Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gay Kidnapper-Rapist Gets 50 Years

Yes, "gay" people can be very, very bad, too. Believe it or not.

It's a myth that they're all necessarily victims of an "intolerant society".

Sometimes they're the victimizers.

Actually, it's not all that relatively rare...

In fact, some of the most infamous serial murderers have been homosexuals. In fact, the percentage of serial killers who were/are homosexuals is indicated to be over 43%, according to Journal of the Family Research Institute, Vol. 18 No. 1, Feb 2003, as cited at the link in this paragraph.

Let's see... there was Jeffrey Dahmer. Charles Manson (he went both ways). John Wayne Gacy (bi pedophile). Hey, I didn't know that Erik Menendez was gay! Oh, and a whole bunch of others I've never heard of before are listed at the link... And, of course, at large, thanks to an ultra-Leftist Quebec judge, is lesbian rapist-killer Karla Homolka, who raped and murdered her own little sister. She's out and free without any conditions whatsoever.

Perhaps society should be at least as alarmed and always yakking about homosexual rapists, kidnappers and murderers walking around out there as they are about meek folks going around wearing crosses, carrying Bibles and praying silently, minding their own business, never harming anyone... and don't forget about folks who merely disagree with the extremist, emergently-totalitarian, ultra-socialist Obama Agenda and who've been smeared by the Obama Regime as "right-wing extremists". I think there's other groups we should worry more about, such as Islamic jihadists and homosexual kidnappers, rapists and murderers.

Just reporting the facts. I feel no emotion at the particular time I write this post, so it'd be foolish to accuse me of being "hateful" (hate is an emotion, remember?) in merely reporting facts. In fact, I suggest that many Leftists and gay folks are the hateful ones, judging from the way they constantly, publicly smear and demonize devout Christians and members of other not-necessarily-"progressive" groups who happen to have a different point of view than that which is politically-correct-normative.