Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ignorant Left, CNN Prez Attack Lou Dobbs For Legitimate Questions

As expected.

The Left and the CNN President are obviously of one, Borglike, homogeneous, disordered, uncurious, brainwashed hive mind.

The ignorance, dishonesty, manipulation, false-statement-uttering Left and Old Media who protect Obama at any and all cost and in any way they see fit, are now attacking and trying to intimidate Lou Dobbs, the ultra-respected, ultra-trusted, ultra-popular, well-watched, independent-minded, outspoken CNN commentator.

The CNN President either doesn't understand the whole issue or is lying. He actually thinks that the e-copy of a useless "Certification of Live Birth", which, at time of Obama's birth, was issued for babies born anywhere in the world, uttered by the Obama Campaign is the actual, only, original birth certificate, whereas it most certainly, if one is enlightened about the issue, NOT.

There really IS an original, long-form birth certificate, and it's a paper one. The CNN President is either ignorant or lying about this.

The Pro-Obama conspiracy theorists who claim that there's no question re. Obama's being born in America all parrot the very same talking points over and over again, despite the facts being readily available for them to accept and understand. Their propaganda and demonization is nothing short of massive, desperate and unprecedented.

But Lou Dobbs will NOT be silenced. The CNN President (whether he's ignorant or lying) will not censor him:

In an interview cited by the Los Angeles Times, Klein appeared to back off somewhat. He said Dobbs has 30 years experience, and he would trust his judgment.

The hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center, who's always trying to discredit Lou Dobbs despite his being an independent, honest, scrupulously credible journalist of unimpeachable integrity and spotless record, is trying to intimidate and bully the CNN President, however:

"We have written to you before about our concern that Lou Dobbs repeatedly fails to live up to this standard in his reporting on immigration. Now, Mr. Dobbs is again trading in falsehoods and racist conspiracy theories, questioning President Obama's American citizenship," he claimed.

Hellllloooo, Sturmabteilungen-Goebbels-Baghdad Bob-reminiscent Brownshirts thug-activists! Say, in addition to the SPLC, is the ACORN involved, too?

The longer Obama refuses to let everyone see his original, real, paper, long-form birth certificate which would constitute absolute proof of exactly where, in what specific country, he was actually, literally, physically born directly from his mother's vagina, the uglier the whole thing is going to get, and the more aggressive, and potentially dangerous, his brownshirt thugs become.

Let us all see the REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, Obama, via your telephone order to Hawaii, and we'll STFU for once and for all. Promise, as long as it proves that you were born in the USA.

Or, if it actually says you were born in some country other than the USA, I'm afraid you'll have to confess to your monumental, treasonous fraud in being President with full knowledge that you aren't eligible to be so under the Constitution because you weren't born in America, just like Arnold Schwarzenneger, a fellow U.S. citizen, cannot be President because he wasn't born in the U.S., either.

Of course, if Obama is discovered to be an impostor, then all the laws and executive orders he passed will be null and void, and the wars he wages will be illegal.

UPDATE: 82% want Obama to release original & genuine birth certificate: AOL poll

Via the AOL link's sidebar (on the right; scroll down and cast your own vote, allowing JavaScript and turning off any ad blocking):

HotSeat poll

This finding in spite of a veritable media barrage in recent days of unsubstantiated claims ranging from all Hawaiian birth certificates were destroyed to it already has been released.

A story that went unnoticed by most of the major media has now become one of the most covered stories in the nation. But the coverage has been almost exclusively of the kind that downplays the seriousness of the controversy – often ridiculing concerns about the birth certificate as conspiracy fodder and matters that only preoccupy the uninformed.

But in the latest AOL poll of more than 30,000 people, 82 percent said it's time for Obama to cough up the original long-form birth certificate.