Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drudge Latest Target Of Obama Regime Smear Machine


The Obama Regime Smear Machine is now targeting Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report news aggregator website for exposing the inconvenient truth about Obama's monstrous "stimulus" spending boondoggle.

It's just so inconvenient, to be able to report the plain fact that the Obama Regime is blowing millions of dollars on ludicrous, non-stimulatory things such as pork (literally the flesh of pigs!).


Internet newsman Matt Drudge drew squeals of anger from President Obama's agriculture chief on Monday after his Drudge Report Web site revealed the feds spent millions of stimulus dollars on piglet-sized pork products.

One contract, listed on the government's recovery.gov Web site, indicated that federal bean counters had spent $1.19 million for "2 pound frozen ham sliced." An additional $16.7 million contract was earmarked simply for "canned pork."

But Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack insisted Monday that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act contracts were all, er, kosher, and dismissed Drudge's take as pure slop.

The purchases for sliced ham and other contracts - including mozzarella and other cheeses - were to provide soup kitchens and homeless shelters with food for the needy.

It's wonderful to help the needy, but the purpose of the "Stimulus" billions isn't to contribute to charities with tax-and-debt-backed dollars but rather to try to lessen the effects of the recession and save jobs, which it isn't doing, for obvious reasons.

Obama lied. The economy died.


The true agenda of Obama and his puppetmasters is socialism, plainly and simply.

This isn't what Americans voted for.

But it's what they're getting.

Part of Obama's hidden agenda of which I warned, such warning for which I was ridiculed by the Left.

Putting lipstick on a pig, as the Obama Regime is doing, will not make it not-a-pig.

A pig is a pig is a pig. And socialism is socialism is socialism.

No amount of bully pulpitry can change reality.

Meanwhile, the economy, despite the so-called "stimulus", continues tanking and haemmorhaging jobs as we speak.

A few years ago, Canada under the Liberals was labelled "Soviet Canuckistan".

The tables have turned, however, since.

America's now Soviet Obameristan.