Monday, July 20, 2009

Where's Iggy?

About to cry? Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff: "I don't wanna do this anymore!"

Whatever happened to that aggressive Michael Ignatieff?

Guess he turned out to be a cream puff...

"Is (Ignatieff) still leader of the Opposition or was he eaten by bears in Algonquin Park?" Monte Solberg, the former Harper cabinet member turned tongue-in-cheek pundit, asked in a recent newspaper column.

Ignatieff appears to be suffering the traditional seasonal fate of the politician who seeks to be prime minister - 40-plus days of wandering in the political desert.


There has been an almost viral, false campaign suggesting he's been holidaying at the family villa in France, something his office emphatically denies.

Not again! AWOL from Canada! This is getting tiresome.

And a summer or fall "thinker's conference" for the Liberals that Ignatieff mused about in May has now been pushed back to early 2010, according to his spokeswoman Jill Fairbrother.

Procrastination. Indecisiveness.

Apparently he's not even on the barbecue circuit. Since the Stampede and the silly gay parade in Toronto, he hasn't been spotted.

He shouldn't say he's gonna do something and then not bother. It makes him look bad to the voters. Ignatieff's one of those thinker-talkers. He's not a doer, unlike Harper. Stephen Harper, in contrast, says relatively little but he's hard at work behind the scenes all the time.

Let's look for Iggy now... Maybe he's at the fair...

Where's Iggy?

Nah. Just Waldo. Waldo's easier to find.

Maybe he's here...

Nope. Just some rat. Let's keep looking.