Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Gay" Penguin Meets Girl, Goes Straight

See, they're NOT born that way. They choose to be that way.

In this case, it was a matter of circumstance, of availability. They also did it for the baby bird.

Apparently it's possible to go non-straight if one hasn't been properly exposed to the opposite sex, or has had some bad experiences with the wrong members thereof, leading one to the erroneous conclusion that they've got to go the other way, "can't help it". Well, delusion IS a common mental disorder in the human species, and delusion does lead people to do weird things.

How do we know that it's not just all in the head? Nothing has been proven either way.

But the politically correct assumption has been used in making public policy changes. Something's wrong with that... making wrenching, reengineering transformative bills into law on the basis of nothing but a politically correct assumptioin.

And how come the Old Media covers up the reality of "gays" seeing the light and going straight? It happens all the time, but when it does, it's not reported. It's not talked about. It's taboo! Even when celebrities (like Ann Heche) go from "gay" to straight, it's downplayed (and the celebrities who go straight seem to find their acting opportunities and fame wither away). Bizarre, isn't it? Going straight seems to carry a stigma...

Sorry to burst the gay movement's latest propaganda story...

See, the propagandist militants are going batshit...

But not everyone is celebrating Harry and Linda’s newfound love. Some believe there can be no such a thing as an “ex-gay” penguin. Upon news of Harry’s decision to fly the same-sex-coop, outspoken pro-homosexual activist and anti-ex-gay crusader Wayne Besen cried fowl:

“Attempts to change sexual orientation are patently offensive, discriminatory by definition, theologically shaky, uniformly unsuccessful and medically unsound!” exclaimed a visibly angry Besen. “There is no ‘ex-gay’ sexual orientation. Harry is simply in denial. He’s living what I call the ‘big lie.’”

But, Mr. Besen, what if homosexuality is the "big lie"? Can you prove it isn't? It's no good to just go all demonic and spew whatever propaganda talking points you've got. Who are you, Obama?

Now look at his hypocrisy and propagandizing when asked if it's possible to convert from straight to gay:

When asked if heterosexual penguins can become gay, Besen replied, “Well, um, sure. It happens all the time. But in that case it’s just the penguin embracing who he really is. Penguin pride is quite a courageous thing to witness, what with all the mean-spiritedness and homophobia among Penguo-Americans and everything. Once gay, always gay! You know; birds of a feather and all that.
Notice he said "Well, um...", just like when Obama doesn't have an answer available on his teleprompter.

WTF?! What a blatant change of tone from demonic to politely imposing political correctness. What a discriminatory double standard the militant propagandists practice! And all the gratuitous propagandistic verbal diarrhea ("mean-spiritedness", "homophobia", "Penguo-Americans". WTF?! "Penguo-Americans"?!!! This guy's fookin' nuts! First time we've heard of an "anti-ex-gay crusader"... sounds even weirder than when Warren Kinsella calls himself an "anti-hate" activist).

Now listen to him make an outrageous claim (sounds like Obama's "Certification of Live Birth" fraud document that the ignorant amazingly believe is his Birth Certificate):

“See,” continued Besen, “medical science has conclusively determined that, while still eggs, many of the more effeminate penguins sometimes get a bit scrambled, so to speak, due to what’s called ‘Homospheniscus Magellanicus Inheritus’ or, as it’s commonly referred: ‘The Gay Penguin Gene’ (GPG).

How about proving it? Medical science? Who? What? When? Where? Why? I say he just made that up, or someone else made it up (could be a gay-militant scientist who lies for the cause, like the IPCC folks) and he's using the talking points.

Yeah, right. And Man can control the climate, too.

And Obama's proven that he was born in America.

And Bill Clinton isn't a sex offender nor an adulterer.

And Islam is peaceful and tolerant of all people of all "orientations" 99.999% of the time.

And Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and George W. Bush and Stephen Harper are horrible monsters.

Suuuuure. Yep, aaaaalright!

Excuse me... knock on the door, gotta answer...

Oh, that was the Political Correctness Police. Wasn't easy, but I lied to 'em to make 'em go away. They wanted to know if someone in here was being politically incorrect, and I told 'em nope. I lied. But they have no business telling me what to think/not think and say/not say. Who do those dogmatically arrogant fascists think they are?


As is customary, Besen – along with a lathered-up handful of equally irate anti-ex-gay blowhards – intends to raucously picket Harry’s Zoo holding area – megaphones in hand – to protest what Besen called, “the tremendous political setback an ever-increasing number of ex-gays pose to our furiously ambitious political agenda. I really, really wish they’d just go away.”

Sorry Besen honey-dude, but you see,

They're here and they're ex-queer; they're ex-gay and they ain't never goin' away!