Sunday, December 11, 2005

Developing Story: Missile Narrowly Missed Airliner in US in Apparent Terror Attack: Proof Here

From the Northeast Intelligence Network:

Following up on an earlier post here on TCS, I provide proof that a terror attempt on a passenger airliner did indeed occur. A missile was fired at an aircraft and narrowly missed. Read the post for the background and visit the NIN.

The NIN reports (emphasis mine):

Radar images, supplied by T. A. Adams show anomalous event on 26 November 2005 involving AA Flight 612 shortly after takeoff. The Northeast Intelligence Network requested a commercial airline pilot to review the images of the radar activity as it related to AA Flight 612 on 26 November 2005. Earlier today, the pilot, currently flying for a well-known national carrier, confirmed that the event was unusual and "could be consistent with the pilot's observations of a missile or rocket eclipsing and missing Flight 612." He added: "Based on what I reviewed, the unidentified object was not a bottle rocket or flare, but was absolutely consistent with some type of missile possibly aimed at the aircraft."

Here I provide the radar images, with the plane and the "unidentified flying object", the missile, circled in red by myself:
Be sure to click on the link "Radar images" in the quoted paragraph above for a more detailed explanation of the radar images below. I'll put it in simple terms here.

In the first picture below, circled by myself in red, you can see the airliner by itself, far away from any other planes.

In the second picture you see that suddenly there are two "planes", actually one is the first plane and the other cannot possibly be a plane, as you can see from the NIN site data and explanation. The second object is definitely a missile, as analysis confirms. No plane can possibly appear out of nowhere so suddenly, unless it was some sort of stealty fighter with the speed of a missile, which is much faster than any known aircraft. It had to have come from land. The pics below may be too small to read the details, so again, go to the NIN radar images to see the times and altitudes and explanations. The supposed explanation of a "flare or bottle rocket (a kind of fireworks)" cannot be accepted as they're incapable of reaching such high altitudes and of travelling fast enough to be the second flying object.

In the third picture you see the objects overlapping. Obviously far too close for comfort, particularly if it was actually two planes and not a plane and a missile, which fortunately missed.

In the final picture in the series below, we see the second plane pulling away from the first. This is what the pilot saw when he reported it in the first place to air control and was reported on one radio news broadcast and then never again reported by the MSM.

Be certain to follow the original post here on TCS and the reports on NIN for the most complete, up-to-date information you can get. Forget about the MSM. It begs the question why they have absolutely no interest in advising the people of this apparent attempt at terrorism inside of the United States. Isn't it important to remind people of the very real continuing threat from terrorism?

See the actual, full-motion shocking radar data for yourself here! (enter the date and time of the missile incident (November 26, 12:49) and select 20-mile range to view the activity)... from World Net Daily

I viewed the real-time activity for myself and have no doubt that there is definitely proof here of a dangerous situation that cannot be dismissed as another plane (no plane appears suddenly out of nowhere like that; only a missile does!) or as fireworks, which cannot reach such altitudes, let alone at such velocity from land.

Also very, very informative is the following World Net Daily report. Look into it! The MSM has completely dropped and forgotten about the ball when it comes to terrorism. I'm watching for new developments on the NIN, WND and other sources. I recommend them to all. They're listed in my sidebar links list.

Bloggers, let's keep an eye on this story. Let's prove we're relevant and the MSM isn't anymore when it comes to news on terrorism.