Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Victory For Religious Rights

Story here.

You know, the Left wants the Church to keep its nose out of the state.

So they must understand that, in turn, the state should keep its nose out of the Church. And out of religious educational institutions.

Then again, being Leftists, maybe they won't understand... Expect them to practice their usual doublethink and to apply double standards.

Furthermore, this case and ruling could set an indirect precedent for future cases involving the state attempting to force religious doctors to perform infanticide against their religious convictions, and attempting to force clerics and others to perform homosexual "marriage" ceremonies against their religious convictions.

Obviously, the state, as controlled by the Hard Left, seeks to ignore the rights of religious peoples (except, obviously, those who follow Islam) and impose the Hard Left agenda upon them, fascist-style.

Sometimes a case will fortunately be heard by a real judge who will be properly impartial and without bias and uphold the Constitution and the rights of Americans.