Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ignatieff Liberals Fingered In 'Wafergate' Fake-Report Scandal

Did Liberal Leader Ignatieff know anything about a suspected Liberal plot in which a false, defamatory story about Prime Minister Harper was allegedly provided to and published by the Liberal-owned Telegraph Journal? Who in the Liberal Party was involved in this maliciously defamatory partisan smear with religious undertones?

Heads have already rolled at the Telegraph Journal, a Saint John, New Brunswick, Irving Family (Liberal)-owned newspaper.

A New Brunswick newspaper issued a front-page apology Tuesday for publishing a story that alleged Stephen Harper slid a communion wafer into his pocket during a memorial service for a former governor general.

The Telegraph-Journal said the article, which was written after Romeo LeBlanc's death last month, was "inaccurate and should not have been published."

And that's not all. There's yet another Liberal scandal, involving the federal Liberals' provincial cousins, the government of New Brunswick.

The apology came on the same day that a dozen prominent New Brunswick academics launched a boycott against the newspaper for firing intern Matt McCann over a story about Premier Shawn Graham.

"McCann was fired in June for a story he wrote about opposition among University of New Brunswick faculty to the university's decision to confer an honorary doctorate on Premier Graham," the professors said in a release.

Incidentally, a Liberal I know told me that he recently had a sit-down-and-chat session with Liberal Premier Graham because he wasn't happy with him. He didn't elaborate, but obviously there's some unrest within the Liberal Party.

Ugh. The connections between Liberals and the Big Media are obviously rather malodorous.

No wonder people have been turning away from newspapers like the Telegraph Journal, a, as far as I'm concerned, extremely pro-Liberal/anti-Conservative emergency buttwiper and handy firestarter whose only redeeming quality may be the comics page, which obviously isn't much more made-up than some of its "news" stories.

And now... Steve Janke's hard-hitting coverage of the scandal...

CTV's Robert Fife reports this evening that it was the Liberal Party who concocted the false story of Prime Minister Stephen Harper pocketing a communion wafer at a Roman Catholic mass, and that these people within the Liberal Party delivered the story to a Liberal-friendly newspaper publisher, who then passed it down to a Liberal-friendly editor, who published the story under the byline of two professional reporters who had nothing to do with this.

Janke continues:

If Robert Fife's allegations are true, then I don't believe for a second that senior members of the Liberal Party don't know exactly who did this, and indeed they might have even authorized it. You don't approach a scion of the powerful Irving family without the high-level authorization that causes doors to open. The Liberal Party must immediately reveal the names of:

  • the person or persons who constructed this story
  • the person or persons who delivered the story to Jamie Irving
  • the person or persons who managed this operation and authorized it

It turns out that there was never any "scandal" involving the Prime Minister at all.

The only scandal here involves the Liberal Party of Canada, the Liberal-owned Telegraph Journal and a member of the powerful billionaire Irving Family.

This is an example of what I'm talking about when I use the words "The Left".