Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Famous 'Jane Roe' Protests Sotomayor; Old Media Mostly Ignores

Norma McCorvey hereself, AKA "Jane Roe" of the infamous "Roe Vs. Wade"

One would think this would be a BIG story. Certainly way, way, waaaaay bigger than the many, frequent, malicious, false, defamatory rumors the Left circulates about Sarah Palin, which get massive coverage.

But noooo, because it's too inconvenient to THE AGENDA to become a properly-covered story in the Old Media.

When a well-known individual creates a disruption at a highly public, widely televised event and is then arrested, any news organization worth the name would include the incident in its coverage of that event. Right?

Yeah, right. Hell, if even Michael Jackson had been a pro-life crusader, he wouldn't get any attention for it from the Old Media. They'd turn their backs on him and poison his fans against him by calling him a selfish, nasty pedophile or something.

The only thing that truly matters to the Old Media is THE AGENDA. (And Obama, of course.) Anything that doesn't adhere to THE AGENDA, eg. stuff that's not favorable to baby slaughtering, Islamization, homosexual marriage, international socialism-fascism, etc., will not get favorably covered, and will be derided and demonized, perhaps with some folks getting smeared as "teabaggers" or "pigs with lipstick" or something by immature, unprofessional, Hard-Left Old Media sneering heads.

As McCorvey was leaving the hearing room, she shouted that Roe v. Wade should be overturned. McCorvey was then arrested along with three others. NBC’s Pete Williams reported, “Anti-abortion rights protesters were hustled out four times for loud interruptions, including Norma McCorvey, originally the Roe of Roe v. Wade.”

Get that? ROE HERSELF declared Roe Vs. Wade should be overturned. Get that? ROE regrets what she did and regrets causing the monstrous SC ruling. This ought to be BIG news, but isn't. Even I barely noticed it at all. I first heard about Ms. McCorvey's turnaround and activism in The Marketing of Evil. Can't count on the Old Media to keep us up to date on historical current events as they happen, unless they're events favoring THE AGENDA.

Both networks failed to report McCorvey, the plaintiff in Roe v Wade, is passionately working to overturn the ruling. McCorvey is now adamantly against abortions. In 1995 she became a pro-life Christian and even started the pro-life Crossing Over Ministry.

With Sotomayor’s views on abortion somewhat unclear, McCorvey’s outburst should have received more attention from the networks. Ann Gerhart of The Washington Post, wrote, “With that, the culture wars that the Obama administration has so carefully tried to avoid forced their way back into full view.” Of course, with the networks paying little attention to the arrest, it is hard for the pivotal issue to be brought back into the spotlight.

It's clear that the Old Media is pro-abortion-activist and part of the problem. See? They're biased, ideological, and fully onside with THE AGENDA.

Is there any rational doubt that Sotomayor is pro-babykilling, and that her agenda is to uphold Roe Vs. Wade, should Roe herself eventually bring the issue back before the Supreme Court? After all, Sotomayor already, pre-emptively deemed Roe Vs. Wade to be "settled law", though she did also contradict herself somewhat with some convenient, vague, Obamesque, verbally-diarrheic, sopshistic nonsense to stave off charges of being a babykilling lunatic.