Monday, July 27, 2009

Mentally Challenged Called "Retarded" By Obamacare Bill

Boyoboy, but aren't those sophisticated, politically correct Democrats ever so, well, knuckledraggy and hateful?

Calling the mentally challenged "retarded"!

This coming on the heels of Obama's making fun of the Special Olympians.

WTF? Do these Democrats really hate the mentally challenged?

Do they wish they could, well, get rid of 'em?

No wonder Obama appointed a frightening, Mengele-reminiscent man, John Holdren, to be "Science Czar".

And they say non-Democrats/non-Leftists are insensitive towards the less fortunate?

What other knuckledraggy, mean-spirited terms do the Democrats use for folks who are less fortunate then they?

What do they call little people, "midgets"?

We know that some of Obama's buddies use the "N-word", still.

Probably they call homosexual folks "faggots".

I believe Hillary Clinton has called a Jewish person a "f'n Jew bastard".

I wonder if they refer to the hearing-impaired as "dumb"? They better not, 'cause then I'll let 'em have hell for that...

Who else do the Democrats wish they could get rid of?

Every once in a while they'll forget to be "sensitive" and "politically correct" and their true selves show.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that Democrats would use inappropriate, insensitive, backwards terms to describe the mentally challenged. Just look at how they treat Sarah Palin, who's the loving mother of a beautiful baby boy who happens to have Down Syndrome.

Those Democrats... they disgust me. So reprehensible. Kick those stinking bums out in 2010, please! Ditto the hateful-bigot Obama in 2012. He's gotta go, too, and his departure can't come too soon!