Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Outrageously Unfair Double Standard

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On June 1, it became mandatory to have a passport to travel to Mexico. When he submitted his application, he included the only document he had that resembled the required birth certificate – a Texas birth card or birth abstract, a document he describes as looking "almost identical to the one President Obama posted on that website."

But while that certification of live birth was enough to qualify Obama for the White House, de Hoyos can't believe the only birth document he has won't qualify him to get a U.S. passport.

This doesn't sit well with de Hoyos – and many other Americans in similar situations being forced to produce exactly the right paperwork for routine matters while they see the president getting a pass on a constitutional requirement to be eligible for the highest office in the land.

"I merely want to be able to cross a bridge to go see my family, and I am being told that my 'abstract of birth' is not sufficient," said de Hoyos. "Barack Obama has asked the American people to accept this same type of document to become the leader of the free world!"

See, delusional Obamites, the worthless e-copy of Obama's alleged "Certification of Live Birth" posted online by his propaganda minions isn't his birth certificate, but rather a different type of document that, at the time of his birth, was issued for babies born anywhere in the world.

This means that the COLB uttered by the Obamite propagandists is unacceptable as proof of birth on American soil, therefore Obama has not satisfied the Natural-Born requirement of the Constitution to be President.

In fact, Obama's REAL birth certificate is secured under lock and key in Hawaii, heavily guarded from anyone's view.

Obama desperately doesn't want anyone to see his REAL birth certificate.

He has had a team of elite lawyers working around the clock since before he was elected, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, probably now in excess of a million dollars, to ensure that the truth about Obama's birthplace doesn't become known via his REAL birth certificate.

Why is he pulling out all the stops to hide his birth certificate and the truth from Americans?

Why doesn't he let Americans see it? After all, if, as he claims, he was indeed born on American soil, then surely his real birth certificate will indicate this, and to put an end to the questions and lawsuits against him, he merely has to pick up the phone and order Hawaii to let everyone see his birth certificate.

So why hasn't he done this very easy, cost-free thing, as opposed to blowing so much money on a team of elite lawyers and propagandists to fool people into thinking that the questions are illegitimate and that they've already seen his birth certificate, when the truth is that they haven't, because he won't let them?

He's bullshitting America big time.

It's the biggest bullshit of all time, ever committed in America, the biggest lie, the biggest fraud, the biggest treason.

And what Obama is doing is very, very dangerous.

The logical conclusion, pending the release to view of the REAL birth certificate, is that


This isn't a "conspiracy theory". It's about one man, Obama, controlling an entire country, controlling a massive propaganda machine, to fool Americans into believing he's the real deal, the legitimate President.

Unfortunately for Obama, despite the power of his massive propaganda machine, including the dishonest, agenda-and-ideology-obsessed Big Media, more and more Americans are arriving at the aforementioned logical conclusion and don't accept Obama as the "President" at all.

And this situation is a dangerous one, and it's only going to get worse. And whatever happens will be Obama's fault, because he's criminally guilty of fraud and treason. And the consequences for such criminality ought to be life in prison without possibility of parole. He certainly deserves it for being an illegal impostor in the position of the Most Powerful Man in the World.

Unless Obama simply picks up the phone, says,

"Hello, Hawaii? Obama here. I order you to let everyone see my original, long-form birth certificate."

No reason not to do that. That's all it takes. Pick up the phone and order the birth certificate's release for public viewing. Nothing stopping Obama from doing that, except himself, desperately trying to keep from being caught in the CRIME OF THE CENTURY.

And anyone helping Obama to cover it up is guilty of being an accomplice, willing or not, informed or deluded, to this big crime. And, boy, are there ever so many people helping Obama get away with it so far.

They'll look very bad, themselves, too, once the truth comes out... and, mark my words, come out it will. It's inevitable.

Indeed, I'm staking my credibility as a blogger on this. Mark my words. It's the perfect risk with a potentially huge payoff. I take this risk willingly.

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