Monday, July 27, 2009

Shocker: I Disagree With Ann Coulter!

Believe it or not... I do.

Ann Coulter dismisses the Obama eligibility questions.

Frankly, I'm surprised and disappointed with Ann, for once.

For those who've been following my coverage of the campaign to get Obama to show us his original, long-form birth certificate, which he's steadfastly refusing to show us, I've made the case that, yes, there definitely is a legitimate issue here.

I don't know how closely and comprehensively Ann has looked into the matter, but it would seem that, for once, she's been a bit lazy.

Why on earth is Obama doing everything in his power to prevent the release of his original, long-form birth certificate, which is the ONLY thing that will prove for once and for all whether he was born on American soil or not?

It's important.

Because the Constitution forbids those who weren't born in America from even running for President, let alone actually being "President".

And no one, no authority, bothered to investigate whether, in fact, Obama was born on American soil... or not.

It's bizarre that John McCain's own eligibility was investigated and approved, including by none other than Obama himself.

Why wasn't Obama's alleged American birth investigated and verified?

And no, the document the Obama Campaign uttered that purports to be his "birth certificate" isn't, nor is it valid proof of country of birth, as it's just a registration document for babies who could've been born anywhere in the world.

The plain truth is that Obama never proved that he was born in America.

Why not?

All he has to do is pick up the phone and order Hawaii to let everyone see his REAL birth certificate. This one singular action will shut up those asking to see it.

But one must ask why he steadfastly refuses to do this. What does the real birth certificate say? Does it actually indicate that Obama was born in a country other than America?

Is Obama knowingly committing a massive, treasonous fraud? Is he an impostor?

Oh, well, you know, nobody's perfect, and Ann Coulter, as great as she is, is no exception.

Even Ann Coulter can be wrong.