Friday, July 17, 2009

The Latest Target Of The Left's Mean-Spirited Smear Campaign

Frank Ricci, the firefighter who was discriminated against because of his race, thanks to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, the known racist/sexist "judge". Ricci dared to take his case to the Supreme Court and had Sotomayor's racist decision overturned.

Unacceptable, the Left says, so they go to work giving him the same nasty, mean-spirited treatment they've been giving Bush, Palin, Limbaugh, FOX News, Joe the Plumber, etc., etc...

They're going to turn over every stone having anything to do with Mr. Ricci, no matter how irrelevant. If they find anything at all imperfect about him, they'll demand the Old Media make a big, horrific, long, loud, wet fart about it. After all, this is how they win. This is how they got Obama elected, by protecting him from having the campaign-killing truth about him come out whilst making up big lies and spewing insanely hateful propaganda about his opponents.

According to McClatchy, the left-wing lobbyist group People for the American Way last week sent out an e-mail urging media members to report on Ricci’s legal history. Senator Orrin Hatch, a member of the Judiciary Committee, noted this was part of the organization’s attempts to smear Ricci. As though taking orders from the Left,’s top headline last Thursday was: “Sotomayor debate isn’t firefighter’s first legal battle.” The article discusses Ricci’s past; he filed a lawsuit against New Haven in 1995 alleging he was not named a firefighter due to his dyslexia. Ricci also filed a complaint with Connecticut’s Department of Labor, claiming he was fired by the fire department because he raised concerns about safety when working as a firefighter in Middletown, CT. (A settlement was reached in his lawsuit. The Department of Labor dismissed the complaint against the fire department, which was eventually fined for safety violations.)
When Leftists use the system to stand up for their rights, or to get rights that didn't already exist for anyone, the Left celebrates their petty jihads. But when conservatives stand up for their rights by using the system, the Left deems that unacceptable, perhaps because they don't want conservatives to have any rights, let alone stand up and demand them. Or perhaps they're just practicing the same old double standard of "Only we're allowed to do these things; right-wingers aren't allowed!".

So Ricci stood up for his rights against oppressors. Shouldn't the Left be celebrating this? Oh, but they won't, because Ricci's not a Leftist, nor a member of a group the likes of which someone like Sotomayor would automatically favor (Ricci is a white man, and Leftists and Sotomayor hate white men).

It's ironic that the Left celebrates, for example, homosexuals going to court to get socially-reengineering rulings in their favor and lobbying legislatures to impose things like "hate crimes" laws really designed to silence any inconvenient opinions about homosexuality, and homosexual "marriage" no matter what, but the Left then turns around and condemns and smears other folks for simply standing up for their real rights!

Ricci became famous as the plaintiff in Ricci v. DeStefano, the fireman who sued the New Haven, Connecticut, fire department to enforce merit-based promotions. The Second Court of Appeals, on which Sonya Sotomayor sat, issued an unsigned decision against him. The Supreme Court embarrassed Sotomayor on the eve of her Senate hearings by overturning that decision without a single justice siding with Sotomayor's reasoning.

Sotomayor’s leftist supporters cannot defend her decision, so they have placed Ricci in their targets. But Ricci is only the most recent front of the Left's assault on private citizens who get in the way. Leftist Democrats have shown in recent years they excel in responding to philosophical arguments with personal smears.

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