Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yes, Gates, It's About You

Because you made it about you.

Quit trying to make a big racial thing out of your big brainfart, dude!

Listen, there's no crisis of racial strife and division in America, unless you intend to make it happen that there is. Is that your agenda? Is your encounter with police just a convenient opportunity to promote your paranoid racist/caucasophobe agenda?

I already know that there's racism everywhere. I don't need you to tell me. I see it happening already.

But to carry on as you're doing, well, you're the pot calling the kettle "racist".

If you truly want "Equal justice before law", then don't lie, and don't make false accusations and generalisations.

If the arresting cop was black, just imagine how different your behavior would be. Surely you wouldn't have ranted about "this happens to black guys in the US all the time". You'd cooperate from the beginning with a black cop, 'cause you trust black cops and not white ones, right?