Wednesday, November 30, 2005

David Frum's Advice for Winning this Election

From the National Post, we see this excellent piece by David Frum.
I'm in agreement with Mr. Frum's advice, part of which is: the end, it is important for Conservatives to remember that this election is not really about them. Canadians will vote Conservative as the best and surest way to punish a Liberal party that has abused the public trust. The job facing the Conservative party over the coming weeks is to drive home to all Canadians how gross, how unscrupulous and how extreme the abuse has been -- and how very nearly the Liberals got away with it. What do you think would have happened to the Gomery inquiry if Paul Martin had won a half dozen more seats last year?

(emphasis mine)

And maybe that too is a theme for a Conservative campaign message: What If? What
if Paul Martin had won a half a dozen more seats last time? What would have happened to the Gomery inquiry then? And what if he wins this time? Will the Liberals ever really repay the taxpayers' funds that found their way to them? Will the Earnscliffe contracts ever be investigated? Will the democratic agenda so humorously assigned to Belinda Stronach ever produce anything more than blah, blah, blah?

Look, the plain truth is that although the Liberals will claim that they're taking the "high road" with a positive message and that Canadians will punish anyone who engages in negative "American-style" campaigning, the truth is the Liberals always have and always will run a filthy campaign and be backed and protected by the loyalist MSM and will win the election if the Conservatives this time believe they'll be rewarded by just being positive and talking about the issues rationally (this is, of course, important, too, but beside the point). The Liberals will have their many, many brainless surrogates across the country committing the false, unfair and malicious demonization of the Conservatives and Mr. Harper. Just recall how much it happened in previous elections and you'll agree. Liberal campaign workers will organize "demonstrations" with left-wing extremists whose sole agenda is to demonize the very party, the Conservative Party, that actually represents the true values of the average citizen. Horrible, defamatory slogans will be screamed and written on banners about the CPC and Harper and the MSM will be there in full force so as to splash all the nastiness on the front pages of the papers and make them the top stories each hour. What better way to terrify Canadians than this? The indubitable fact is that the Liberals are masters of waging a war-propaganda-like, Nazi-style campaign of fear and demonization against their political opponents. If allowed to get away with it, they'll win again. Therefore, as in war, the Conservatives must wage a preemptive, shock-and-awe counterstrike campaign so as to provide the real perspective to Canadians, except they'll be doing it using the truth about the Liberals, which is, as we well know, terrifying to think about.
In short, this election is a bloodless war. It must be fought as such. The future of Canada depends on the overthrow of the fascist Liberal regime.
It's time Canadians learned the truth.