Wednesday, July 29, 2009

$100K Offered For Proof Obama Born In US

Story here.

Something tells me that the only one who could get that $100,000 is Obama himself, as only he can prove that he was born in the US, by simply picking up the phone and telling Hawaii to release his original, long-form birth certificate for everyone to see.

Of course, there's also the possibility that the document will not indicate that he was born in the US!

"I, Jason Hommel, promise that I will give $100,000 to the first person who can prove to my satisfaction that Barack Obama, acting as president of the United States, is a 'natural born' citizen of the USA, which is a qualification to hold the office as indicated in the U.S. Constitution," he wrote.

"Please prove that Obama is a 'natural born' US citizen, and put to rest the claims in lawsuits, as reports, 'that include contentions Obama was born in Kenya, wasn't a 'natural born' citizen because of his father's Kenyan citizenship, was a dual citizen and that his mother wasn't old enough to transmit citizenship at birth. In addition, his citizenship is clouded by his move as a child to Indonesia and apparent adoption by an Indonesian citizen who married his mother.'"

Hommel told WND the offer has produced for him a flood of e-mails but no proof.

Of course not. There's a LOT of people out there who believe they have proof, but they apparently don't understand the nature of "proof" at all!

Of course, there's only one way to prove where Obama was born. His original, long-form birth certificate, which apparently no one has seen, and which is heavily-guarded, under lock and key, under orders from Obama to not allow anyone to see it.

Come on, Obama, pick up the phone... YES YOU CAN!

Hey, y'know... isn't it hilarious how the Left and the Big Media Propaganda Machine rejected everything offered to them as evidence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, but they need nothing but rumors and claims and worthless documents and old newspaper announcements to accept that "it's proven" that Obama is eligible to be President.

Of course, many folks don't even know what the whole "eligibility" issue means. They think it simply means whether Obama is a citizen. Obama's a citizen, and that's not being questioned. What's being questioned is whether it's been proven that he was born in America. And no one has ever come forward and specifically stated that, yes, Obama showed, say, the Supreme Court of the United States, his originial, long-form birth certificate indicating his place of birth... because such never happened, obviously.


It's all about Obama and his original, long-form birth certificate, and the fact that he has never let anyone see it and continues to do everything in his power to keep it a secret.

And this keeping his real birth certificate a secret is rather odd and suspicious and raises serious, legitimate questions. This document is the ONLY document that can possibly validly prove that Obama was born in America (or not).

Really, the fact of the matter is that Obama, incredibly, has assumed the title of POTUS and is living in the White House and acting as if he's actually "President", despite the fact that he never proved that he's a natural-born citizen (ie. that he was actually, literally born directly on sovereign American soil), as absolutely required by the U.S. Constitution).

Obama is NOT entitled to be the President even though he won the election. He must still satisfy the Constitution's eligibilty requirement. Until then, he's nothing more than an impostor in the White House. His birth certificate, therefore, had better prove that he was born in America, and not in some other country. In other words, it will have to be an American birth certificate. If it isn't American, then the guy's an impostor, a fraud.

And he still refuses to prove that he's not a fraud.

Also astonishing and inexplicable are all those folks who don't think he has to prove anything. What's wrong with them? Are they incapable of thinking for themselves? Do they prefer to simply go along with the most popular viewpoint, or whatever they're hearing on "the news"? At any rate, they know nothing or next to nothing about the issue, as the Big Media Propaganda Machine hasn't told them anything, other than "there's a teeny, tiny lunatic fringe of conspiracy theorists and crazy racist assholes out there trying to smear our Dear Leader...".

Really... no amount of propaganda and namecalling slurs by the Big Media will stop ordinary citizens from demanding that Obama simply release his original, long-form birth certificate so everyone can see it and see whether it's an American one or a foreign one.

If it's an American one, then guess what? Then all those hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of folks will shut the hell up just like that! It's that simple, that easy! So how come Obama won't do it? Is he insane? Or is he just hiding a secret that would surely destroy his alleged "Presidency" and cause a Constitutional crisis in America?

It's not going to go away. Obama and his puppetmasters behind the curtain obviously hope it will. Not, however, in this day and age, of enlightenment of the masses of those amongst The People who have learned to think for themselves and to see through the spin, propaganda, big lies and namecalling.