?

I mean both the obviously far-left-wing, atheist art gallery and the hateful vandals who desecrated the Bible.

They'd never do this to a Koran. Because far-left-wingers don't want to offend Muslims, because Muslims are protected via far-left political correctness.

Christians? Ok to offend 'em. 'Cause the leaders and community organizers of the far left tell the fluttering moonbat masses it's ok.

BREAKING: Islamic Supremacists To Meet In Mississauga, Ontario

lights.gif Police Lights image by bostonkid101

H/T: Jane, via email...

They just held an international meeting in Chicago, Obama's hometown.

Now it comes to my attention that Hizb ut-Tahir will be holding a meeting on July 31st in Mississauga, Ontario.

And the insane thing is that the meeting will be held at a government-managed community center, the Mississauga Valley Community Center.

Read about it here. Read it all. Efforts are underway already to alert government authorities.

As you can see from the link, this supremacist, hate group is extremely dangerous and cannot, must not, be tolerated. Even Muslims have condemned them as "unacceptable".

The Islamic supremacist Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) Canadian event is publicized on the Hizb ut-Tahrir web site as being sponsored by “Hizb ut-Tahrir Canada” as part of HT’s “2009 Khilafah Campaign,” which included the July 19, 2009 HT event in the Chicago Oak Lawn, IL suburb. HT has advertised this event to be held at the Canadian govt-managed facility in Mississauga for: “Friday, July 31st, 6.30PM to 8.30PM, Frank Bean Lounge — Mississauga Valley Community Center, 1275 Mississauga Valley Blvd, L5A 3R8.” The HT Canada event has also been promoted by a Toronto, Canada website called “”. (R.E.A.L. contacted this Toronto Muslim website to ask why they were promoting such a supremacist organization’s event, and received no reply.)

The Hizb ut-Tahrir web site promoting the July 31 event in Canada also promotes a pamphlet (page 62) that supports killing those individuals who leave Islam as guilty of “treason and a political attack on the Khilafah.”

Journalists Critically Targetting Lib Leader Ignatieff

Story here.

ht: NNW

Things aren't going all that well for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff anymore.

Finally Journalists are becoming properly critical of him.

And, inconvenient for his electoral prospects is that the economy is now out of recession and on the upsurge.

This means that voters will see the Harper Conservatives as having done a good job of steering Canada through and quickly out of the global economic malaise quite well. And tend to want to reward them for it come election day.

Not good news for Iggy and the Libbies.

Interesting But Still Questionable

This is.

Well, some official in Hawaii claims:

"I ... have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen," Health Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino said in a brief statement. "I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago."

Hmm... "original vital records". NOT "original, long-form birth certificate".

Why use those words? Why not say, instead, "Obama's original, long-form birth certificate"? This raises questions and doubt.

Why not specify that she saw the original, long-form birth certificate? Perhaps she saw other stuff and wants to believe they constitute proof. Has she been subject to some kind of intimidation and coerced into lying? Of course it's possible, because, after all, yes, the Obamites can! And they get away with it!

Why must we necessarily believe the Health Director? Government officials lie all the time, either willingly or via coercion/intimidation/being ordered. Not an accusation, but a statement that it's possible, because everyone knows that state apparatchiks have to do as they're told to avoid personal consequences of whatever sort. Yes, it happens. Especially when the most powerful man in the world may have a desperate, personal stake in ensuring, via a lie, that he stay out of trouble.

Sorry, but the fact that Obama refuses to let everyone else see it when he certainly can let them, all the while doing everything in his power to keep it extremely well-guarded under lock and key, paying a legal team hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep it secret and hidden... this is still a problem.

Yes, it's possible that the Health Director is lying or is at least carefully wording her statement to manipulate everyone. Of course it is. People lie. Obama lies. All kinds of officials lie. And they get away with it.

Why the hell won't Obama let everyone else see the birth certificate for themselves? Not the "original vital records", whatever the hell that means, but the original, long-form birth certificate.

What is Obama hiding with such astonishing desperation and huge personal financial cost?

Sorry, not satisfied, even if FOX News seems to be, and seems to be fooled.


State law bars the release of a certified birth certificate to anyone who does not have a tangible interest.

The next question, therefore, is that does the Health Director have a "tangible interest"?

Surely the American People have at least as much of a "tangible interest" as does the H.D. (if indeed she does).

Did Obama order that his birth certificate be made available to the H.D. for viewing? We don't know. We don't know, either, whether the B.C. was one of the "original vital records" alluded to by the H.D.

So Congress has declared they're satisfied that Obama was born in America.

This begs the question: What proof did they see? Are they just saying this stuff to shut people up and protect the Exalted One?

Do Americans really have all that much confidence in Congress? Be they Democrats or Republicans? They all seem to be the same these days, and are always behaving in ways that betray Americans' trust and expectations. They're arrogant, entitilist and think they can do anything they want, no matter how wrong. Why trust Congress, then? We know they lie.

And we know that Congressional Representatives infamously don't bother to read legislation before supporting it as if they know what they're supporting. They just rubber-stamp and concur with whatever they're told. Apparently brainlessly and uncaringly! It's morbidly dishonest and unethical! So is it a stretch to suspect they're bullshitting Americans when they claim to have been satisfied (for whatever or even no reason) that Obama's natural-born and therefore the "President"? Why believe these infamously dishonest politicians?

(...) Obama's birth certificate along with birth notices from the two Honolulu newspapers were brought forward even before he took office.

What does this mean? Who brought them forward? And to whom? Details, please, FOX News. Do you actually know what you're talking about, or did someone just tell you that and you chose to believe it?



Why the incredible contemptuous attitide on Obama's part towards the American People? Why tell 'em to P.F.O. like he's doing?












Hey, you know, the people who worship and protect Obama at all costs, they're the same people who accused George Bush of the most horrific crimes of all. So what's wrong with accusing Obama of hiding something that could prove personally destructive should he fail to hide it?

Fair's fair. They wouldn't have accepted anything but the release of Bush's real birth certificate if the shoe was on his foot.

Besides, there's as much "evidence" that Obama's foreign-born as there is "evidence" so far that he's natural-born. Lots of hearsay and so on and so forth on both sides.

Only one thing, the birth certificate, will ever constitute real evidence.

Why is Obama so apparently contemptuous of the American People?

We know I'm right. And we know that there's no "conspiracy theory" at all. After all, a "conspiracy" requires more than one person. And the only one "conspiring" is Obama himself. This is the only player who matters; the others are irrelevant. Focus, therefore, on Obama only, the only one who can resolve this continuing, legitimate, critically-important Constitutional issue.

It's all about one man, Obama. All eyes on Obama, please. He MUST release his real, original, complete birth certificate so everyone can see it. Never mind all the diversionary hearsay and suspicious claims and non-proof documents such as the COLB and irrelevant newspaper ads.

It's all about Obama.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Shocker: I Disagree With Ann Coulter!

Believe it or not... I do.

Ann Coulter dismisses the Obama eligibility questions.

Frankly, I'm surprised and disappointed with Ann, for once.

For those who've been following my coverage of the campaign to get Obama to show us his original, long-form birth certificate, which he's steadfastly refusing to show us, I've made the case that, yes, there definitely is a legitimate issue here.

I don't know how closely and comprehensively Ann has looked into the matter, but it would seem that, for once, she's been a bit lazy.

Why on earth is Obama doing everything in his power to prevent the release of his original, long-form birth certificate, which is the ONLY thing that will prove for once and for all whether he was born on American soil or not?

It's important.

Because the Constitution forbids those who weren't born in America from even running for President, let alone actually being "President".

And no one, no authority, bothered to investigate whether, in fact, Obama was born on American soil... or not.

It's bizarre that John McCain's own eligibility was investigated and approved, including by none other than Obama himself.

Why wasn't Obama's alleged American birth investigated and verified?

And no, the document the Obama Campaign uttered that purports to be his "birth certificate" isn't, nor is it valid proof of country of birth, as it's just a registration document for babies who could've been born anywhere in the world.

The plain truth is that Obama never proved that he was born in America.

Why not?

All he has to do is pick up the phone and order Hawaii to let everyone see his REAL birth certificate. This one singular action will shut up those asking to see it.

But one must ask why he steadfastly refuses to do this. What does the real birth certificate say? Does it actually indicate that Obama was born in a country other than America?

Is Obama knowingly committing a massive, treasonous fraud? Is he an impostor?

Oh, well, you know, nobody's perfect, and Ann Coulter, as great as she is, is no exception.

Even Ann Coulter can be wrong.

Recession Over, Harper, Conservatives Vindicated, Liberals At Loss

Story here.

While the Conservatives appeared to be on the brink of defeat throughout the winter and spring, Carney's predictions seem to have given Stephen Harper's minority government a much-needed boost.

Indeed, much of the Liberals' momentum in the final weeks of the spring session stemmed from their ability to pin the economic downturn on Tory mismanagement.


"They can argue, 'Look, the whole world is in recession ... we're one of the first countries that's having growth,'"

Indeed. All the Ignatieff/Liberal accusations of "bad economic management" on the part of the Conservatives has now been proven to be pure bullshit, pure propaganda.

It's clear that the strong economic management of the Conservatives ensured that, in a horrific worldwide recession, Canada's own recession was actually mild and short-lived.

And Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is personally vindicated as well.

Recall that in the election debates last year, PM Harper said that we were well-positioned to weather the recession and that we really didn't need to do very much about it, since we've already done the right stuff, like cut taxes.

The Leftist Opposition gave him hell for that and threatened to get together and usurp him without an election if he didn't copy Obama's policy of spending like a drunken sailor.

Yep, Stephen Harper was right all along. He is 100% vindicated.

He, an economist by training, was one of the very few people in Canada who understood the Canadian economy, and had the balls to tell it like it was, at great political risk.

See, Stephen Harper understands what's what, and says what's what. This is leadership. He has proved himself.

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have proven themselves as deserving a majority government in the next election, whenever it comes.

As for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, well, what a fool he's made of himself, screaming that the economic sky was falling and that draconian measures needed to be taken...

See? We're better off with Harper!

Why Read The Bill, Asks Democrat

Story here.

“I love these members, they get up and say, ‘Read the bill,’” said Conyers.

“What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?”

Reminds me of when I got blasted by a nasty troll for saying, "Why should I bother to read the IPCC document? It's thousands and thousands of pages long!"

Well, guess what, "Balbulican"? Now you can go pester the Democrats for not reading the Obamacare bill.

And one must also ask:

Did the 2,500 "scientists" who signed on to the infamous IPCC Declaration read the IPCC document before they signed the piece of paper indicating their agreement with the policy position of the IPCC? Who believes they would, if the elected representatives of the American People won't even read the Obamacare bill, and if Obama himself also won't?

Food for thought. I suspect that the 2,500 IPCC "scientists" really don't know what the IPCC document contained, nor did they care. I suspect they just believed in the cause and wanted to be part of imposing it on the world.

The Obamacare bill is a lot like the IPCC policy position. It's all about an ideology, about socialism, about controlling the People with propaganda, Big Lies and oppression.

Obama Racist, Say Israeli Jews
Note: The hands on the left belong to Obama worshippers. The hands on the right belong to Hitler.

And I agree with them. 100%.

"How dare he tell the Jews where they can or can't live! The era when Jews were banned from living in different places has ended,"

...or has it come back with Obama?

"Obama beware. This insolence will bring about the downfall of the American leadership. Anyone who dares give an order to prevent Israeli life in Jerusalem or anywhere else in the land of Israel is destined to fall,"
"This week the American pressure reached new highs that are a shame to democratic societies."

"It's absolutely an outrageously racist policy," Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, told WND. "Especially in light of how Obama should be sensitive when it comes to anything that would remotely constitute discrimination of people based on ethnicity or religion."

Well, we already know that Obama is a discriminator. He discriminates, period. Especially against Jews. And against Israel. While giving lots and lots of money to Hamas!

"Imagine what would happen if someone were to suggest Jews could not live in or purchase [property] in certain neighborhoods in London, New York, Paris or Rome,"

That's precisely the direction in which it's moving, under the oppressive, hateful Obama Regime.

Orwellian Regime Censors Republican Rep

Astonishing but true story here.

( – Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) made public last week an e-mail from the Franking Commission -- a bipartisan panel that oversees messages from lawmakers -- asking him to change the phrase “government run” health care to "public option."

The term was part of an audio message recorded by Carter’s staff for a town hall event on health care. The message said: “The House Democrats unveiled a government-run health care plan.”

This is, plainly and simply, censorship.

There's something fundamentally wrong, fundamentally un-American about the Regime censoring every bit of communication from elected representatives to their constituents.

It's a gross violation of the First Amendment.

It's proof positive that Americans' rights are slowly being eroded, taken away.

And it appears that some Republicans are aiding and abetting the Democratic totalitarian (an oxymoron right there!) regime.

It's exactly like what happens in Communist China. Of course, in Communist China, they kill you if you don't do as you're told. So far in America, they don't kill you. So far.

Israel To Obama: You Can't Tell Us What To Do

Who is Obama to think he can tell Israel what they can and can't do?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a July 19 cabinet meeting in response to the U.S. criticism that Israel wouldn’t tolerate any restrictions on Jews buying property in the city. “Our sovereignty in Jerusalem is indisputable,” Netanyahu, 59, said, according to a government transcript.
First there's Hillary Clinton telling Israel to "be patient" as Iran develops nuclear weapons with which to wipe out Israel. Now we've got Obama bossing Israel around, too.

Hey, Obama, I'm a Canadian and I hereby tell you to stop being an asshole!

Mentally Challenged Called "Retarded" By Obamacare Bill

Boyoboy, but aren't those sophisticated, politically correct Democrats ever so, well, knuckledraggy and hateful?

Calling the mentally challenged "retarded"!

This coming on the heels of Obama's making fun of the Special Olympians.

WTF? Do these Democrats really hate the mentally challenged?

Do they wish they could, well, get rid of 'em?

No wonder Obama appointed a frightening, Mengele-reminiscent man, John Holdren, to be "Science Czar".

And they say non-Democrats/non-Leftists are insensitive towards the less fortunate?

What other knuckledraggy, mean-spirited terms do the Democrats use for folks who are less fortunate then they?

What do they call little people, "midgets"?

We know that some of Obama's buddies use the "N-word", still.

Probably they call homosexual folks "faggots".

I believe Hillary Clinton has called a Jewish person a "f'n Jew bastard".

I wonder if they refer to the hearing-impaired as "dumb"? They better not, 'cause then I'll let 'em have hell for that...

Who else do the Democrats wish they could get rid of?

Every once in a while they'll forget to be "sensitive" and "politically correct" and their true selves show.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that Democrats would use inappropriate, insensitive, backwards terms to describe the mentally challenged. Just look at how they treat Sarah Palin, who's the loving mother of a beautiful baby boy who happens to have Down Syndrome.

Those Democrats... they disgust me. So reprehensible. Kick those stinking bums out in 2010, please! Ditto the hateful-bigot Obama in 2012. He's gotta go, too, and his departure can't come too soon!

Mind Your Own Business, Hillary

Hey, Hillary, Israel doesn't need known anti-Semites telling them to "be patient" with a regime, Iran, who has promised to destroy them, and is close to acquiring nuke bombs.

Israel can't afford to wait for Obamerica to hurry up and do nothing but talk tough without intent to use the big stick.

Prof Gates Exposed In Rev Wright-Style Racist Rant

Via WND...

Expect this video to soon be censored by YouTube on pressure from the Obamite Sturmabteilung force of intimidators and threatenors.

"We are trying to end what we call the one n-gger syndrome – you know, this place ain't big enough for more than one of us," said Gates in the video, which was filmed in 1999 in the All Souls Church in Washington, D.C.


"We in the academy have to know that our people, those of us who practice African-American studies, have to know that our people are under assault,"

"Newt Gingrich can come in, that contract for America is serious. You know what those guys have said? 'Somehow, while we were asleep, all you white women and all you black people got into the middle class.'"

"'We are not sure how it happened. But the first thing we are going to do is we are going to shake the tree and any of y'all who can't hold on, you're all going back. And the second thing, we are going to set up barriers so no more of you all can get in here.'"

I told you this guy's a paranoid racist. Just like Obama's other good buddy, his pastor of two whole decades, Jeremiah Wright. How can the reasonable person not realize what a paranoid, delusional racist this guy is?

This guy must see a racist in every single "white" person he sees. Every single one. Yep, all "whites" are racists, just because of the color of their skin.

Just another of Obama's buddies. Is it me, or does Obama have a lot of buddies who say stuff that ordinary people find shocking? Why does Obama associate with so many paranoid extremists? Perhaps because Obama is also a paranoid extremist?

For the most detailed account available of the encounter with police that rocketed Professor Gates to national prominence, FrontPage's article Who's The Real Racist? is the most useful I've seen, as the Big Media isn't interested in telling the whole story and prefers to just give a little taste of reality (usually distorted, often in line with their tendency to push their special agenda).

There's also some history of Professor Gates' apparent worldview, including:

Gates has long tried to popularize his views about white racism at Harvard. After joining the Harvard faculty in 1991, for example, one of Gates’ first acts was to hire filmmaker Spike Lee as a guest lecturer at the university. Lee has claimed that white “racism is woven into the very fabric of America,” and by his own admission is “convinced [that] AIDS is a government-engineered disease, and that blacks are incapable of being racists because they lack social, political, and economic power.”

In 1993 Gates lured Professor Cornel West away from Princeton University, to join him on the Harvard faculty. A Marxist who has branded the U.S. a “racist patriarchal” nation where “white supremacy” continues to define everyday life, West contends that “a profound hatred of African people … sits at the center of American civilization.”
I believe it's clear who the real racist is. Not the police officer who only wanted to make sure that no one had broken into the Professor's house, and only wanted to ensure the Professor's safety. But rather the Professor. The facts are there, and his history is there as well for all to see.

It's unhelpful for anyone to go around defaming entire groups of people as Professor Gates has made it his life's mission to do so. It's also unhelpful to claim that America's such a horrible country, as the Professor does. It's hard not to strongly disagree with his extreme worldview.

One must also wonder how much Obama knows about his friend the Professor, and whether he agrees with his extreme worldview. Just as one wonders how much Obama agrees with Rev. Jeremiah Wright's worldview, with which Obama is obviously completely familiar, having attended his fiery, paranoid, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American sermons for two whole decades.

It's simply overwhelming, the number of paranoid extremists with whom Obama is friends. Simply overwhelming.

One must ask, "Who is Obama, really? Why is he such good friends with so many folks who hold such shocking, scary, dangerous worldviews?"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yes, Gates, It's About You

Because you made it about you.

Quit trying to make a big racial thing out of your big brainfart, dude!

Listen, there's no crisis of racial strife and division in America, unless you intend to make it happen that there is. Is that your agenda? Is your encounter with police just a convenient opportunity to promote your paranoid racist/caucasophobe agenda?

I already know that there's racism everywhere. I don't need you to tell me. I see it happening already.

But to carry on as you're doing, well, you're the pot calling the kettle "racist".

If you truly want "Equal justice before law", then don't lie, and don't make false accusations and generalisations.

If the arresting cop was black, just imagine how different your behavior would be. Surely you wouldn't have ranted about "this happens to black guys in the US all the time". You'd cooperate from the beginning with a black cop, 'cause you trust black cops and not white ones, right?

Weird Names: A 'Caucasian Wingnut' Is A Tree

Vancouver chief arborist Paul Montpellier stands beneath a 100-year-old Caucasion Wingnut tree in the city's west end.

The "Caucasian Wingnut" isn't the guy leaning on the railing.
It's the tree!

When I saw the title of this article,

Gnarled but glorious: In the shade of Vancouver's Caucasian Wingnut,

You can imagine my confusion! I thought it was about a palefaced redneck weirdo or something...

Bush Admin Acted Properly, Got Intel

Story here.

NEW YORK — When the American-born Al Qaeda recruit Bryant Neal Vinas was captured in Pakistan late last year, he wasn't whisked off to a military prison or a secret CIA facility in another country to be interrogated.

Instead, the itinerant terrorist landed in the hands of the FBI and was flown back to New York to face justice.

Months before President Barack Obama took office with a pledge to change U.S. counterterrorism policies, the Bush administration gave Vinas all the rights of American criminal suspects.

And he talked.

So it's a Big Lie that the Bush Administration was somehow evil and mean.

Inconvenient truth for the anti-Bush conspiracy theorists and lunatics, who are the same folks who accuse folks asking Obama to prove he was born in the USA by showing us his real birth certificate "conspiracy theorists", "birfers", "racists", etc., etc....