Monday, July 27, 2009

Recession Over, Harper, Conservatives Vindicated, Liberals At Loss

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While the Conservatives appeared to be on the brink of defeat throughout the winter and spring, Carney's predictions seem to have given Stephen Harper's minority government a much-needed boost.

Indeed, much of the Liberals' momentum in the final weeks of the spring session stemmed from their ability to pin the economic downturn on Tory mismanagement.


"They can argue, 'Look, the whole world is in recession ... we're one of the first countries that's having growth,'"

Indeed. All the Ignatieff/Liberal accusations of "bad economic management" on the part of the Conservatives has now been proven to be pure bullshit, pure propaganda.

It's clear that the strong economic management of the Conservatives ensured that, in a horrific worldwide recession, Canada's own recession was actually mild and short-lived.

And Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is personally vindicated as well.

Recall that in the election debates last year, PM Harper said that we were well-positioned to weather the recession and that we really didn't need to do very much about it, since we've already done the right stuff, like cut taxes.

The Leftist Opposition gave him hell for that and threatened to get together and usurp him without an election if he didn't copy Obama's policy of spending like a drunken sailor.

Yep, Stephen Harper was right all along. He is 100% vindicated.

He, an economist by training, was one of the very few people in Canada who understood the Canadian economy, and had the balls to tell it like it was, at great political risk.

See, Stephen Harper understands what's what, and says what's what. This is leadership. He has proved himself.

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have proven themselves as deserving a majority government in the next election, whenever it comes.

As for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, well, what a fool he's made of himself, screaming that the economic sky was falling and that draconian measures needed to be taken...

See? We're better off with Harper!